Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not Again :(

Called KPM with high hopes.. yet I was given another bad news :(
No transfer.
Gosh. Not again!
Guess this is how things are gonna be for the time being.
Don't tell me I haven't tried my very best.
It's the system.. the system sucks!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's My Birthday!

Yes.. it is my birthday! I'm turning another year older, and hopefully, wiser. ;) Thanks so much for all of your warm wishes and for... everything! You guys made my day all the more special! Also, I'd like to thank Hubby for your generous gift - Sony PSP. I can't tell you how much I love it, dear.. coz I just LOVE the machine! Thanks again, and love ya to bits! Muaccckkss!! xoxo

My new sleek all-in-one game console! Weee~

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a girl!

I'm sooo overjoyed with the news so I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate two of my best friends, Hanim (high school BFF) and Sakinah (ex-roommate in college), on the latest addition to their family - Damia and Adalya. Wishing you lots of happiness with your little one! Can't wait to see 'em in person! ;)

p/s: Congrats too to Bie's friends, Lily and Naz on the birth of Arman Daniel~

Friday, December 4, 2009

All I Ever Wanted.

5 words: Fresh. Chic. Hip. Bold. Full-of-style.

This album comprises of 14 tracks altogether and they are all good you’ll want to listen to it again and again.

There are a few good songs to literally head-bang to, if that's what you expect from her. Listen to My Life Would Suck Without You and I Do Not Hook Up, fresh, upbeat tune that keep stuck in my head and make me wanna jump and shake my head to its melody every time I listen to it, be it on the radio or computer. Listen to the ever strong and fierce All I Ever Wanted, If I Can't Have You and Whyyawannabringmedown especially when you're particularly mad or angry at someone, it'll help you calm down and feel a lot better about yourself (surprise, surprise).

Rock is good but sometimes you just wanna immerse yourself in a mellow number instead. Kelly sounds great and perfect in Cry, Already Gone, Save You and If No One Will Listen. She brings it, baby!

For casual listening, go for Long Shot or Ready.
Impossible and Don't Let Me Stop You are not bad either but they aren't my faves. I like I Want You, a vintage-inspired number, coz I think it sounds kinda cute, and cheeky too! It's different from the other songs in the album and barely Kelly-ish, but still as good. It is the song you can actually dance to. Totally recommended!

As far as I'm concerned, "All I Ever Wanted" is her best album yet (after "Breakaway", since "My December" is a disappointment).
One thing for sure, she rocks out loud! Go get your copy of the album NOW! It's worth it.


Thank You

Two little words.
One BIG meaning.

And this just made my day..
So, thank you in return! =)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Would it?

Would it be too much to ask?

Would it?

Would it be too outrageous to want?

Would it?

Would it??

s if I wasn't already pathetic enough.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Mundane Monday

Nothing much to update.. it's just a pretty mundane day for me.. Just stay at home on my own all day long while he goes to work. Whoa. I do sound like a desperate housewife, don't I? Hee.

By the way, Teddy the cat sleeps all day long, I don't think she's feeling that well, the poor thing. She doesn't even eat her favourite catfood. All she does is leaning her head on my feet and dozes away, turning herself into a rock of some kind. Boh-ringgg! Give me some action, baby!

I DID try to find work I can actually do to pass time, but there isn't much to do anyway. Apart from doing laundry and making the bed, I just lounge lazily flipping through magazines and surfing the net (or maybe I should join the gym? been putting on a little weight lately. tsk). I don't cook for we have plenty of leftovers in the freezer that I keep on reheating them over and over again. Yeah, unhealthy, I know. Like I care. Ha- ha.

Maybe this is what holidays are supposed to be about? Errr.....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Feast of Sacrifice

Aidiladha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, is celebrated throughout the Muslim world on the 10th of Zulhijjah (the twelfth month in the Islamic calendar). It's most important feature is the sacrifice of an animal (like cow, goat or sheep) in commemoration of the ram sacrificed by Prophet Ibrahim in place of his son. The fulfilment of this noble command signifies his faith in Allah. So, we are all obliged to offer a sacrifice on this day in which the meat is shared with family, friends, neighbours, the poor and the needy. This happy occasion also marks the end of the annual Hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mekah. This also means we get to visit each other's home and eat festive meals! Happy Aidiladha to all.. may the grace and blessings of Allah be with you always.. Have a good one this year! :)

Aida, Ikmal & Teddy

p/s: Just stayed at home on Raya day. Hubby worked, while the in-laws were on their way back to Malacca. Din even go 'balik kampung' since I just arrived from Sabah the night before. Tsk.

School Events

November has almost come to an end and although there will be no more classes for the year yet, we teachers were busy with some other things before the school closes. The highlights of the school events include dinners & lunches, award giving ceremonies, courses, administration thingies and loads and loads of packing (they're renovating the staff room etc.). There are both good and bad news; problems as well as unforgettable memories. So, where shall I start??

1. Board Annual Dinner -
The event was organized by the school board annually for all Sung Siew schools i.e. kindergarten, primary and secondary school. The food - same like the years before.. the rest was okay. The performances were great and everyone dressed up for the night.. awesome! :)

2. End-of-Year Dinner -
This was held at Ming Restaurant in Sabah Hotel recently. The Social Club is the co-organizer for this event and I must say that it was a great success since everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves that night. Good job, everyone!

3. Ethics and Etiquette Course and Lunch at English Tea House -
We had a short course on ethics and etiquette in the mini theater which includes talks and workshops, facilitated by a few teachers from SMK Batu Sapi. After that, we'd decided to have lunch together at English Tea House. The food was not that great but okay while the scenery was breath-taking. Maybe we could do something like this again next time?

4. Form 5 and Upper 6 Graduation Day -
This occasion marked the end of the high school years for the Form 5 and Upper Six students. Really enjoyed your performances on that day.. congrats on your efforts! I'd also like to thank my 5C darlings for the flowers and DIY autograph album.. you will surely be missed! All the best for SPM and STPM!

5. Excellence Awards Ceremony -
This is the much-awaited event of the year where excellent students of all forms and exams are awarded for their hard work. Kudos to all!

6. RIMUP Programme for Post-PMR students -
What is RIMUP? It actually stands for 'Rancangan Integrasi Murid Untuk Perpaduan' which aims to inculcate the sense of unity and togetherness of the different races and religions in Malaysia among the students. SM Sung Siew cooperated with SM St Michael to organize this event and thank God everything went well. I especially enjoyed the presentation of wedding ceremonies in Malaysia.. good job, Form 3 students!

November Baby

Happy 23rd Birthday, my bro, Syahir!
Wishing you happiness, good health and success throughout the year :)

The cheeky one

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Princess Kebaya Contest

Hey, hey,

Thanks to Eimy for inviting me to join this contest organized by one of her friends, Wawa. Actually, this is my first time ever joining a contest through blogs and it's 'Princess Kebaya Contest'. This contest is about finding the best model modelling a kebaya in any way that is elegant, attractive, and of course, decent. The rules and regulations for this contest are very simple. Anyone can join this contest so if you're interested, all you have to do is put up a picture of you wearing a kebaya on your blog, talk about it a bit and link the entry with the contest entry in her blog. Easy, right?

Here's my bet:

The story behind the kebaya:

Nothing too extravagant, nothing too special, just a simple orange Kebaya Nyonya with embroidered flowers matched with a tudung in the same colour, a bright bling-bling orange shawl, a denim short skirt, a pair of long brown boots and a clutch. I chose to don this outfit to a college event than the normal kebaya+kain batik combination as I wanted to try out something new and different with a hint of modern bits without forgetting the traditional shades. Stylish yet comfy and decent!

So here goes! :)

Ho Ho Ho Holidays

The much awaited long holidays are here! And I'm back in KL and am staying for at least another month or so till the new semester starts next January. Yee-haw! This must be a much-needed and well-deserved holidays for the teachers and students after a whole year of hard work and busy schedules.. thank God for that!

When it comes to hols, the frequent-asked questions would be: "What's your plan for the hols?" or "Going anywhere this hols?" or something along the line. So, what's in for me? Nothing much, really. Since he's working on weekdays, I guess I would have to find some things to do myself. I bet hanging out with friends or shopping will top the list. Hee. Attending weddings will come next. So far I've received six invitations to my friends' weddings and I still haven't decided which one to go since most of them are on the same date! If somehow, in any way, I couldn't attend yours, my apologies in advance!

Besides that, I wanna go travelling too! The not-so-good part of the plan is hubby is working and it's kinda hard for him to get leave from work so all our plans to go abroad for our first real honeymoon are cancelled.. tsk tsk. Guess we'll be travelling within Malaysia only. Well, better than none, right?

The continual rain is a real downer. I'd rather hang out at home instead.

Bad News

I didn't put high hope but I used to be hopeful and confident that I'm gonna get that transfer I'd been longing for. Too bad my application was rejected. Kinda shocking but not too unpredictable. After all, a lot of teachers applied and din manage to get through. I'd done an appeal, plus, hubby had gone to Putrajaya to do the same. Hopefully things will turn out fine. We will only know the result in two weeks' time. It's not that I'm not willing to stay, it's just that I really hope I could be closer to hubby, family and friends. The distance is killing me (my wallet too!).Well, you can't have everything in life, they say.. besides, where would you put it? ;p

If I'm destined to be in Sabah for another year, let it be.. at least I tried not to!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mad at Some Random Guy

'Dear' Random Guy@Mad Malay Guy,

I'm the lady you attacked verbally and humiliated publicly the other night and here's my letter to you. Even so, I don't give a damn whether you're reading this or not.

First and foremost, I admit, it was my fault for not giving signal when I wanted to make a turn at the junction. But I had my own reasons. It was purely out of confusion. I missed the junction that was why I made a quick turn without giving the signal. Who would've guessed your wife and kid were crossing the road in total darkness? The one thing I don't understand till now is why would you want to be furious like a mad man as if I HAD run into your wife and kid when you attacked me verbally as I was about to get out of my car. You purposely waited for me to park at the supermarket parking area, didn't you? And then you grabbed the door, and yelled at me as soon as I stepped my foot outside, still clueless about what happened..


"What are you talking about? I don't understand."


"I almost ran into your wife and kid? You mean the lady and kid who were crossing the road in the darkness just now?!"


"I didn't see the road just now, I just turned, okay?!"


"Eh, mister, what's with the 'F' word.. Come on, nothing happened right.. why do you want to make a big deal out of it? What do you want me to do? Apologize? Ok, sorry.. satisfied?"


"Eh, fuck you lah mister, do want to pick a fight with me?? If you hit me, I'll report to the police!"

**started to get pissed with the rude guy who dares to call me rude**


"You? Win? In your dreams! Look here, nothing happened to your wife and kid.. but if you hit me right here right now, I will sue you for harassment and assault!!"



**then people started to gather, security tried to drag him away, his wife came over**


"Oh, you're the one who was crossing in the dark just now huh?!"


"You think it's your father's road? You can walk in the middle of the road to your heart's content??"


"So what?? Even if I'm guilty then your husband can come and attack me just like that? Think, who is actually rude now?? Can't he talk to me properly, reminding me nicely? He's a mad man!!"

**the husband interrupted while he was dragged away by the security**


"Go to hell!"

With that, I drove away. I trembled as I was steering the car. I never thought I would do such a thing. I never thought YOU WOULD DO such a thing. I never thought I could manage a bully and a hot-tempered person like you. Obviously, you're still young and immature, Mr. So-called Good Husband. I'm not sorry if one day, you'll be killed by your own temper and that your wife and kid(s) are hit by other cars if you still don't wanna learn from this case. I admit I'm at fault in the first place, however that didn't give the rights to anybody, especially you, to attack other people just like that. That would be 'rude' like what you've told me several times. Besides, have you seen people getting fined for not giving signal (unless it causes accidents, of course)? You easily say you want to slap me like it's something normal for you.. what kind of a person are you anyway? You're some random guy who is in need of anger management, mister.

With that, I end my letter. I don't regret my action for I believe in the truth, even though it was unheard of. You, on the other hand, can say whatever you want to say and do whatever you want to do. I just don't care anymore.

p/s: People kept on asking me to be patient.. But if I didn't speak up for myself, who would?

Yours truly,
The Lady you humiliated and attacked

p/s: Pheewww.. ! That was a long one!!~

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Hari Raya Party

Event: Jamuan Hari Raya 1 Sung Siew
Date & Time: 14 October 2009, 1.30pm onwards
Venue: SS Canteen

Organiser: SS Teachers' Social Club
Participants: All teachers

(click on the pics to see more at Flickr)

p/s: This was like, ages ago. What a delay.. my bad.

My New Do

It has been a while since I last did something with my hair, so I've decided that this might be the right time to do so - and I just did! I'm not that fussy when it comes to hair since I'm wearing the tudung but of course I still want it to be healthy and well-maintained. After all, I do suffer from hair loss and dandruff in which a normal shampoo-and-conditioner routine will not be sufficient. My request was simple: get a layer cut and a side fringe, and get it straightened. I kinda like the outcome so it was a wise move since my hair, wavy as it is, is also dry, frizzy and unruly. The products that they recommended work well with my hair and scalp so I might as well keep on using them though I have to spend more than what I used to spend on hair products :P

The result? Very Anne Hathaway-ish and Brenda Song-ish like the pics above and I simply adore it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love's In The Air

I love it when you call me 'dear', 'honey', 'darling', 'sayang' or 'wifey'..
I love it when I get to see your face every time I wake up in the morning..
I love it when you kiss my forehead before you go to work..
I love to smell the scent on your clothes before I wash them..

I love it when you hold my hands and hug me as if you don't wanna let go..
I love it when you flash your sweetest smile at me..
I love to hear you talk and laugh; my days will be empty without it..
I love it when you comfort me when I'm down, telling me that everything will be alright..
I love it when you believe in me and protect me when the whole world is against me..
I love being near you; it keeps me sane and safe..
I love to see you even through the lens of the webcam..
I love it when you say that I'm the only one you love..
I love spending every minute, every second with you, even when we're arguing..
I love it when we're working on something together, like cooking, cleaning or bathing Teddy..
I love it when you put your head on my lap when we're watching tv and it's okay coz I enjoy spoiling you..
I love it when you say you don't wanna sleep if I'm still awake..
I love to watch you while you're sleeping and dreaming away..
I love to lean on your shoulder to cry and laugh, or simply because I want to..
I love it when you look me in the eyes and say nothing, and I still know what's in your heart..
I love it when my heart leaps up with joy at the sight and sound of you; it did 7 years ago, it still does now

Oh, let's just say I love everything about you, honey!
What is life without you?
Let's grow old together :)

Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

For Female Only.

La Senza is currently having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion for their brassieres, available at all outlets around Malaysia. I must say it's a good bargain because each costs at least RM79 (and above) so you can save a lot when you buy 2 and get another 1 for free!

I've gotten mine.. when will you get yours? ;)
(no peeking! I'm not revealing the content of the bag! lol)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finding Solace in Nature

(click on the pics to see more at Flickr)

red, juicy strawberries fresh from the farm
thorny cactus
roses in bloom

We had another mini getaway last September. This time we'd decided to hit the highland on our way back from Perak to KL. It was a truly memorable vacation for us both as Mr. Hubby is usually busy with his work. Who can resist waking up to chilly weather, blooming flowers, and a splendid view of the tea plantation? I know I couldn't. One thing for sure is that we'll be going there again one day! ;)

Remorse or Relieved?

I'm really struggling to describe how I feel right now..

Should I feel remorse or relieved?
I think both.

As for the former, I'm gonna lose a friend. But can someone so selfish and manipulative eligible to be called 'friend'? Well, we used to be friends.. or so-called friends who spend a great deal of time together, whether we like it or not. After our first and second friendship breakdowns, I'm not sure I could handle the third. It's just too much. Things weren't the same then but at least we could still face one another, talk and live our lives normally. But not this time, I think I'm starting to give up on her for she's not worth it. After all, I just know that all this while she thought that I'm the problematic one, that SHE IS the one who keeps giving me chances to change, not vice versa. Doesn't she realise that when someone who's normally eager to speak to her now keeping the conversations to zero means something is wrong somewhere? SHE KNOWS what she did wrong this time, yet she chooses to be silent too.. because she is SO full of herself as usual.. She never wants to admit her wrongdoing. Never. But that's not what I'm looking for this time.

That is when I realise that it's better for me to feel relieved. I know I'm not perfect either that was why I was willing to cast my ego aside to befriend her again after the prior breakdowns. But enough is enough. I've given her a lot of opportunities and chances but it seems like she's never ever gonna change. I've tried my utmost best to understand her but now I feel really stupid for ever thinking that we could recuperate our friendship when things aren't exactly heading that way.

She is who she is, and I am who I am.. we've had our own vast, intolerable differences and that's why we can never be friends again. In fact, I wonder how can people tolerate such a loud and outspoken person like her. She complains about the silliest thing sometimes she really gets on my nerves (other people's too). Real friends do not manipulate and take advantage of their friends, but she did. Real friends do not leave their friends whenever they like and find the friends when they seek help, but she did. Real friends do not lie to each other and pretend that the friends are stupid enough not to know they're lying to them, but she did..

So? I think it's clear and fair to say, I don't need a friend like you, lady.. After all, I can't keep continuing giving you the cold shoulder and the silent treatment every time our relationship hits a bump in the road. Maybe the relationship IS better off cold and silent. I don't seek forgiveness or apology from you, all I want is for you to get the hell outta my life. Period.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many Happy Returns

Just a quick entry to say...
Happy birthday to my dear brother, FAIZ, who's turning sixteen today!

Enjoy your sixteenth year of living with more happiness, joy, laughter and success.
Have a blast, bro!

(and don't forget to study hard too! xoxo)

Faiz, me, Syahir :)