Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Penang wedding

yes, penang.. here we comeee

the clan

Juz came back from Penang, it was my second cuz, Dee's wedding.. I dun really noe his bride but I wish em all the happiness in da world.. May you live happily ever after and continue to expand our family hehehe.. I din even remember when I last set foot in the island! Me and my unc's family took the chance to go to Padang Kota to eat rojak pasembor (yum yum) and lepak around the Batu Ferringhi area. Very very nice..I must say it's really refreshing to be back in Penang! Our next agenda.. shopping?? Count me in!! Hehehehe *grin*

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Island Wedding

I'd like to take dis opportunity to congratulate my coursemate, Syuhada n hubby on their wedding a few days ago in her hometown, Langkawi.. May you two live happily ever after, insyallah.. I hope u like the prezzie that we gave ya. And thanx for the invitation, too.. for we were able to go around the island, shopping, sightseeing.. well u noe, the usual hehehe

waiting for the pak imam with bated breath..

the moment has finally come..

the pelamin and hantarans

the bride and her bridegroom

us, and the celebrated