Saturday, November 3, 2007

Graduation Dinner 2007

all geared up for gradinner

It was our final dinner as the B.ed TESL undergraduates.. tsk tsk.. It was held yesterday at Concorde Hotel, KL from 7 pm up to 11 pm. The theme was 'Hollywood glamour'. I cud see dat many peep put a lot of effort to dress up last nite! It was all worth it, as everyone looked ravishing! Anyhu, I asked my bro to send us there since he din allow me to drive his car (stingy!) Hehe.. it's okay.. I myself dun wanna spoil my dress either!


We arrived a bit later due to the rain, traffic jam, not to mention getting lost on our way there! But all in all, everything had gone smoothly.. I like the part when they gave out like a love stick to each one of us stating our characteristics in catchy phrases.. Mine was.. heh i forgot.. sumthing got to do wif singing (those people!).. Actually, I lost mine!! Can u believe dat?? I haf no bloody idea where I drop it.. Silly, silly me!

the troupe.. we're anything but ordinary

I did a duet wif Izza performing 'Hanya Memuji', an upbeat song to spike up the nite.. and after dat Nnette joined us to sing 'Remember Me This Way', a melancholy but meaningful piece of music that sumhow managed us to get a few slaps on the back followed by "it's so beautiful that i wanna cry!!" Hehehe..

performing 'hanya memuji' and 'remember me this way' for d nite

Anywayss, dear Cohort 1 TESLians.. am so gonna miss you guys.. 5 and 1/2 years of us undergoing the course is not a short time.. We've had our ups and downs.. but we always manage to go through it.. No matter how difficult, no matter how frustrating (u noe wat am talking about!).. it's because we face it together.. But afta this.. things are gonna be different.. We'll be parting ways.. to wherever life will take us.. ALL THE BEST!!

who else but the victorious victorians? *winksss*