Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally I am...

... Miss Rawaida, the English teacher!!
Hehehehe... it's kinda funny looking at my own name on their books!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


All work and no play makes Miss Aida a dull lady..
Am so tired!! Am sure u can tell..
Am still juggling wif the workload and the teaching..
God, help!!

Monday, January 14, 2008

School sweet school?

Okay, I'd like to share u stories about my first posting. I got posted to one of the best schools in Sandakan, Sabah. Talk about pressure! Nway, at first I was a bit struggling in order to adjust myself to the new environment, new people, new system. But afta a while, I think I manage to do well, though I still find it difficult to juggle all the workload. 

FYI, I've to teach English Form 1, 3 and 4. and EST Form 5. EST?? Ouhhh I dunno how am I gonna teach dis subject.. I mean, I am soo not a big fan of Science (and Maths!) and I believe the studs are better than me as they're of Science class, unlike me when I was in sec school last time. Whatever it is, so far everything's good, I kinda enjoy teaching though sum of my students were really2 naughty. Am thinking of organising extra class for those who are really weak in English.. Hope I wud be able to do dat soon.. fingers crossed~

Altogether there are about 10 new teachers got posted to tis school. 3 of em are my housemates btw. Am glad to posted wif these people since they're easy to mix wif. Thanx especially to Fatmah, for being so helpful to us while we're still clueless about going places around here. FYI, the first 2 weeks of us being here, we were put in the Bilik Gerakan as the school needed to prepare new timetables to fit us all in. At dat time, we took the chance to settle our documents and whatnot. We only got reliefs btw so it was not dat taxing.. But now, everything has changed and I now need to adjust myself to the new routines.. Not to mention waking up as early as 5 in the morning juz to catch the bus to school!!

new teachers embark on a new journey @ Sung Siew

Anyways, I'm placed at senior block staff room (there're 2 staff rooms btw) and am located sumwhere near the door and lockers.. The table is ain't that big but it's still okay.. as long as Ii could do my work!

moi messy lil table

Guess there's more to come soon! I juz wish I cud start afresh dis year, especially on my first year of teaching.. Wish me the very best of luck k!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Out and About

I somehow glad that I'm posted here.
Despite all the ructions I had been having in KK regarding my posting.
Knowing that my school is actually at the heart of the town,
I cannot be any more grateful!~

This town somehow reminds me of Wellington.
Especially when I walk along the bay that overlooks the sea..
It looks great.. especially at dusk!
Check out the pic~

I juz figure out that there're no malls here (unlike KK.. jaw dropped)!
Dang! What am I going to do here??!
My shopping skill will deteriorate, trust me~!
Howeverrrrrrr, that leads to my new discovery..
that the town has a cinema! (clap clap)
Well, at least there IS sumthin I could actually do 'round here!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Embark on a new journey

all my bags are packed, am ready to go..

briefing at beverly hotel, kk

Those who are goin to Sabah had a briefing in a hotel in Klang before we departed for Sabah on the following morning by MAS planes.
When we arrived in KK, where we stayed in the nice and luxurious Beverly Hotel!
Where they served great food (yeah, fooooodd)
Over there we had another briefing organised by JPN Sabah.
That was when we got our posting letter, too.
Mine was a little mixed-up in the beginning..
But in the end everything was okay after such ruckus and hassle..
But I dun wanna talk about that..
For as long as I noe where am I gonna be posted, dats more than enuff

Goodbye Beverly, goodbye KK!
Am off to Sandakan instead of Tawau~~

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Birthday

Happy 24th birthday, my dear friend!
Another year older apparently hohohoho..
Hope you enjoy the cakes that we bought specially for our birthday girl!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I went out wif Sis and Bie to Alamanda today..
I must admit it has been a while since I last went there..
But anyhu.. it's great to be back!
And to hang out wif sis, too!
We had our dinner at Manhattan Fish Market btw..
It's mine and Bie's favourite =)

Well.. I'm gonna miss Alamanda, Sis and Bie altogether for sure!
Especially with me goin' off to Sabah very very soon!
I wonder which part of Sabah i'll be getting later..
Hope it's not too remote an area huhuhu..

New Year's Toothache

The day before yesterday, I've got terrible toothache
Only god knows how miserable I was!
I cudn't sleep at night.. I juz cried all night long..
Even the painkillers din haf any effect on me..
Maybe because it was too exruciatingly painful~

Yesterday morning, that is 31 December,
I asked Bie to accompany me to go to the dentist..
I'd decided to extract the tooth coz I cudn't take it anymore~
Last night, everything was okay again..
I cud eat without any difficulty..
Good gracious!!

It's ok people.. my smile wud not be affected with the tooth extraction!

Happy New Year 2008!

A smile for the sweet memories and a valued experience from the obstacles..

Goodbye 2007, welcome 2008..
May we have a phenomenal year ahead! And may Allah bless us always!
Happy new year, people!