Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snippets: life as it is

1. I twisted my ankle while coming down a steep flight of stairs a couple of days back (it sorta happened so dun ask me how). And now it hurt like hell.

2. I'm now back in hot, windy Sandakan, certainly with a heavy heart. Nothing much had changed here btw. Just the same old Sandakan.

3. I just attended my best friend's engagement ceremony. I can't believe that she's getting married soon! Funny, that it is this girl who had decided to tie the knot first among the 4 of us (well, you know who you are). Ha-ha. Nyway, thanks for letting me be a part of your special day. You looked gorgeous that day! Will post up the pics soon.

4. Bad day? Read my story then. I checked in late for my plane. Excessive luggage. Need to pay the fee at different counter, and send the luggage to another counter (which was 43 counters away!). Next, I was forced to leave my bagful of clothes behind when the person in-charge at the air asia gate asked me to check in the small luggage for she believed "it's too big" (when it's not). How insistent! Did I mention I was rushing to the boarding gate? Silly, inconsiderate woman.

5. My colleague cum good friend cum neighbour, was locked out of her house and I asked her to stay at my place till she gets the spare keys from the landlord. Guess what? She and her housemates had never locked the front door except for the grille, so this incident was totally unexpected! She claimed that it musta been her housemate's doing who came back during the hols. Poor girl.

6. A month and a half holidays and I came home to a kitchen that had seemingly been 'terrorised' by rat(s). I'm certainly NOT HAPPY. They are sooo looking for trouble these rodents!

7. I believe that I've put on pounds these holidays.. what more with eating out being me and my friends' main agenda while hanging out! I reallyy need to revise my diet regime for next year then *lol*

8. I desperately need to send my car to the carwash, especially when it's been left for one month plus plus without anyone pampering her that she is now covered with dust and dirt. My poor baby.

9. Surprisingly, I don't know what to expect of 2009. Anxious, excited, enthusiastic, jittery, everything seems all tangled up in me. I just wish that there will be more love, peace, great opportunities, and money. Hah!

10. I've bought several more heels right before I said goodbye to KL. Right now, I myself dunno why I'm drooling over Primavera heels, especially slingbacks (oh yeahhh). Gotta collect more of em next year! Ha-ha.

11. I had finally tried out the fish spa! Bie and I had decided to do it (this time at the Pyramid) as we didn't manage to do so while we were in Singapore. Besides it costs as much over there, so, why waste?! Anyway, will post up pics soon to depict the 'ticklish' experience. Really, it tickles!!

12. I got corns on the sole of my left foot! It seldom aches except after I walk long hours in my heels, and it can be tender with pressure. I heard that it's infectious. Any idea on how to get rid of em?

13. I mistakenly bought a wrong light bulb for my table lamp. It's supposed to be 40 watt E14, not E27! And now I need to go back to Giant to exchange it for the right one. Thought I've checked it several times before I paid for it! Just my luck!

14. Last but not least, a bit of sad news, my grandma on my Dad's side had recently passed away. May peace be upon her wherever she is now. My love would always be with her although I was never that close to her. Al-Fatihah. (thanx, too, to my friends who'd offered their condolences to me and my family)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday blues

What a pity, truly it is. Here, now, in the middle of the night, I'm staring into the emptiness of the night. I feel tired, no, exhausted, yet I couldn't sleep. I did try, but I just couldn't. I'm contemplating of what is to become of me tomorrow if I don't get my beauty sleep just yet. What's wrong? I plead for temporary sanity! I don't know, and I simply don't care. But for now, only the flicker of my laptop screen and the soft sound of melancholy music in the background could calm me down and put myself a little at ease.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seasons Greetings

I hope it's still not too late to wish everyone Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Wishing you all the beauty of the holiday season and peace in the year to come..
many happy returns and may God always bless us all! Have fun!

Friday, December 19, 2008


We'd been planning to hang out for a long time already, and only yesterday we managed to really go out and spend the day together! It's Sue, my fellow Fungkurian (where I'm dj-ing) btw. She came all the way from Shah Alam to Midvalley in i-dun-noe-how-to-describe a hell of a journey just to hang out with me.. thanks! Glad to see her, I invited her for lunch at Chillis since I was like, really, really starving! We ate, talked and gossiped, y'know, girl thing, like the last time we met. Anyway, thanks too, for the gifts.. I love em!

Our next agenda would be, watching Yes Man, the latest romantic comedy flick starred the ever funny Jim Carrey and the sweet Zooey Deschanel. I wanted to claim my free movie ticket (its my birthday month!) but i simply forgot to bring the coupon. Dang. Anyway, this movie is a must-watch! Am not gonna spoil the fun of watching it by narrating the whole movie here, mind you! *blwerkk*

sue and me@chillis

jim carrey's latest movie, yes man

"i'll close my eyes and pretend that you're here my special friend"
... definitely CUTE!

check out the bonia heels that sue's putting on.. niceee..
it looks good on you.. really!

my (shopping) harvest for the day.. lol

Before we say bubye to Midvalley, we walked around the mall and looked out for things or stuff we could actually buy ahaha.. Christmas sales are all around now, a good time to hunt for good bargains, really. The walk around the mall did not get me down to nothing. I actually managed to grab two nice tops and two pairs of heels!

Hmm.. talking about shopping reminds me of one (embarassing?) incident that happened to us yesterday. While paying for my shoes, I saw a man (think, Mohinder Suresh of Heroes) staring at me, but I just ignored him as he could actually stare at anybody. However, when we were about to go out to go to another shop, he tried to get me to talk to him and confessed how much that he liked me.. Erm, boink boink.. a knock on the head.. what was that?? He followed us around and only left us when I told him I already have a boy friend.. phewww! Asingle and hopeless romantic girl might find his gesture very gentlemanly or romantic as it may seem. But not for me, na'ah. Lucky him we didn't label him as out of his mind or something! Whatever it is, I hope he could find a good girl through another ways though *lol*

Anyway, it had been such a long day for both sue and I. I hope she would enjoy the day out as much as I do! Looking forward to do it again! *winks*

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wedding a'la Terengganu

Here are the pics of my good friend cum ex-roommate's wedding which was held in Terengganu last week that we managed to snap. I can't believe that we actually drove all the way from KL to Terengganu! Well, I think it was kinda worth it *winks* Anyway, I like the whole concept of the wedding, y'know, the wedding chamber, dais, hantarans, wedding dress, curtains, flowers, invitation cards (I helped 'em to design it hehe), down to food.. and guess what, she and her family made it all themselves (with the help of the neighbours and relatives, of course)! I'm impressed! lovely couple, sweet, simple and nice reception.. what else can anyone wish for? Wish 'em the very best in their marriage and may they live happily ever after, insyallah!

(Kinah and Tuan, thanx for the whole lot of wedding tokens! *winks*)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Heyyyy.. it has been about a week since I last wrote any entry here.. ever wondering why I'd been quite quiet lately? Indeed, during the holidays it seems as if I have lotsa things to be done, different people to meet, weddings to attend, sales to go to, places to tour in and many more.. Well, it's the holidays after all!

A little update on my recent happenings. I just came back from the Lion City, Singapore yesterday. Obviously, for me even 4 days didn't seem enough to cover the whole island! I
 had also celebrated my 24th birthday last saturday over there. To those who'd wished me either through text messages, IMs or friendster comments, thank you so much! Will write a long report on the visit in the next entry! *winks*

I'd also managed to attend my good friend cum ex-roommate's wedding in Terengganu last week. It was a simple ceremony and reception yet a very delightful and joyous one. Congrats to the bride and her groom! I will post up the pics soon too.. haven't got the time to either resize or edit the whole lot of pictures yet! My feet still ached due to the long walk around Singapore City! lol

Girls day out

A few weeks ago me and my good friends had arranged to go out together. It has been a while since we all last gathered, especially with the four of us sent to different parts of Malaysia to teach - me in Sandakan, Ummi in Tawau, Huda in Sabak Bernam and Baya in Raub. I really look forward to each time we plan to hang out coz I really do miss their company.. A LOT! *grins* Anyway, on that day, first, we went to IPBA to collect our KISSM and BTN results plus certs. We also managed to sit and have drinks at the canteen and reminiscing the good old times.. Omigawd, now I make us sound like old ladies..! After that, we took a ride in Huda's new Savvy to our favourite hangout spot - Midvalley, our second home when we were studying in IPBA! Ahahaha.. we did some shopping and touring around.. as well as eating out and talking, talking and talking like there's no tomorrow! And I can't believe that we actually did some window shopping for Baya's 'hantarans' (wedding gifts from bride to groom, vice versa)! the cheekiest among us is gonna get hitched soon! *winks*

huda, showing off her new car

revisiting memories, ipba's hostels

ummi n huda.. mm.. ummi ur bento set looks invitingly delicious! *grin*

me and baya, the bride to-be

my two 'nieces' cum clowns ahaha

hanging out, bowling, eating out and window-shopping @ midvalley with huda on the following day

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Older but Wiser


Someone's getting older another year today.. Guess who? 

YOURS TRULY of course! *grin*

(vain tak? ha-ha)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Spirit of Eid

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends and family a very Happy Eid ul-Adha! It's universally-acknowledged that Eid ul-Adha is the Festival of Sacrifice. So, have fun but take time to appreciate the sacrifices done by the prophets for Islam and also those who have done their best to protect the things or people they love. Don't forget to take the opportunity to do sacrifices as well. Be it physically, mentally, emotionally, socially or spiritually. To those who're performing Haj in Makkah this year, stay safe and happy performing the Haj. Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful Eid!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


What more can I do?

It really is hard and inexplicably difficult to make everyone happy. Whatever I do, nothing turns out to be right and acceptable. And frankly speaking, at some point, for some reason, I feel tired of defending myself and explaining things. Like it makes any difference, anyhow. I try to block the anger that filled me, for fear my eyes would tear up. But now I'm utterly clueless. I don't know what to do, or rather, what I can do. Denying and projecting things would not solve any problem, mind you. It's simply not enough to ease the irritation and frustration. Also, it's unsettling to know that old wounds have again, opened.