Friday, March 25, 2011

A Good Husband

Awwwww.. Isn't this the sweetest thing a husband could do for his wife??

Wish all husbands are like that. Working a day job is easier compared to working as a wife (and a mom) wherein there's no compensation, day offs and even 24 hours is not enough to accomplish all tasks! Do you agree? Sometimes all we need is a little appreciation, help and acts of kindness from our other half. And we could not ask for more :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami Strike Japan

That earthquake was the seventh strongest earthquake in human history. At 8.9, it's stronger than those that hit Chile, Haiti and New Zealand recently! Ya Allah, petanda apakah ini? Hope everyone's safe and strong. Blessings, sympathy and prayers to all of you. May He provide us with guidance, protection and forgiveness always...

Below are the pictures of the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan (credit to NewYorkTimes):

In a week of great suffering in Japan and elsewhere, let's count our blessings and stop complaining, shall we?

p/s: Everything that seemed so perfect.. gone in the blink of an eye.. Allah Maha Besar..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Scrummy...... NOT!

Look at this tempting spaghetti meal generously spread with thick spicy sauce with delicious rotiserrie roasted chicken chunk from Kenny Rogers...

Don't be fooled! If you wanna eat a plate of spaghetti which tastes just like 'laksa' and too sour for your liking, try this Tangy Chicken Spaghetti! If that's the case, baik aku makan the real 'laksa', right? It's just awful.. so much for trying a new menu! Maybe I should just stick to the quarter chicken meal with the usual three side dishes the next time I go there. >.<

On the other hand, their signature muffins are yummy. I just love their vanilla and banana muffins! They are the best muffins I've ever had!

Kenny Rogers, anyone?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Doctor In The House

So, this is my latest read to get my mind off some things. Being a fan of Tun Mahathir, and this being a great book, it worked.. I'm still halfway through the book at the moment, but I'm already eager to go through it all these coming hols. It's a very fascinating read - an insight into the life of an ultimate leader who has transformed Malaysia into one of the developing world's richest country during 21 years in power.

Tun is all smiley and happy here..
The back cover of the book
There's a doctor in the house, y'all!
Awww.. so sweet
Siap ada a few pages of gambar lagi..
The caption of this pic of him with Lee Kuan Yew reads: "Ours was a civil relationship, never a friendship."
809 pages?? Adeh.. baru baca page 59.. still a longgg way to go :p
Tebalnya Tun tulisss.. baling kat anjing ni mau pengsan hehe
Bought this at MPH for RM90 (got RM10 rebate - CIMB cardholders only)

Dear Tun, you are my hero. I have the greatest respect and admiration for you and what you have accomplished. And that's a sincere compliment.. May Allah bless you and your family. *off to read your many years worth of memoirs now*

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Black Swan

I watched Black Swan the other day and I must say I loved it, though I'm not sure I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

This complex, compelling psychological thriller follows the story of an aspiring and dedicated ballerina, Nina, who is too obsessed with her portrayal of the Swan Queen, her dream starring role, it eventually starts affecting her own life. 

Nina is cold, vulnerable, naive and a coward at times. Nina can easily handle the White Swan's role but the show's director is afraid that Nina is not able to be her seductive and sensual evil twin - the Black Swan. She was instructed to find the darker side of herself to nail the role. At the same time, she feels threatened by the wilder version of herself, Lily, a new dancer at the ballet company, whom she believes is trying to steal the role away from her. As much as she was a rival, she was also a friend who always encourages Nina to let go and live and do things like sex, drinking and drugs. Nina is also pressured by her controlling mother, a retired ballerina, who treats her like a little girl and lives vicariously through her daughter since she couldn't make it herself. 

The pressure of the role starts taking its toll on Nina when she begins scratching herself till she bleeds and struggles to find her own identity and perfection in everything she does. She slowly descends into madness by seeing disturbing visions of herself, Lily and things around her. Her mental state is falling apart yet she did become the Black Swan eventually, although the role is eating her up, sending her into a downward spiral of depression, anxiety, angst and paranoia.

In short, this story mirrors the conflict between good and evil, and between dreams and reality (what's real and what's not), in which, of course, something we can easily relate to ourselves. We can't reach perfection, no matter how hard we work. It'll only drive us crazy! I think it was amazing to have the black and white swan played by the same person for it shows the good and bad sides of us in our pursuit of perfection, even if it means we have to pay for it at a very high price, just like Nina did. 

This movie affected me down to my bones. The symbolism was perfectly done and well shown. It's a movie worth seeing and learning from, but it's not the type of movie you'll have fun watching (especially the OTT sex scenes!). The pace of the movie is slow and it's boring at times, but this only provides us more time to savour each scene and get ourselves immersed in Nina's world. Watch the other side of Natalie Portman in this movie (in fact, she does most of her own dancing!). She definitely shines.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Spice Up Your Day with Subway

I've been a crazy fan of Subway ever since my uni days in NZ. My option then was either veggie delight, tuna or seafood, of course. Although the price of Subway here is a bit pricey but it's still worth a try. One reason I love it is that it comes full with varieties of veggies and I get to choose what kind of veggie I wanna put into my sandwich, making it a fresher and healthier meal on the go. It's actually good to know that I'm not giving myself greasy, fatty, unhealthy stuff to eat. Heee.

Italian BMT

My all-time favourite would be Italian BMT (which stands for Biggest, Meatiest and Tastiest) which has pepperoni, salami and turkey ham. I like mine served on honey oat bread with lots of lettuce, olives and tomatoes, topped with mayo and chilli sauce or thousand island and BBQ sauce. Did I mention that it's best toasted with melted cheese? Yummmmm! And the Meatball Marinara is great too! What's your favourite sub?

Meatball Marinara

Btw, Subway is running the Sub of the Day promo and it's still on. There are seven different types of subs on promo on different days - Monday it's Italian BMT, Tuesday Tasty Tuna, Wednesday Meatball Marinara, Thursday Smoked Turkey while Saturday and Sunday with Seafood & Crab and Chicken Teriyaki respectively. The good thing about this promo is all of them are priced at RM7.50 nett for a 6-inch sandwich. What a great saver! So, plan your Subway meal and get the best value for your craving!

Did you know that Subway was founded in 1965 by Fred DeLuca, a 17-year-old college freshman, and a family friend Dr. Peter Buck? The first restaurant was opened in the US and used to be called Pete's Super Submarines. Find out more here.

p/s: Feel like having one right now. Aiyok.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sofa Bed vs. Daybed

I spend most of my time in the family area on the second floor instead of the living room so I'm thinking of getting either a sofa bed or a daybed to complement the simplicity of the area. Nothing too extraordinaire or space-consuming. For the time being, we only have a recliner which only sits one so it's kinda uncomfortable having to watch TV or read while lying or sitting on the floor. 

Why sofa bed? I love it as it functions both as a seating unit and as a sleeping space especially during times in need! It's comfortable and useful as a sofa, and also pleasant as a bed. I also like the fact that I can unzip the slipcovers and throw them in the wash. And it looks cool as a sofa. What concerns me is that sofa beds require you to unfold and open up to make a bed. It's a bit of a hassle having to do that actually. But it's not like we have guests all the time, right? (padahal sendiri yang nak guna) It can also be surprisingly heavy with the folded frame and mattress. Plus, it offers limited comfort (for sleeping) as the mattress has to be thin and flexible in order to fold away when not it use. Most sofa beds I found are not very comfortable for day to day sofa use. How do they hold up? Any idea? I like the idea of the product but obviously if it's not comfortable (for sitting and for sleeping) or if the construction is going to be flimsy then it's not worth it.
Something like this, perhaps

Why daybed? It's sofa in the daytime which turns into a bed for the night. A typical daybed can sleep two people. It's well suited for relaxing, lounging and  most importantly, sleeping - as it offers more support and comfort as it has a real mattress instead of a foldable one. What's good about it is that it comes as it is - no set up whatsoever is required before it can be used. It also looks stylish. My concern is just that it takes up space as its frames are commonly available in single or twin size (if my family area besar takpe la jugak) and requires us to get a mattress which is sold separately (if you want more comfort means you need to invest in a better mattress.. standard lah kan?). Plus, it's extremely heavy and not practical to be moved from one spot to another (if you intend to do so from time to time). Daybeds are also often too deep, even with many pillows along the back of it for sitting. There isn't much back support so you couldn't really lean against the back. In short, daybeds are not that comfortable as a sofa but it's great for sleeping.

What I have in mind is something like this... 
...or this. (Thanks IKEA)

I went to IKEA the other day and saw a daybed which I liked (first picture). It's wood-framed and has additional storage but unfortunately it doesn't fit the budget. I also found a sofa bed to my liking but, of course, the price is just ridiculously expensive! Well, maybe we need to hunt for one at a local store instead. Personally, I'd go for a daybed as it's a versatile option which can offer comfort and support for sleeping and additional seating in the room. However, after considering my priorities, I think I'll use it more as a sofa than a bed, so, practically, a sofa bed is a much better option for sitting and sleeping, especially when living space is at a premium. What say you?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Introducing Lil Tiger

Hi! You've read about my annoying brother and now it's my turn to introduce myself.. I'm Tiger. I know, I know, why Tiger when I'm actually a cat, right? My Grandpa named me that when I was born due to my stripes. I've no idea where does that come from, considering nobody in my family, including my parents, has stripes. I think it must be the feline/cat family blood that runs in me. Teehee.

"Malulah.. janganlah tenung lama-lama.."
To be frank, I'm a bit shy and quite reserved. When I first reached my new home in Puchong, I didn't know how to react. Everything seemed alien to me at that time. There was no Mom, Dad, my other siblings and Grandpa's family. Only my already-mentioned annoying brother. But it's okay, I guess. Mummy and Babah were so good to me. In the beginning, I had no appetite to eat at all and I had wind all the time. Babah tried giving me different types of cat food and I must say, my tummy only agrees with Royal Canin. Did I mention I love milk??

"Merajuk! Mummy tak bagi main kat luar!"
I used to be really really skinny. Anorexic skinny. Now that I'm able to adapt myself to the new environment, I'm feeling much much better and I'm no longer homesick. I enjoy eating, sleeping, playing, picking on my brother (hihi) and exploring the house. Every room is a playground to me and I plan to keep it that way to keep me entertained since Mummy doesn't allow us to play outside (I don't know how she does it but she always manages to catch me running through the door). Hmmppff.

"Bath time?? Alaa tanak laaaaaa.. puh-weaseee!!" *lentok kepala*
Just like my brother, I hate bath time. I'm a bit aggressive when it comes to that time of the week - I will meow endlessly and struggle for my life. And it's not like I'm gonna die from being bathed. Haha. I just hate it. Enough said.

How could anyone ever resist my version of Puss In Boots' eyes??
My favourite place to relax is anywhere dark, warm and secluded, for instance, under the TV cabinet or the sofa. Unlike my brother, I don't really enjoy being pet. I feel suffocated every time someone tries to hug or cuddle me, I'll try to get away from them and hide myself instead. Don't ask me, I also have no idea why. Guess everyone's different in their own way.

Aummmm.. *meditating*
Well, basically that wraps up everything I have to say about myself. Till then!

Yours truly,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Introducing Lil Berry

Hello, hellooooo.. 

My name is Berry (sometimes it's Gemok as I'm a lil bit chubby, or Carpet as my fur resembles those of a carpet) and I'm a cat. A cute, adorable one at that. I'm only three months, going on four months real soon. However, I'm kinda big for my age, all thanks to my mixed parentage - Mom is a Persian and Dad is a Maine Coon. I have five siblings but only my sister is with me now since we no longer live with our real family in Melaka. Now we have relocated to Mummy and Babah's home in Puchong and I love it here since it's spacious, which simply means more space to explore, play and walk around.

This is my friend Little Bear - I just love biting him hihi
Playing with Mummy's, errr.. bra strap.. She's not happy I can tell but I play with it anyway hihi
Where am I?? Uuuu.. a wastepaper bin.. ni-ceeeee
If I'm ignored, I'll do this to get everyone's attention.. smart aye?

I really, really like to play. Everything intrigues me, especially moving things like our dangler, ball and even Mummy's artificial flowers (heyyyy, I'm only a kid). I also like to fight with my sister. She's a real nuisance at times, plus, I like to bully her for no apparent reason. She does too, which makes it even. And more interesting. Heeee.

This is, like, the most challenging game ever!

"Hiyahhhhh.. amek nih!"

I eat four times a day - in the morning, afternoon, evening and night and though my Mummy said that it's expensive, I only eat Royal Canin. I also drink plenty of water to keep me hydrated throughout the day. 

For kittens.. yup that's me ^^
Cleaning myself up.. oopps ter-sexy pulak

And just for the record, I hate bath time. I think all cats hate that. Instead, I like to lick my fur all the time as that's how I clean myself. It's also to keep me cool, especially in the current hot weather. 

Whatchulookin' at? Someone's trying to sleep in here! Pfftt.

Do not, I repeat, do not disturb me when I sleep, I can get really grumpy, I will meow non-stop. I'm also a spoiled cat. I enjoy belly rubs and I like to be pet right by my tail and on my back. I mean, who doesn't?

My angry look

My "erkhhhh whatever" look
My "huhhh??!" look
My funny face XD

That's all about me in a nutshell. See you! ;)