Thursday, September 18, 2008

To sleep is to schlep?

wish i cud sleep dis soundly~

Recently I'm starting to feel like my insomnia is back. I barely sleep at night, and even if I sleep, I dun sleep well.. Even a nap in the afternoon doesn't help much, not that I always take a nap during the day either! At first, I tot dis problem is due to the fasting month, but apparently, that might not be all. Izzit true that I think too much?? Now I rarely wake up for sahur, for I sleep late at night, that I prefer to just eat before I sleep. Maybe that's one of the many reasons why I couldn't sleep well.. I mean, albeit feeling sleepy right after filling up my tummy, it needs time, too, to process.

Did I mention that I'm living a nocturnal life?

Guess dis is not ma first entry about my problems sleeping at night.. but I can't help it! I am at my best doing things at night rather than the day. Besides, I am NEVER a morning person, no matter what I do to change. I do try to stick to routines such as drinking milk, reading boring books, listening to slow songs blah blah blah.. But most of the time it din work out for me, too bad. If I'm sitting in front of ma lappy, the chance for me to get my beauty s
leep is gonna be slim to none eehehehe.. I must admit, I spend lotsa time online.. since that's the only thing that cud put my mind at ease after a long and hectic day at work.. Guess we can't get all the good things in life.. can we? Hmmm.. maybe I DO need to spend less time in front of the lappy and start doing more fruitful things after all.. errr like WHAT? Sleeping? Ahahahahhaaha.. fat chance! That's easier said than done!

Sheeshh.. as much as I enjoy sleeping, I seem to be deprived more and more of it. *yawn*


Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i would like to take dis opportunity to thank pu3adiwarna@eimy (a friend from xat) for the token of friendship! please know that i really value our friendship above anything else eventhough we just knew each other. hope it'll last forever.. insyallah! =)

.. taken from pu3's blog:

".....Sebagai Tanda Kesetiaan Kawan dari Eimy....
....Terimalah cenderamata dari Eimy...."
(please take dis as a token of loyal friendship from eimy)

pu3 and those i consider friends (u noe who u r!),
they say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate em, a day to love em, but then an entire life to forget em. i dun wanna haf any regrets for not appreciating those who always care for me.. so please know that you will always have me as your friend even if the world cracks into two (not that i want THAT to happen okie hehe)!

from me to you~

The Patriotic Me

Celebrating its 51st birthday this year, Malaysia as we know today is different from what it used to be then.. And I must say how proud I am to be born a Malaysian! Renowned for its economic and political stability, multicultural harmony and steady progress, I believe that it's not impossible for us to achieve the status of developed country in 2020.. given the condition that we retain what we have now and try to improve on some things along the way..

malaysia, my country

Despite being a post-merdeka baby, I couldn't help but to be proud at the triumphant shouts of 'merdeka' by our first PM, Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman at Merdeka Square 51 years ago. They marked the country's independence from the British colonialism, the day when we were all reunited to be truly Malaysians.. without needing to spill any blood whatsoever.

"merdeka, merdeka, merdeka!" - 31st august 1957 in history

Forget about the pandemonium of the politics for a while, and let us enjoy the prosperity and the joy of the unity among races as that will be the key for us to make Malaysia the harmonious melting pot of cultures today, and many years to come!

Quoting from this year's independence day's motto, "perpaduan teras kejayaan" (unity is the key to success)!

smile to the peacefulness of our country

merdeka day celebration @ school

chapter 12 of form 4 textbook: loving our country

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ramadhan Greetings

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims..

Alhamdulillah (thanks to Allah), we're still alive to go through the holy month once again this year.. The fasting month is not only about restraining ourselves from taking food and drink. It is more than meets the eye.. We need to be more aware about what we do and say particularly.. See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil.. It's also about remembering the hardship certain unfortunate people might experience. Unlike some of us, some people out there might have no food, no money, no education, no house.. Thus we must be really grateful for all the things dat we have before they're taken away from our clutches, I mean, who knows? You don't miss the water until it's gone, they say. So let's maximize this month to the max to do as many ibadah as possible. May we will always be blessed by Him, insyaallah (with god's will).

Haha I missed the first two days of fasting due to ma menstruation. But am back on track now! Who would want to miss all the goodness of fasting? Did I mention that fasting is a good way to detox? It teaches me to be more patient and calm, too.. Exactly what I need in the classroom hehe..

Anyways, there are lotsa food bazaars around town in conjunction wif the fasting month. I know there's one in Mile 7, one outside Giant and one near Milimewa.. and they're set up as early as 3 in the afternoon! Lotsa dishes and delicacies to choose from.. and at affordable prices too! One thing I dun like about going to these bazaars is that it's so hard to find a parking spot. The crowd, I tell you.. impressive yet I find it quite tiresome at times.. you know.. having to manage my way through, plus waiting for our turn to be served by the hawkers. Sometimes we need to go early too, especially if we want to get ahold of our favourite lauk or kuih. Else, no chance for us to savour all the good food for fast breaking.. So, apparently, cooking at home is a good option after all! no hassle, no nothing! (juz need to be extra rajin though ehehehe)

During the fasting month, when obviously we cannot eat and drink during the day, it's important to get all the essential vitamins to get us going. As for me, it's a must to take Centrum Multivitamin together wif my early breakfast (sahur). It gives me all the A-to-Z nutrients I need for my body.

However, since I wake up very early in the morning for sahur, and sleep back after that (about another hour to go after the prayer).. I couldn't help feeling very tired and sleepy in school the next day. Dunno how many times I yawn in a day these days.. What should i do then eh? Skip sahur? The thing is my body is already conditioned to waking up around 4 in the morning nowadays. Sometimes I even wake up earlier than the alarm ahaha.. Guess I just need to keep up with the new routine.. Well, at least for this one month..

Happy fasting, people!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthday wishes

Forgot to post this entry on the day itself, sorry!
Happy Birthday Bie, may all your wishes come true..
Be happy always..
And please know that I will always love ya *winkksss*

So sorry I din get anything for ya..
Except for a slice of black forest cake from Secret Recipe..
I hope you like it =)

01/09/2008.. another year older :p

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Holidays

WARNING: very long entry!

After days and weeks of yearning to go back, I finally made it back to KL during the one-week break last month. Bie picked me up from the airport, we had dinner and he sent me back home. It was truly, really great to be back.

B and B =)

The very next day, I could hardly wait to go shopping so I headed to Midvalley, having meeting a friend, Sue, as well. We hanged around till about 7 at night, shopping, eating out and watching movie, The Mummy 3. I must say that I prefer the prior instalments of The Mummies as it offered more actions and sense of adrenaline rush. In the latest sequel, Alex has turned out to be a big boy, erm, or should I say, young chap.. thus making Rick and Eve, a lil older, and retiring. And oh, Eve was played by another lady.. too bad! I want Rachel Weisz!! She's even more beautiful and i like her accent hehehe (and she acts better too!)

Sue and i
The Mummy 3

On Wednesday, Bie took a day off work and we left for genting together with sum frenz. It had been a while since we last went there btw. The short trip was great.. we toured around the plaza and dined at fine restaurant, simply enjoying the cool hill breeze as well as its superb mountaintop sceneries. We even watched the latest disney movie, Wall.E, at the cinema over there. We discovered that we could watch movies on the Osim chairs in the cinema at the price of rm15! Anyway, the movie was great.. and super cute! The themes revolve around environment, love, family and friendship and I must say, it's a little bit different than the normal Disney movies. You will either love it or find it boring.

sipping my mocha ice blended while enjoying the view..

come and join me in genting! let's go

Wall.E and Eve

Ma next agenda would be dining out with ma sis. We met up in Pyramid as usual and dined at Ole Ole Bali. Talk about great food! I ordered lamb, Sis ordered chicken, while Bie ordered i-myself-dunno-what aahahaha (Bie, please enlighten me! lol) The restaurant was on full house that night, I tell you.. Oh yeah, it was Friday after all.. Anyhu, when we'd finished our dinner, it was already 10.. even Pyramid was closing.. so we led our separate ways home.. what a night!

take dis, sis!

yummilicious food of ole ole bali, sunway pyramid

Guess that was not the end of my social calendar for the week! On Saturday, I'd decided to meet up with some KNet members. At first, many people wanted to join the so-called gath. But in the end, only me, Teman and Kak PS turned up. too bad. But it was okay.. we still enjoyed ourselves that day, thanks for the company of Teman's housemates as well. Qe watched 'The Strangers', a thriller, in which we ourselves failed to comprehend the whole storyline, despite having liv tyler and scott speedman in it. Huhuhu..

teman laling and i *winkkss*

kak pu3sakura and i

the posse
an utterly incomprehensible movie

Anyways, I managed to grab a great pair of heels from Primavera (I simply adoreeee Primavera heels!) before I went back, adding on to my ever expanding shoe collection. Ignoring Bie's glare, silently I said to myself 'no girl should ever go without shoes, ever, so there's nothing wrong with getting another pair!' *grin*

~ma primavera~

I left for Sandakan on Monday the 25th. Too bad I got gastric towards the end of the week.. what a way to end such lovely holidays!