Monday, February 28, 2011

Closet Must-Haves

*This entry is IKEA-inspired*

And I'm not talking about different kinds of outfits here. Having the right kind of closet accessories is probably the best way to organise and make the most of the limited closet space. There are various closet accessories that will work wonders. These are mine:

1. Clothes box/basket/organiser
Are you struggling to find your shirts?  Are you driving yourself crazy with the huge mess in that closet of yours? Well, the key to finding what you want in a breeze is organise, organise and organise! If you don't have built-in shelves in your closet, these really help organise the space. First, separate all of your clothes. Possible divination is shirts, blouses, pants, undies, dresses, extras etc. Next, put the clothes in the specific box/basket/organiser and place everything back in closet. Nicely. Just pull it out for easy access to contents. The good thing is when they are not in use, they fold flat, saving valuable space. I love these.. It's my most important closet accessory. I can't put too many in any closet, and I personally can't live without them. I currently have four in my closet. 

2. Multi-purpose hanger
This is among the most practical closet accessories that you can find. Most people don't give much thought to hangers but, really, you can use this designated hanger for whatever you need and most importantly, it maximises your closet space and make you feel good each time you open the closet door. I use mine to hang awning tudungs, shawls and belts. What's great about it is that you can see everything on a hanger at one time, saving precious morning minutes. This one from IKEA costs RM 25.90 each and 'takes up as little space as a clothes-hanger but can store 28 different accessories.'

3. Pants hanger
Why is this a must-have? I think the answer is pretty obvious. Taking up the same space as one traditional hanger, this organizational feat keeps FIVE PAIRS of pants in place! Smart, huh? I also use it to organise my dresses and skirts. This one from IKEA costs RM11.90 each. I currently have two in my closet but I guess I'm gonna need more in the future tee-heeee :p

These handy accessories can help make your life easier. Prevent your closet from being out of control. Start organising. Now. 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lil Macaroons

Can you believe it? I bought these cinonet macaroons at Baker's Boy the other day for RM0.80 each. Gila! Nasib baik sedap!

Do you like to eat macaroons? I love these lil treats, they look like little burgers - cute, pretty and ready to eat! They also taste fantastic too.. boxed in pretty colours they would make a lovely gift. But I've never thought to make them until now. I'm not even sure why as macaroons are simple to bake, and they only have a few ingredients (egg whites, sugar, ground almonds, and chocolate cream or flavoured butter cream as the filling). Whether you like to eat baseball-sized macaroons or bite-sized ones, they're definitely one of the healthy desserts to consume! (I like to eat the latter coz then I don't feel as guilty eating a couple of them though of course my logic is totally flawed since eating several small ones is probably the same as eating a large one teeheeeee) 

I like em like this!

Have you ever had a macaroon? Well, whatchu you waiting for? ;)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Honda Jazz For Sale

(Iklan: February is a verrrryyy busy month for me.. Penat!!)

Hubby has finally decided to sell his 2006 ride! So sad to let it go.. It's a great car.. very fun to drive.. but it has to go anyway, since we plan to upgrade to a better and bigger car.. Now I'm helping him to find a potential buyer on Blogger (if there's any lahh) Anyone interested? Check out the pictures and specs. 

Reg. year: 12/2006
Mileage: 85 000 - 89 999
Make: Honda
Model: Jazz
Transmission: Auto
Engine Capacity: 1500 cc

- L15A VTEC auto

- RACECRAFT 2.5” Carbon Fibre with Titanium Tip Muffler

- PROJECT MU BESTOP Brake Pads 0-400 degrees
- PRO-RS Teflon Steel Braided Brake Hoses

- Adjustable Suspension (Stock suspension will give together)

- 17” Sport RIMs
- YOKOHAMA A-DRIVE R1 205/40/17

- Carbon Fibre OEM Hood
- SPARCO Bonnet Pins
- 8mil security tint

Price: RM 76 888 (negotiable)

Contact details:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Are You For Real?

I really don't understand some people. I know that everyone gets excited about certain things. I know I do. But I also know that it's very easy to get frustrated when things don't work out the way you want them to. But that really doesn't give you a reason to act like a child about it (unless you are in fact a child!). I'm sorry, what did you expect?? Things happen, or rather, shit happens. A lot of people complain but offer no solutions. Just do whatever you have to do - what is necessary is what you prioritise. Also, please be more open to changes and take advice from others. Jangan ingat diri sendiri tu bagusss sangat. Just get over yourself and deal with it! Pffttt.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bukit Tinggi Calling

During last Chinese New Year holiday, my babes and I went to Bukit Tinggi for a day trip and I'd gladly say that we really enjoyed ourselves there! (though this is not my first time there) The weather was fine and perfect for driving and jalan-jalan. We reached the serene, picturesque Bukit Tinggi in the afternoon after a 45-minute journey from KL via the Karak Highway. The entrance fee is RM12 btw (mahal!). We first went to the Japanese Village and had a picnic lunch at the beautiful Botanical Gardens surrounded by lush greenery.

Homemade spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread and mushroom soup and sandwiches for lunch!


Next up, we went to the Zen-inspired Japanese Garden where you will find a Japanese tea house, pools of koi fishes, bonsai and bamboo plants, cobbled stones, waterfalls and assorted Japanese flowers and plants, which actually make you feel like you really are in Japan, just like the ones we usually see in Japanese movies/dramas!

Yours truly in kimono - rented for RM20
"Jepun muslimah" bak kata my friend :p

After that, we headed to Colmar Tropicale, a French-themed resort town which is modelled after the 16th century Colmar Village in France. Inside the castle-like building, we come to find hotels, food outlets offering various types of food, street performances and a number of souvenir shops. There are also a wishing well, fountain and a viewing tower where you get to see a spectacular view of the surrounding hills.

Mula la berangan jadi princess tu!

We also went to the Rabbit Park. Anyway, you have to pay a different entrance fee to the park as it's not inclusive in the RM12 fee (I know, right!). If I'm not mistaken, it's RM3 per entry. The cute, fluffy rabbits certainly attract the children the most. And me, too! I love feeding and cuddling them rabbits! There's a small donkey ranch and a deer sanctuary nearby too.


Personally, Bukit Tinggi is kinda boring and a long stay there is highly not recommended, well, unless you prefer to stay in your hotel room, bathe in the sun or just relax and do practically nothing at all. Plus, the weather isn't even cold. Trust me, you'll find yourselves sweating like a pig rather than freezing cold. Also, everything, from food to souvenirs, is expensive there! Nasib baik we decided to bring food from home, okay. One thing I like about it is that it's kinda 'hidden' and clad by the rugged hills and green jungle from view. It is a definite place for nature lovers or those who want to find peace and solitude in nature!

Hello February!

Thanks Google
It has been a very hectic, yet very productive month so far! I hardly have time to rest properly. I have a lot of paperwork to be done, clubs to handle, tonnes of exercise books to be marked and meetings to attend (though I still curi-curi time to play games, do you know that studies show that playing games helps sharpen our mind and senses and prevent dementia? :p) I don't know whether it's the school culture here to give as many posts and tasks as possible to new teachers coz it seems that's what happened here. Right now I'm in charge of the Prefect Board, Discipline Committee, Teachers' Club, Nature Lovers Club, PTA's Secretary yadda yadda yadda... And technically I'm not even a new teacher, just new here. Pfftt.

Holidays and allowances?? What perks? Sure, but then we will also be making lesson plans for all the different classes we teach, grading all the papers, trying to build community with colleagues, handling co-curricular activities, dealing with parents' complaints and most importantly, disciplining students in the classroom. Even during holidays we are called or we either prepare exam papers or grading them! What is a teacher's core responsibility? Teach. That's why we are called 'teachers' and not clerk, administrator and the like. Even teaching itself is at times frustrating, always a complex and difficult task, though at times it can be immensely gratifying. But with too many clerical work to be done, teaching will become a joyless job eventually.

We who teach understand that what makes an education valuable and vital is often impossible to measure but the administrators, ministry, parents and children, on the other hand, want some measure of how they are performing and how the schools measure up to other schools. They forget that there are parents who did not help their children with educational needs too. Imagine a building without a proper foundation. This dumps more responsibility onto the already-broken teachers' backs. I've always believed that teachers should help students find their way to a good education, not push them toward some administrative goals. (paperwork, paperwork!) People sitting on the highest chairs might have forgotten that they're also sailing in the same boat. Let's just pray that these chairs to be occupied by teachers who have taught in the classes and know the classroom situations and problems instead of offering the chairs to ministers or officers who think they know about education and toying with the lives of millions of children!

Thanks Google

Teachers are most important, second to parents, in their influence and ability to shape healthy, educated youth. We are very conscientious people and we wanna do a good job. We are also professionals and not babysitters! So, for anyone who feels teaching is a cushy job, why not join the profession? You are more than welcome! Do you know what a teacher's life is like? No, because teaching is more than meets the eye!

p/s: Ada ke sesiapa yang sambut Valentine's Day today? :p