Thursday, October 30, 2008

A different point of view

"Hooray!", shouted the students after many weeks of exam, exam and more exams!

This is such a typical scenario at this time of the year, marking the coming of the school holidays which are just around the corner. I smile upon browsing some of the pictures I managed to snap as a mean of self-entertainment while standing at one corner of the class supervising the students for God knows how long.

This was when Ii supervised the PMR examination in one of the schools around here. I quite like the placement of the students as it is a public exam. Less students in a class.. and a wider gap between each student, making it easier to supervise.

Coming back to my own school, you can see how different the placement of the students is. The students of each class are compacted into the class, resulting in a narrow gap between each student, thus, heighten the chances of cheating in the exam. It was hard to move around too. But to provide a better examination hall is out of question, so we have no choice but to just bear with it.

On the other hand, the total number of students in this class is below 40, which is rare compared to the other classes of this form.. but as you can see in the above picture.. majority of the students did not even bother to come and sit for the examination!

"Kringgg!!", the bell rang. This signalled the start of another exam paper. But look at what happens after the first 20 minutes or so! *pointing at the pic above*

All in all, supervising the exams has been a worthy experience, if not worst. Ha-ha. I glanced boringly over the quiet classroom and diverted my attention to a whole new view outside, sighing deeply at the thought of needing to mark the papers after that!! (finished mine, mind you hehe)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Knocked Silly

Quoting the chorus of OAG's song 'Knocked Silly',

"I don't know what is wrong with me baby

I feel I have no heart at all (I think I had a bad hair day)

I just don't know what is wrong with me baby

Maybe I had a little bit of knocked silly.."

I dun know what's got into me.. 
But I haf trouble sleeping at night..
Even after spending hours staring at the ceiling..

And guess what.. I even got some eye bags as souvenirs!
(dun mind my green eyes hehe :D)

I dun know what's got into me..
After reminding myself everyday for the past few weeks,
only now I manage to send my car to the carwash..

and dat's when my eyes finally ached looking at the dust and dirt on her!
(the rains are partly to blame for dis)

I dun know what's got into me..
I accidentally bumped into the edge of the wall while parking in school last week..

I dun know what's got into me..
Lately I've become rather temperamentally irritable..
I fly off the handle at the slightest thing..
To those I've hurt, I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused..

So, yes, I reckon I DID have a little bit of knocked silly!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Oops! She did it again

Thanks for nothing. I din know dat requesting for one simple little thing would lead to another row between me and her. I really haf no idea she could be dis stubborn, dis childish. at her age, dis is utterly unacceptable and unbearable.

She even said things I consider harsh and heartbreaking.I cried upon
listening those. Was it necessary to say those things? I reckon, she was mad, so maybe she din mean it. But I couldn't help from feeling both sad and frustrated. She had really opened my eyes to how selfish she is.

I hate it when she says things then denies having saying em. I also hate
it when she says some things and expects me to follow it, and then when I follow those, she says some other things and expects me to follow it too. When do I finally get the chance to do what I want then?

Frankly speaking, I dun even know how to reach out to her anymore. The gap between us has widen, drifting us apart to two different worlds.. And this isn't the first time it happens! Oh well, the damage is done and could hardly be repaired. We can't simply do and undo things the way we like it to be. Let bygones be bygones, they say, but the wound would remain there, scarring my heart forever, maybe.

Some pity me, some emphatize, while some think that I should stop playing stubborn and put up a white flag instead. Should I or should I not? As much as I want her to be happy, I believe that I deserve to be happy too.. This is so confusing..

Quiet, idle.. just the way I prefer to be.. Well, at least for the time being.

Maybe this is one of Allah's ways of testing me after all.. For we are mere human, we can't have all the good things in life without enduring certain hardships.. I believe that when there is Hardship, there is Hope.. and when there is Hope, there is Life. I dun wanna be one of those people who take life too seriously (or too lightly). These people can spend their lifetime thinking about the past and worrying about what the future might hold for em. The next time they realise they're wasting their time, it's almost too little too late to get back the lost life they have been given. Remember, life is what we make it! (so cheer up, Aida.. yah yah, I always do =) )

Thursday, October 23, 2008

From the inside




Too many work to be done, too little time.







Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Double celebration

I would like to dedicate this entry to my lil brother..

exams can be tough and excruciating

First and foremost.. congrats for finishing your BIG examination this year - PMR.. It musta been a relief rite?? But you've made it, bro! Whatever the results will be, I hope for nothing but the best for you.. You musta been dancing around like there's no tomorrow for it's over already.. Yes, do whatever it takes, as long as you don't overdo it LOL

A lil message to ya while you're indulging yourself in the 'merdeka' mode, start planning for the future.. You might want to consider the options you might haf for next year.. Starting next year it's not gonna be easy I tell ya.. and SPM is even tougher.. So yes, do think about what you want to choose for next year.. Ok that's it, enuff of this boring talk hehe

you will be those, someday.. i juz put dis in advance haha

As the title suggested, secondly I'd like to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This calls for a celebration.. Wait till I go back yah.. Anyway, many happy returns and all the best in whatever you do! Erm, remind me of how old you are :p

Faiz.. now

Faiz.. then =)

But bro, no matter how old you're getting..You will always be my 'little' brother! wuv you! =p

Sunday, October 19, 2008


he was once an adorable kitty..

My baby Milo had gone forever recently..
He was hit by a car in front of our house in Perak as I understand
No wonder it was so quiet the time I went back for Raya
What a tragedy!
There goes my cute honeybunch, sugarplum, pumpy-umpy-umpkin..
Mommy is gonna miss you so muchie!
Miss bullying you to be exact.. hehe.. BUT..
You will always be my all-time fav furry feline~
He'd been wif the family for quite a while already..
And life could never be dis lonely
So now I just haf to find another one.. dun I?


fatter and lazier, but still adorable..

Dun worry Milo, you're totally irreplaceable
May you rest in peace..

(can dis be considered as an obituary? hehe)

Of Multitasking

Women are believed to be good at multitasking to be compared to men.. Izzit true?

Today, I chat with my friends, while listening to the radio, while editting some stuff, while downloading songs, while preparing my lunch, while ironing my clothes for the whole of next week, while doing the laundry, while cleaning up my room and bathroom, while marking the exam papers.. All at the same time..

Huh, who says being a woman is easy?? LOL! I read somewhere telling that women are special and are believed to live longer than men.. Why, you ask? It's because we have lotsa things to be done, obviously! Ahahaha..

Been doing lotsa stuff today.. Yet I still feel dissatisfied.. but I myself dunno what and why.. Is there anything else that I haven't managed to do today?

*pondering mode*

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back again

Whoaa.. how time flies!

It's October already but I never seem to manage to update dis blog even after I keep reminding myself to do so! Well.. it has been a while since I last penned (penned??! lol) an entry here.. Err.. lemme see.. thousand and one days.. thousand and two days.. NOT! Haha.. maybe around 2 weeks or so.. Well.. been kinda busy lately.. especially wif the raya around! Besides, for the past 1 week I had no stable net connection at home.. juz a plain dial-up which runs at 19.8kbps! Omigod.. its awful. Guess it's better for me NOT TO go online and next start pulling off my hair out of frustration..!

Will update about my kind of raya dis year and other stuff too next time 'round. Chowz.