Friday, May 30, 2008

girls just wanna have fun

to all my bestest buddies, my girls (pls identify urself chop chop!).. i miss u loads!
it was good to finally reunite the troupe together back again
let's bowl and roll! *winkssss*

posing ryte before we hit the 'longkang' akakaka no lah

showing off our skills at bowling.. yay i won the first round :p

Thursday, May 29, 2008


i love chillis!!
i must say that it serves the best western food i've ever tasted!
on our recent trip there, we'd decided to try new meals
instead of the various burgers we usually eat (but, mind you, the burgers ARE delicious!!)

for starters, we always order the bottomless tostada chips
u can refill it as many times u want especially while waiting for the main course hehe

dis is wat i ordered and it's called fajita quesadillas
dun ask me the meaning of that coz i myself dunno! hehe
but its really nice if you're looking for sum new meals for a change
luv the chicken, onions and cheese in the tortillas!
but i think i eat too much sour cream that comes wif d meal

on the other hand, bie had the flame-grilled ribeye
the steak was so tender and well-cooked and i simply love it
hope we can try other menus next time around

waaaa.. wanna go to chillis!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

celebrating anniversary

celebrating our 6th anniversary at kiwi express restaurant in subang

Friday, May 23, 2008

teacher's day

teacher's day celebration at school today

thanx for the cards and prezzies

Teaching is a Lifelong Journey
(sunway university college)

To teach is to touch the lives of many
and to help us learn life's lessons.
But to touch well is to make a difference
in all the lives you touch.

To touch is to be a parent,
nurse, friend, and confidant,
to be a supporter, a leader, and a motivator
But to touch well is to be all of these things,
yet not lose sight of who you are
You share a part of yourself with all
whose lives you have touched.

To touch is to be tender, loving, strong,
and giving to all who rely upon you;
to encourage, and praise.
But to touch well is to believe
in what and whom you teach.

A teacher comes to master these
many jobs throughout the years
But those who teach well recognise
that there will always be more to learn
in life's journey, and they never hesitate
to strive to learn it

p/s: happy teacher's day to all teachers in da world!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


the next service date for my baby v would be as above - 20/08/2008
nice eh? guess i'll never forget the date then!! hehehe

on edge

too many things to do, too little time!
frankly speaking, yes, i am under a great pressure these few days..
i need to finish the marking of the exam papers asap as we need to give out the report cards this coming saturday..
imagine marking 5 classes' essays in 2 days' time!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

who's dat girl.. lalalalalalalalaa

happy birthday, sis..
i wish that you:
may have all the happiness in the world
may always be blessed
may succeed in whatever ur doin'
may be able to face all the obstacles in life

may belanja me next time around we meet to celebrate ur bday!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

sixieme anniversaire

you and me~

today i love you more than ever,
tomorrow i will love you even more.
i need you more than ever..
i want you more than ever..

i love you with all my heart..
i have always loved you, even when we fought and u din call back
or even when u say things that i din want to hear..
i loved you through it all..
make me the happiest person on this earth by being with me..

happy 6th anniversary, my dear..
may we always be happy together..
love ya to bitsss!! xoxo

Monday, May 19, 2008

New Zealand, Revisited

Life's full of surprises!

Lemme elaborate.

I thought I never had a chance to go back to New Zealand, especially not after coming back to Malaysia. But I was wrong!

After detailed plannings and whatnot, me and another friend started our journey to KK from Sandakan in a rush. What to expect when we had school on that very Friday! We were almost unable to check in but due to the counter attendants' courtesy, we managed to get through anyhu. Thanks a million!

When we arrived in KK, the backpackers' workers fetched us and took us back to the place we were gonna stay that nite. Very nice people I tell you. The room was very cosy and comfy at the rate of rm48 per room. That nite we went shopping around the city and exchanged RM for NZD. So bad lah the guy didn't want to give a higher rate, even after we'd bargained! Besides that, we did shop for bracelets and pearls at the Filipino Market as well.. So many things to be done, too little time!

pearls.. and more pearls..

brekkie at coffee bean, brunei airport

On the following day, we took the flight to Brunei, transitted there for about 4 hours (!). OMG! I was dead bored! And we din even have Brunei dollars that we need to swipe! That was funny, and desperate, of course.. hehe.. Next, our journey southward began. We stopped by in Brisbane for a while (yeah, i noe! many transits aite??) before proceeding with our journey to Auckland. We arrived at about 3 in the morning and slept on the benches. I could not sleep well, of course, I mean.. who can?? Someone poked me at my collarbone and I instantly woke up. A large Maori/Samoan gestured vaguely to me to move away. How rude! I mean, she could have asked nicely!

A few hours later, we took another flight to Wellington. Oh Wellington sweet Wellington! I really miss you! The crazy wind was shocking as usual, I simply couldn't stand it that I need to wear layers of clothes! Thank god Auntie and Alia came to the rescue and took us home.

uuu yeah.. finally back in wellington, d windy city

We were so tired that we slept all day long. We spent the next few days going to and fro from Churton Park to the city. We shopped like there's no tomorrow! I dunno how much money have we spent this time 'round! Basically we shopped for chocolates and souvenirs for people back home. We went to see Jonathan as well at uni. He had been an absolute gem last time - we couldn't have managed without him! He belanja us chilli hot chocolate, which tasted funny and yummy at the same time. We walked the university ground and reminisced about the good old times we used to have then.. heh suddenly I sound like an old lady pulak!

weee..!! am so happy to be back, i jumped

in front of hunter building, vic uni

Anways, shit happened when you least expected it. We had some troubles with the arrangement of the academic dress. In the letter from the department, our ceremony was due to be on Wednesday, so I could take it like 2 days earlier or sumthin. However, in the official letter from the graduation office, mine was due on Friday instead and I could only take the dress on Wednesday! What a confusion! After all the hassle, we managed to sort things out and it was confirmed that we could take the dress on Wednesday. Pheewwww..!!

Skip, skip.

On Thursday afternoon, we walked our way down Lambton Quay towards Michael Fowler Centre, where the graduation will be held. It was quite an experience! I felt like a superstar waving and smiling to the crowds nearby hehe.. The boys came in a little later so we had to wait for em to finally hold our bags and capture us at our so-called Hollywood-walk-of-fame parade. Thanks guys! I dunno how many pictures we'd taken on that day, but I'm sure we got heaps!

our so-called Hollywood Walk of Fame; we call it the Graduation Parade :p

errr.. roses among thorns? ha-ha

Our graduation ceremony was not due until Friday afternoon. Our guests were late, mind you! Yes, it was a great pleasure having em but we actually had a briefing to go to before it begun (we needed to wait for em in order to give em the guest tix). Sorry for kinda urging you people to hurry. Hope everyone would understand our predicament at that time ya :)

Graduation Ceremony @ Michael Fowler Centre

All in all, our graduation had been a smooth one.. one dat will always be remembered! Thanx to all the lecturers who have guided us to where we are right now.. we are very grateful to you! I hope there will come a time where we will be able to meet and work with you again..

Paul Nation, Paul Warren, Angah, Jonathan Newton, me, Janet Holmes, Meredith Marra

And girlssss.. thanx heaps for being there!! *xoxo*

Alia, Angah, Jenny, Min, Adik, me

Heh, did I mention that instead of going back to Auckland in the afternoon we actually changed the ticket to the night's one? Crazy, but it was all worth it! Thanks Auntie for everything! We had such a great time touring around the Hutt Valley.. and dat trip to Harvey Norman too! Hehe.. the pictures were great and I regretted for not bringing the whole cd wif me! Silly, silly me.

one-way journey to the blues wowowo

Anyhu, we arrived at the Auckland Airport at about 11pm, slept at i-myself-dunno-where and woke up to find it was time to check in for our journey back home.. I'll indeed miss New Zealand and all the good times we used to have there.. till we meet again, 'Aotearoa'!

on the horizon

Reaching KK at about 10 at night, we couldn't help falling asleep as soon as our heads touched the pillows at the backpackers.. No matter how tiring the journey was, I'm glad that we managed to go to NZ and come back safely.. alhamdulillah..

I can't believe tomorrow's school already!! tsk tsk (T_T)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

what the... ?%&**#@

bugger it! i got my first parking ticket ever today! so bad lah
am never ever gonna go to tamu on weekends again
these traffic cops really know how to make money eh

as we all noe during the weekends many people go out to town to shop
that's when they take the opportunity to issue parking tickets to those who park illegally due to unavailable parking space

what annoys me the most was when other cars who parked at the same place i did, did not get any tix!! (heyyy i noe lah my car is nuuuu!!)

Friday, May 2, 2008

girls night out (g.n.o)

us girls we went out juz now to watch iron man
nice movie! a must-watch!
unless you aren't into action-packed and techie-type movies!

anyhu, afta dat we went for dinner at champs, juz next to the cinema
was my first time here btw
the food can be considered as okay lah
but i guess they really need to improve on their service!
was kinda lousy and the waiters/waitresses were not dat friendly
if you can't start acting nicer to your customers,
consider quitting your attempt to go further in the customer service department, mind you!


girls, girls, girls

moi meal for the nite, chicken chop.. trust me, its look is nicer than the taste itself!

alya's multiple attempts to get the salt out of the container.. but to no avail! kasian