Friday, March 26, 2010

TGIF?? I Don't Think So!

I feel very very tired and exhausted these few days.. I'm off to work as early as 6.30 in the morning and usually come back home around 4 or 5 in the evening.. As a result, I've skipped gym a few times already and that's not good (coz it's not free!! lol). I'm sleepy most of the time I can hardly concentrate on things.. My stomach feels bloated and I have back pain.. These could be early signs of PMS or.. err.. was it something else?? I just don't know. Whatever it is, I hope the feeling of uneasiness will go away very soon coz I simply have a lot of work and tasks to be settled these few weeks before the mid-term holidays!! Well, you know how it is.. tests, exams, meetings, drama practice and whatnot..

And it's gonna be a working weekend tomorrow! The school's organizing the annual Prefects' Camp and I'm involved. And not to mention, I've just received a calling letter for a meeting at the PPD later today.. I mean.. of all daysssss! Gosh, could it be any worse?

Oh well, there goes my dream of lying in bed with my iPod, daydreaming and doing basically nothing! :p

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Just A Sham

My oh my, I just can't wait to get rid of that person from my life.. Seriously! I wish that moment will come soon. She's really getting on my nerves even when there's zero communication between us now. I think she must have gotten some mental problems coz it seems as if her life is gonna be incomplete if there's such a day she doesn't annoy and irritate other people. Puh-lease.. as if I don't have enough drama in my life already.

Tell me, woman, when will you ever learn that there are people out there somewhere who are wayyy better than you?? I just don't understand why you need to brag about how wonderful you are, how intelligent you are, how rich your husband is or how much money you have blah blah blah.. Maybe you can fool other people, but not me. I've known you well enough to know that all those cosmetic pretence are purely out of your own personal insecurity. You're just being egocentric, making you always need to be number 1. There's nothing about it is true or that great anyway.

Well, maybe that IS the reason why we're no longer friends: I am fed up with your amiable facade when deep inside you're a deeply unpleasant person.. All my trust's been spent. So, save your empty promises, they're all in vain.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Quickie

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lot of people do not update their blogs, FB pages or other social networking websites (Twitter is an exception, of course) during weekends and ESPECIALLY the holidays.. so why should I?? Ha-ha. Well, this is just a short entry to say hi to my blog (and other people's) after about a week-long vacation/honeymoon in B.A.L.I =)

There are several more updates to come, till then!

Tanah Lot, Bali

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cool Retreat

I just love Fraser's Hill.. Standing at 1500 metres above sea level, it offers a cool retreat from the heat and humidity of the lowlands. The temperature can get as low as 18 degrees there! Brrrrrrrr!!

Well, Hubby and I got the chance to explore the highland last February and it was awesome! The area is free from the hustle and bustle of the city and is surrounded by lush greenery and hillsides rich with flora and fauna, all eagerly waiting to be discovered and explored.

The clock tower
Us, getting all lovey-dovey :p

The small town itself has plenty to offer, including fabulous views of the Titiwangsa Range, walking tracks, hiking trails, waterfalls, historic buildings, bungalows, a golf-course, a bird-watching station, nurseries, a man-made lake, shops and eateries, and a paddock where visitors can go horse-riding and archery. However, there's one major annoyance: the road leading up to the hill is perilous, winding and only carries one-way traffic (a one-way up and one-way down road system). Also, the accommodations there are pretty old and in need of a makeover. Apart from that, it seems to be a perfect place for retreats and getaways.

Allan's Water


Horseback riding

Hubby showing off his archery skills

So if you ever need a break, do consider cool, breezy and quiet Fraser's Hill.. You'll never regret it! ;)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Feel What I Feel?

Does it feel awkward for you to actually speak with someone you're mad at? I think it does, for me at least. Maybe it's mainly caused by my moody and temperamental personality. Well, you know how it is. Our moods change like the weather. One day we're okay and the next we're not, and you never know why. For some, it makes life much harder than it needs to be. Don't ask me, I don't even know why either. (maybe coz I have high expectations? hmm...)

The thing is, when I'm mad at someone, I tend to give them the cold shoulder and silent treatment every time the relationship/friendship hits a bump in the road. I'm not really the type who actually lash out easily. And I don't believe I'm that calm and composed either. Maybe most of the time it's because I don't know how to react to the situation or how to respond appropriately when I'm actually mad. I'll be some sort of speechless and at loss for words that I prefer to remain silent instead.

Okay, so I might overreact just a bit, not if I can help it! The reaction seems almost natural. Someone says/does something... I don't like it or not comfortable with it... So I get upset... one minute I'll be ecstatic, loving, warm, friendly... then my mood flips so I'm irritable, sad, cold, aloof and suddenly it's me against the world... Of course I try to stay relaxed for the entire day but at times I start thinking about certain things in which leads me to thinking of other things and end up accidentally feeling depressed. That's just the way it is for now, but I believe things will change eventually.

I think it's normal to have fluctuations in mood from time to time... so I really feel sorry for the people around me when I'm all moody and snappy... Maybe I DO need to go to bed and sleep... Lack of sleep messes me up. Also, I think I must learn NOT to overreact to criticism.

YES! Aida must learn not to overreact to criticism... Aida must learn not to overreact to criticism... Aida must learn not to overreact to criticism... *chanting incessantly*

So... how often do you have mood swings?? And how do you deal with it??

p/s: Took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II Test and it turned out that I'm an Artisan.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Is Me

I don't fully believe in much of this star sign stuff, but I have to admit that this description (with own illustration haha) of my star sign seems spot-on.


Sagittarius The Archer (sama tak?? hihi.. )

A tall slim and graceful (...NOT! haha) woman who walks proudly like she is walking in a beauty pageant competition. If she slips or nearly falls, she will nicely cover it up (of course! watpe nak malu kan?) and continue with her graceful and impressive walking steps. She knows how to use make up to enhance her beauty. She looks at the world positively (yep, that's me alright!), so her face always seems so happy. She will not get upset easily.

A self confident woman who believes in her own style. She will not follow fashion, but stand in between simplicity and too modern (apart from those dresses and make-ups, I'm still a tee-and-jeans girl at heart).

Fashionable ke?? Bwekkk :p

I'm all geared up!

She is very open-minded, sometimes can be too blunt (not if I can help it! lol). She is an honest person and never try to cause troubles for anyone. She likes to say something that you do not want to hear and yet she can say something so pleasing at the same time. For xample she may say “I wish you could make more money, so you could afford better clothes, but anyway it is better this way. If you make more money you could be thinking of money too much and become greedy”. She can say such thing and make you wonder if you should get upset or love her more.

She is also free-spirited and does not like to stay home (at times, yes). She likes to be protected, but not to be given orders (I agree 100%! I don't like/want to be controlled!). She has no respect for weak men. If she tries to overpower you, then you have to calm her down and try to control her to be in a limit by doing the same thing too. She will listen if she respects you. She likes to be herself and likes her guy to be himself too (come as you are, bebeh!).


She is a no nonsense woman (don't play-play ahhh!), so you will not hear she says ” Guess what I will do next”, or “Guess what I am thinking” because she always says what she is thinking out loud like a guy. If you do not understand her in this matter, you could easily break up with her. She sees problems in her love life as another funny story.

She is clumsy (waaa.. so true.. I dunno how many times I've accidentally done this and that!) and it is in her nature. You may think it is cute, but for some neat guys this could be so unbearable. She is very friendly (errr, you mean, like, 'talkative'? hahaha) , so she can easily turn her enemy to be her friends. She has good taste in fine clothes, good food, first class and first services. Even a poor woman in this Zodiac will struggle to afford such good taste. She could spend lots of money as if she can not understand how difficult it is to make money. (ouch, that's gotta hurt.. blame the spendthrift/shopaholic spirit that is possessing me!)

Err.. errr.. these are not mine.. these are only props! (read: denial)

She is a paranoid. If she thinks you like her, she may already think about getting married and losing her freedom and so on. A jolly woman who loves sports. She is an ordinary woman who could dress like a tomboy (used to be one when I was young, teehee). She has more guy friends (ya kan?? guess it's coz I feel more comfortable around them - but girls know best!) and sometimes could act like one of them. She does not care about rumors, so she can get home very late and couldn’t care less what her neighbours will gossip about her. She thinks either good or bad, you will know it yourself , so you should not bother about what other people think. (I could not agree more! the more you think about what people say about you, the more you feel stressed out!)

Say no to worries.. and be more zen about everything! Peace~

Her wit and innocent look (haha.. is that so??) are her charms. She is often hurt by love, but never afraid to look for a new one as if she is singing “Do that to me one more time”. She likes going straight and being straight forward. She will not go around to get what she wants, or beat around the bush just to say something (yes, I AM that forthright). If you meet her and tell her straight what you think, she will admire you.

What sign are you, really?

p/s: Excessive vanity!! :p

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Movies, Anyone?

It seems ages since I last watched any Japanese dramas/movies (and that could be when I was still doing my undergrad studies!). But thanks to Eimy who introduced me to MySoju, I'm beginning to watch 'em once more, this time, ONLINE! There's a long list of Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese dramas and movies in the website, old and new, so take your pick to suit your liking!

Dramas can go on way too long so I watched movies instead. My first pick was the ever emotional family drama "1 Litre of Tears". Surely you will accumulate one litre of tears (or more!) at the end of the movie eventually, no kidding! Haha.

Anyhu, this inspiring movie is based on the real-life struggles of a girl named Aya who suffered from an incurable disease (quote: "spinocerebellar degeneration - a terrible disease where the cerebellum of the brain gradually deteriorates to the point where the victim cannot walk, speak, write, or eat"), but lived life to the fullest until she died at the age of 25. I'm so revered with her determination and strong-willed personality. She hardly gave up on her fate and kept going strong with the support of her friends and family. You go, girl!

Next, I chose to watch Cyborg Girl, and though I've never heard of it before, it's surprisingly super nice! The movie is an intelligent combo of romance, comedy, action and sci-fi led by Haruka Ayase and Keisuke Koide and it's something like Terminator meets The Time Traveller's Wife, if you ask me.

"He's a bad man, he doesn't like me anymore.. Because I eat too much and I act crazy. I'm very jealous, he said. At first he didn't mind but he said I punch him too hard." - Cyborg Girl

Basically, this highly entertaining movie revolves around a geek's mundane and uninteresting life, until he met a cute cyborg from the future with super powers who's out to save his life. Gradually he started falling in love with her but being a robot, she had no emotions whatsoever though she kinda liked him in a way. The CGI effects - especially the earthquake and Tokyo destruction are quite admirable. This movie got me hooked from the start. Things do get a bit melodramatic at times and I must say I like the ending (I wept, okay!!), it was a nice twist. It's true when they say, love knows no boundaries! Also, I must add that all the songs in this movie are awesome! Totally recommended!

p/s: What's next?? Teehee.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Last week had been all busy, busy, busy.. There were a lot of things to attend to - classes, drama audition, CNY celebration, co-curricular activities, badminton tournament, Scout's Camp, tuition etc. etc. And I'd never felt so damn tired in a week! I need more holidays!! (well, to be frank there's one is two-weeks time heeee)

The audition was okay, but I was quite disappointed as only a few turned up despite the long list of names given earlier this year. The existing members were very helpful and I can't thank them enough for making this happen though some of the Form Fivers are not joining this year's drama. I heard from Lat that there'll be no state level competition this year due to JPN's budget constraint so we're still considering whether or not to join the district level competition organized by St Cecilia. After all, we're still editting the script that we're gonna use. I was made to understand that the competition is gonna be held at the end of next month. Will we have enough time to practice??

Apart from that, there was CNY celebration in our school last Thursday and it was alright, not magnificent, but simply alright. As usual, we had drama, lucky draws, choir and modern dance. But what is CNY without the Lion Dance? Everyone applauded the cute beast as it went up the poles, jumped here and there just to retrieve a bouquet of flower hanged at the bottom corner. They might as well take off their costumes and the huge lion head to do so, but that wouldn't be so much fun eh?

The hosts
Lucky draw
Officiating ceremony
Modern dance
Traditional dance
The Best-Dressed Award goes to.. Tseu
Isn't it adorable?? ♥

On Saturday, the Badminton Club and Social Club had co-organized a badminton tournament for the teachers. Too bad only a few teachers (mostly male) turned up to play. Tsk tsk. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time with Laurence, Akma and the rest of the students throughout the day. I was paired with one of the committee members and we only managed to win the third place, unlike two years ago when we won the women's double. Better luck next time!

Ni gaya je lebih padahal kalah :p
Aidalicious in action ;)
I ruined my favourite Adidas sport shoes.. :(
It's time to get a new pair! :)
Power couple in action heehee
Good job, everyone! Let's do it again!

Also, I was invited by my colleague-cum-friend to be one of the judges for the Scout's Camp's Cultural Night and I said yes. Now I can imagine the torture that Simon, Kara, Randy and Ellen had to go through in American Idol every time! Haha, now I'm exaggerating. Well, the show was okay but became monotonous after a while. Their mini-dramas lasted less than 5 minutes, leaving us clueless and dumbfounded by its simplicity. Some of them sang loud, off key and out of tune and it isn't always a bad thing.. Why? It keeps us entertained all the way, I must say! We just couldn't stop laughing.. it was so hilarious! Haha.. hahahahahahahaha.. Anyhu, I must compliment the boys as the Bonfire Night was a great success!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Extra Mile

Would you go to great lengths or travel a distance just to gratify your food cravings??

I would (heee why am I not surprised? LOL).

Well, It's hard to say no when the
taste and the flavor of the dish is sooo alluring that the chance of stopping or ignoring is out of question! I mean, would you trade these for anything?? (took the long route home just now just to get these okie.. tiba-tiba teringin):

Nasi Dagang with Ikan Kayu

Chicken Wings

This brings back some really amusing-yet-wonderful memories when Hubby and I felt like eating seafood out of the blue and that there's only one place that we had in mind: Anjung Batu... IN MALACCA! Adoiii.. tak jauh langsung!
Sitting down for a fresh seafood meal has become a quintessential part of life for many, but frankly speaking, there's no other place we'd go to devour scrumptious seafood every time we go to Malacca (coz in Sandakan we have Ocean King yum yumm), it's just gotta be that very restaurant (now that I've mentioned it, I forgot its name hahaha)! It's always packed especially at dinner time. We were among the earliest to get there but we got our meal only after one hour or so! Dashyat tak dashyat.. nasib baik sedap! If my memory serves me right, on that day we took turns to drive back to KL just because we indulged in far too much seafood than we should! (kes terlebih makan la ni.. padahal Malacca-KL is like one-and-a-half-hour away jer~) Hahahahahhaa.. But looking at these pictures, all I know it was worth it all.. =)

Hubby khusyuknya makan, he din even look at the camera! lol

p/s: There goes my two hours of vigorous gym session! ;p