Saturday, March 6, 2010


Last week had been all busy, busy, busy.. There were a lot of things to attend to - classes, drama audition, CNY celebration, co-curricular activities, badminton tournament, Scout's Camp, tuition etc. etc. And I'd never felt so damn tired in a week! I need more holidays!! (well, to be frank there's one is two-weeks time heeee)

The audition was okay, but I was quite disappointed as only a few turned up despite the long list of names given earlier this year. The existing members were very helpful and I can't thank them enough for making this happen though some of the Form Fivers are not joining this year's drama. I heard from Lat that there'll be no state level competition this year due to JPN's budget constraint so we're still considering whether or not to join the district level competition organized by St Cecilia. After all, we're still editting the script that we're gonna use. I was made to understand that the competition is gonna be held at the end of next month. Will we have enough time to practice??

Apart from that, there was CNY celebration in our school last Thursday and it was alright, not magnificent, but simply alright. As usual, we had drama, lucky draws, choir and modern dance. But what is CNY without the Lion Dance? Everyone applauded the cute beast as it went up the poles, jumped here and there just to retrieve a bouquet of flower hanged at the bottom corner. They might as well take off their costumes and the huge lion head to do so, but that wouldn't be so much fun eh?

The hosts
Lucky draw
Officiating ceremony
Modern dance
Traditional dance
The Best-Dressed Award goes to.. Tseu
Isn't it adorable?? ♥

On Saturday, the Badminton Club and Social Club had co-organized a badminton tournament for the teachers. Too bad only a few teachers (mostly male) turned up to play. Tsk tsk. Nevertheless, I had a wonderful time with Laurence, Akma and the rest of the students throughout the day. I was paired with one of the committee members and we only managed to win the third place, unlike two years ago when we won the women's double. Better luck next time!

Ni gaya je lebih padahal kalah :p
Aidalicious in action ;)
I ruined my favourite Adidas sport shoes.. :(
It's time to get a new pair! :)
Power couple in action heehee
Good job, everyone! Let's do it again!

Also, I was invited by my colleague-cum-friend to be one of the judges for the Scout's Camp's Cultural Night and I said yes. Now I can imagine the torture that Simon, Kara, Randy and Ellen had to go through in American Idol every time! Haha, now I'm exaggerating. Well, the show was okay but became monotonous after a while. Their mini-dramas lasted less than 5 minutes, leaving us clueless and dumbfounded by its simplicity. Some of them sang loud, off key and out of tune and it isn't always a bad thing.. Why? It keeps us entertained all the way, I must say! We just couldn't stop laughing.. it was so hilarious! Haha.. hahahahahahahaha.. Anyhu, I must compliment the boys as the Bonfire Night was a great success!

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