Wednesday, September 30, 2009


.......... AGAIN! For the umptieth time, it's happening again. OMG! I dunno how long this situation is gonna last for I'm totally fed-up of leaving the office to an electricity-less home when all you want after a hard day's work is a well-earned restful evening at home! Yesterday, it happened in the afternoon and tonight, from dusk till just now. And to think that I have to eat Honeystars with milk for dinner just because I can't cook by candlelight...?! It's simply too much.

As far as I could remember, no such thing has ever happened in West Malaysia. I mean, there could be one or two temporary power shortages/outages in a year but since I come to and live in Sandakan, it happens almost on daily basis (it's true)!! Okay, I may complain without checking out the facts (the cause blah blah blah), but I simply don't care.. I just hope that SESB (Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd., yep, not TNB) can figure out what's wrong and fix it soonish before the whole Sabahans start to rebel! Hmmmpphhh!!

So far there seems to be no end to this problem.. do you think it's possible for TNB to take over SESB?? Will it make things better? I'm not too sure myself. Well, by now Sandakan must be the city with the most frequent power outage
in the world! :p

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food, Glorious Food!

**Warning: contains heaps and heaps of photos

: Breaking fast
Date & Venue: 15th Sept 09/Sabah Hotel, Sandakan
Menu: A'la Thai

Assam laksa
Satay, lemang and fish fillet with Thai sauceSagu Gula Melaka.. yummy!WatermelonBooked under my name.. notice the 'Cik'? lol

Event: Breaking fast
Date & Venue: 17th Sept 09/D'Palm Grill and Steakhouse, Bandar Indah
Menu: Western

*pics are of low quality as they were taken using camera phoneHaven't seen this woman for many weeks since she went for the Induksi course
what she ate - Baked Corn ChickenWhat I ate - Black Pepper Rib-eye SteakFull and contented.. cheerss!


great speech.. truly inspiring

tokens from Kelab Sosial

One of the backbones of Sung Siew has finally found her calling i.e. First Senior Assistant at SMK Convent St. Cecilia. Of course it's such a great loss to the school as she is one of the most hardworking, committed and dedicated teachers I've ever known throughout my teaching years. She's also friendly and helpful, willing to help with you with anything, especially the ones related to computers and data. She's very understanding too, I rarely find her mad at anybody for nothing. One of my closest 'neighbours' in the staff room, it feels funny looking at the empty space now. And I must say that her speech during the assembly that day was truly inspiring and I hope everyone would feel the same way too. So, Mdm. Chong Fui Ha.. all the best in your future undertakings. We will surely miss you! :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raya! Raya!

Raya 2009:

Baju raya for hubby and me. Check.

Baju raya for Mum. Check.

Baju raya for Dad and bros. Check.

Tudung and shawls. Check. (still need 1 more, though)

Brooches for Mum and me. Check.

Kuih raya and tidbits for family. Check.

Kuih raya and tidbits for the in-laws. Check.

Kasut raya.. just use existing ones. Check.

Kad raya.. din send any this year except for e-cards. (Welcome, modernisation!). Check.

Duit raya@angpow.. on the way. It's double for this year.. adoiiii!!

Is there anything else I've missed out? Hmm..

Well, I guess that's it. I think I'm all geared up for Raya.. so come soon, Raya! (the only thing I can't change is the fact that I'll be back in KL only on Saturday noon.. huhuhuhu)

p/s: I went shopping the whole day yesterday and managed to settle the preparation for Raya this year. Came back just in time to break fast, got too tired that I slept the whole night! So much for Raya, eh? lol! Btw, Happy 25th Birthday, Baya!! xoxo

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday morning, something kinda shitty happened on my way to school. I mean, of all days!! I was driving as usual and there was this green Wira in front of me. I realised that the Wira's third brake light is not functioning. So I kept a distance, y'know, just in case.

As we were driving downhill, I did NOT, in any possible way, expect that the driver (it's a he btw) was gonna stop at the junction abruptly, coz it seemed like he was so-called kind enough to give way to the other driver to make a turn at the junction. But the other driver stopped to give way to us because we're not supposed to stop - I mean, how can you stop suddenly in the middle of the road, especially NOT when your third brake light is not functioning?!!

So, yeah, I DID bump into the Wira unfortunately, and I truly knew that it wasn't my mistake (usually if you bump into another car, you're at fault). The driver came out and checked his rear bumper then quickly went inside the car and drove away. I checked my front bumper and luckily nothing happened except for a few dents. Damn that driver. But I also realised that we're both going to be fined if we report this to the police - I bumped into him and that his third brake lights wasn't working. I still feel irritated with the driver till today, though. I mean, accidents like this or even worse happen everyday yet this driver didn't even seem to care about what happened to me, or other drivers, except his car. He's gonna put more lives in danger if he doesn't fix the fucking lights soonish.

One thing for sure, I can forgive.. but I never forget. WATCH OUT:

Green Wira - SS1751K

p/s: Sandakan experienced blackout for more than 5 hours yesterday.. ouch!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Holiday Updates

Ha-ha. I din realise that I have been abandoning my personal blog for other things (mostly Facebook, not really because I'm occupied with fantastic holiday plans, ha-ha). Well, blog, here I am!

To be frank there's nothing much to update. During the one-week hols I'd done a lot of lounging around doing basically nothing but expanding waistlines and shrinking my bank accounts (too much shopping! lol). Hubby is working so most of the time I'd be home alone accompanied by our cat, my humble and loyal laptop and kononnya super-fast internet service. Not much house work to be done anyway so I'm left with loads of free time on my hands. Sometimes I'd read books - I'd finished one out of the two novels I bought the other day at MPH. Will update on that later. In the evening I'll be cooking for break-fasting, mostly simple dishes since there's just the two of us. Oh, I really miss cooking in Wellington with the girls.. I wish I could turn back time!!

Teddy, who loves to be pampered, given food and left alone to take her nap

Sometimes I feel like hanging out with friends but too bad most of them are working and not a teacher like me. Plus, it's the fasting month so people are usually busy with something else or just too tired to hang out. So, sometimes I end up roaming and raiding the malls on my own (thanks to hubby's ride, I can move around easily - just not used to not having any transportation hehe). Sounds pathetic, I know. But it is not THAT bad after all. I still enjoy the privacy of it all. The funny thing is, I'll park as near as possible to the mall so that I don't have to walk so far with the shopping bags! After all, no one is gonna help me to carry 'em *huhu*

At the beginning of the hols, Hubby and I managed to escape the hectic KL to stunning Penang for a short (romantic :p) getaway. It was a decision out of pure spontaneity and we loved every second of it. There seems to be a lot of development especially in the city area I find it hard to get my bearings right (used to go to Penang a lot when I was little). We'd decided to stay at Hydro Majestic Hotel in Batu Feringghi where it is close to the beach. The room is great, the service is awesome, the facilities are well-kept and the view is magnificent! Totally recommended! We even had food sent to our room at 5 in the morning due to the fasting month since the normal complimentary breakfast is totally out of the question.. so, literally, we did, for the first time ever, have breakfast in bed *lol*

(click on the pic below to see more pics@my Flickr)
Btw, on Saturday (the first day of Ramadhan), I had received the sad news that my uncle had passed away. Hubby and my bro skipped work and I cancelled my date with Huda and together we rushed back to Teluk Intan for his funeral. We arrived a lil bit too late but hubby and bro managed to go to the cemetery to pay their last respect. This uncle was my mom's brother and indeed, it was a great loss to everyone. He had always been helpful, caring and loving though he din really show it. But we adore and love him all the same. May you rest in peace wherever you are, Ayahwa. God bless you. Al-Fatihah.

Also, last Friday, we had invited close friends and family to come to our house in Puchong for break-fasting and I had prepared tonnes of delicious Western food to feed those hungry monsters (ha-ha, kidding). Too bad that a lot of people couldn't make it that day. It's okay, it was a last-minute thing after all. Next time, maybe?

(click on the pic below to see more pics@my Flickr)
Clockwise: steamed veggies, corn hob, mashed potato, salmon strip, mixed fruits macaroni

So there you go, a full-fledged report on the last hols. And I just can't wait for the upcoming Raya hols which is just around the corner! (but first, work and more work, duh)

Till then :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I feel so alone, lonely and everything along those lines. Empty. Hollow. I just hope that things will be okay again. I don't like this feeling at all. It seems to be worsening with each passing days. It makes me go crazy deep inside even though I did not show it. Who would've guessed anyway?? But yeah, I dunno how long can I hold it.. I just hope that I'll be strong enough to face the bits and pieces of my hectic life on my own.. I find it hard to even fake that smile anymore.

I could go on. But it all equates to the same thing.. futility. Maybe these invisible tears suppressed at my very core will not be so invisible anymore anytime soon? *sigh*

P/s: I need a BIG bear hug.


MAD by Ne-yo

She’s staring at me, I’m sitting wondering what she’s thinking
Ummm Nobody’s talking cause’ talking just turns into screaming
And now yes I’m yelling over her, she yelling over me,
All that that means is neither of us are listening,
And what’s even worse, that we don’t even remember why we’re fighting

So both of us are mad for nothing, (fighting for), nothing, (crying for), nothing, (oohh)
When we won’t let it go for nothing, (come back for) nothing,
It should be nothing to a love like what we got oh baby

CHORUS: I know some times it’s gonna rain,
But baby can we make up now
cause’ I can’t sleep through the pain (can’t sleep through the pain)
Girl I don’t want to go to bed, mad at you
and I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me
No I don’t want to go to bed mad at you
And I don’t want you to go to bed, mad at me (oh noo)

And it gets me upset girl when you’re constantly accusing
(asking questions like you already know)
Hey we’re fighting this war when both of us are losing
(This ain’t the way that love is supposed to go, whatever happened to working it out?)
We fall into this place where you ain’t backing down, and I Ain’t backing down,
So what the hell do we do now?

So both of us are mad for nothing, (fighting for), nothing, (crying for), nothing, (oohh)
When we won’t let it go for nothing, (come back for) nothing,
It should be nothing to a love like what we got oh baby


Oh baby this love ain’t gone be perfect (Perfect, perfect oh no)
And just how good it’s gonna be
We can fuss and we can fight long
As everything is alright between us before we go to sleep…

Baby we’re gonna be…

P/s: For some reasons, this song keeps lingering in mind these few days I dunno why...
I specially like the line "what happened to working it out?".. true, very very true..

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Happy birthday!

You mean everything to me..
I love you..
Have a day as special as you are! xoxo

I miss you...

p/s: Happy 17th birthday to my student, Berenica, as well! Have a blast! :)