Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hit 'em up style

Juz now I was busy supervising for the Badminton Club Interclass Tournament at Tadika Chi Hwa Hall. The committee was doin all the work, but us teachers, we need to be there to supervise as the activity was held outside school. Many students turned up for the games. Dats gewd!! Sum of em play quite well, too.. double gewd!! I regret for not bringing over my badminton racquet since it has been a while since I played the game. I brought over some exam papers to be marked instead! I felt like a fool sitting there juz staring at em playing ahaha.. But, what more could I do?? My job there WAS to supervise!!

Dang, it rained heavily ryte after Lam and I finished our shift!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Merrymaking

Today we had the Chinese New Year celebration at school. 
The performances include singing, dancing and acting (the usual)..

The one great thing I love about CNY is being able to watch the dragon dance and lion dance!

The dragon dance was fun but it was kinda too long..
 thus making me yawn out of sheer boredom..

Howeverrrrrr.. the lion dance was very, very nice (and I must add, CUTE!!). It tried to jump between 3-feet-tall poles and pretended to be all scared and frightened! Check out the vid~

Thumbs up for the great show!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Excursion

I rejoiced at the thought of reuniting wif my friends who are teaching nearby, either in Sandakan or Tawau or Semporna.. They were here a few days back and we had a hell loadsa fun, I can guarantee dat! We toured the town, went for makan and movies.. shopping, cooking delicious meals and many more.. you name it!

On Friday, we acted as animal lovers when we visited our reptile friends at Sandakan Crocodile Farm and also human closest relatives; the orang-utans at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in Mile 14.

At Sandakan Crocodile Farm, we managed to stay up until the the crocodile show began. Eeeuuuwww!! There were so many crocs over there, and they stank like hell.. making me wanna puke right on the spot.. I dun think the place is safe either.. Imagine walking on the dilapidated bridge on top of where the crocs are lying lazily.. Maybe patiently waiting for their food............ 

I finally set foot in Sepilok. The view over there is simply breathtaking. It's good to be back to the nature. Many peep were there to actually see orang-utans in action hehe.. Sum of em were really good at attention seeking. They pose for you and do funny things to get your attention, and I think that was kinda cute hehe..

At the end of the day, we reached Sandakan Town feeling very, very exhausted wif the excursion but at the same time enjoying ourselves. All of my friends left Sandakan for their respective homes by the end of the week.. Thanx for coming here, peep! Hope to see you around again!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


We've decided to finally move out from the flat. I can't imagine staying there for a long period either (though am soooo gonna miss its 6kg automatic washing machine!! ahahaha..). Yes, the house is great, fully-furnished and cheap.. But the surroundings.. euwww.. try to imagine those PKNS flats in Shah Alam (no offense!).. ring a bell?? Plus, there are only 2 rooms and a toilet to accommodate us 4.. Dats kinda congested, ain't it?

Loads have happened lately too.. If we cannot have the world to agree with anything that we say or do.. I reckon this decision is the next best thing!

So, here we go now! Heavily laden wif mostly nonsensical stuff (hehe), we make a move to Amy's apartment and hope to find our very own place soon.. This nomadic lifestyle ain't really my cup of tea, mind you!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Latest addition to my perfume collection

I juz bought dis cute-and-beautiful-looking perfume from Body Shop. Guess I was attracted to its light, musky, fruity-floral scent. It's passionate. Sweet. Inviting.

I found out sumwhere that the fragrance notes include cinnamon, mandarin orange, apple and bergamot; middle notes are white violet, lily, freesia, rose hip and peach; base notes are sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla. You should smell it! It really is nice! One thing I like about Body Shop fragrances is that they are purse-sized and easy to be carried around. I wonder what's new in store...