Wednesday, June 27, 2012

OOpps.. Kantoi Sudah

Sekarang ni kecoh pasal Norish Karman, one of the most talented actresses in Malaysia, lahirkan anak luar nikah. Dia ni satu masa low profile je lepas kawen tapi start buat kontroversi bila bercerai, rebut hak penjagaan anak, ada secret affair dengan abang Farahdhiya yang boleh tahan hensem jugak, dan tak lupa rumours mengatakan dia 'bersembunyi' di Bali sebab nak sorokkan kandungan anak luar nikah dia. But of course la dia nafikan. Maklumkan janda kan.. tak remarry pulak tu. 

Tapi dengan tersebarnya gambar-gambar wanita rupa seakan Norish, nama sebenar dan tarikh lahir pun sama dan nama anak pun berbinkan Abdullah, boleh nafikan lagi ke? Well, maybe boleh lagi. Tapi kan, siap ada gambar anak dia with the ex-husband. Siap sengih happy dapat adik baru. Ape cerr?? 

credit to RotiKaya
sama kan muka gambar atas dengan yang paling kiri tu? credit to MediaHiburan

Wallahualam, entah betul atau tidak. Tapi kalau betul, moga jadi iktibar pada semua. Norish tanak tampilkan diri jelaskan gosip ini ke? Malaysia ni tak besar mana.. pusing-pusing kat situ juga. Jangan sampai masyarakat pandang serong kat awak pulak.

p/s: Dunia akhir zaman..

Wordless Wednesday - Sh!t

Do you think you can escape this one? I don't think so.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ginger Anger

I had a bad shopping experience today. Look at this:

And this:

What's the similarity between them? Both bags contain gingers BUT only one is mine, which means I ended up paying 90 cents more - not that I care anyway, cumanya that's the whole reason why I only took a few - I don't need much of it sebab takut busuk! The thing is, dah balik rumah baru perasan ada dua beg halia.. how can that be?? 

Well, I could come up with several possibilities:
  1. Someone silap letak in my trolley; or
  2. Cashier silap scan customer depan aku punye, coz seriously aku tak perasan langsung;
...atau yang paling menyakitkan hati (kalau betul laaa):


Grrr! Apa nak buat with the extra ginger roots ni??

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Love is... on the road?

When driving, benda paling tak best ialah waktu berenti kat traffic light... simply because we all hate waiting. Tapi, what if the red light looks like this?

I spotted this one in Bukit Jalil area. Comel kan? At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me (esp. when I was driving alone at that time) but 2, 3 kali tengok it truly is real. Tetiba terus excited. My friend said itu peringatan untuk kita 'stop' di traffic light dan 'ingat orang yang tersayang' bila driving heheheh

p/s: Ada sesapa pernah jumpa red light bentuk love ni kat tempat lain?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Mother's Love

I was really touched by this heartbreaking story. Such an amazing reminder for us to love and appreciate our mother before it's a little too late. I seriously feel like hugging my mom right now... PLEASE READ

Click image to enlarge

Ma, although we don't always see eye to eye on a lot of things, I couldn't ask for a better mother.. Please ampunkan dosa-dosa anakmu selama ini T.T

Love you, Ma.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Books, Books, Books

Relocating my books (and his) or the bookshelves elsewhere has always been a major problem in our household. Tambah-tambah bila nak angkut dari tingkat bawah ke atas. Sebab apa? We have sooo many books! Magazines dah memang awal-awal tinggal kat bawah. Sangat berat ok.. siap tersepit tangan T.T

Taktau la time nak pindah nanti. Mesti lagi pening.

P/s: Membaca itu bagus.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My Clutch, My Best Friend

I just love this MNG hot pink clutch! I bought it several years back and though I don't use it on daily basis, it has been my favourite since then! Maybe it's the name, maybe it's the colour.. but I could easily come up with 10 more reasons why I am in love with this clutch. It does not only make a stylish statement, but has practicalities too - you can carry all of your essentials in such a chic way!

Teman setiaku waktu pergi kenduri and the like..
Since baju ala-ala suram gitu, beg yang orang nampak dulu hahah

Baju turquoise dengan beg pink pon okay!

So, selagi clutch ini boleh dipakai, aku akan pakai sampai bila-bila! Hahahah.. boleh?

p/s: Do you have that one clutch or bag that you can't live without?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tired and Sleepy.......... NOT!

Does this look familiar to you?

I soo can relate to the comic strip above. I always wish I was in bed the second I reach my workplace and that I often feel tired throughout the day. Yet as soon as the final bell rings, I immediately punch out and drive home. I can't help but feeling overjoyed  at the thought of leaving the workplace and just how comfy the bed would be and that I'm gonna sleep all afternoon coz I'm so exhausted I can barely concentrate on anything at all.. Too bad that didn't happen and I end up Facebook-ing and doing other things instead.... every time! XD

Moral of the story: Rumah lagi best dari workplace.

Pure Talent

Just thought I'd share this amazing video here. Check it out:

These gifted people are from the band Walk off the Earth and they are performing a cover of Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" (my fav! somehow I think it sounds better than the original hahah) using FIVE people on one guitar! If that's not amazing, I don't know what is!

Think you can do it as well? ;)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Third Anniversary

As I mentioned in my previous entry, we had just celebrated our third anniversary last week. Besides birthdays, anniversary is another thing that I look forward to every year :) I know 3 years is not that long compared to others but I believe that every single anniversary deserves to be celebrated!

This year we'd decided to have a low-key celebration in the comfort of our own home instead coz I was down with flu on that very day. Yeah, I know.. it sucks, right? Oh well, life goes on. Despite it being simple and all, we had a lovely dinner, yummy cake and a great time that night!

Just turned 3!

Scrummy dinner.

You can never go wrong with a chocolate cake - choc fudge  to be exact.

A present for the both of us - sejak kawen ni membuncit je hahahah

Thanks for the card hubby!

Prior to our anniversary we had a short getaway in Penang and it was awesome. Will write about it in the next entry okay?

Happy anniversary to us! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday 2 - Distraction

Attention seeking much?

Camne nak mark exam papers ni?? He was lying right on top of it!

Wordless Wednesday - Sandwich Cake

It's a cake. It's a sandwich. It's a sandwich cake! Would you eat it?

p/s: Laparrrrr..!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Work? Home?

Today marks the first day of work/school after the two-week break, nak nak hari ni Monday pulak, memang blues je sepanjang hari. The assembly was way longer than usual and the canteen food sucks as usual too. Bebudak tak payah cakap la, lama tak berjumpa kawan-kawan semua sibuk nak bercerita je. Bincang kertas soalan pun buat 'derk' aje. Mencabar keimanan betul! Tepat 1.10pm aku terus balik dan tido sepanjang petang mwahahaha

Hope tomorrow will be a better day! I got a busy, busy week/month ahead of me!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Kerepek Lady

Kalau korang rajin makan kat luar di restoran-restoran mahu pun gerai-gerai, then, korang mesti pernah jumpa makcik ni (not necessarily the same one) at least sekali.. ye tak?

To be frank, aku sangat kagum and at the same time, sebak tengok makcik tua jual kerepek dari meja ke meja ni. One thing for sure dia tak segan atau malu angkut beg plastik berisi kerepek (yang aku tengok boleh tahan beratnya) dengan baju kurung dan seliparnya. Cakap pun baik je. Takde nak paksa-paksa orang beli walaupun orang cakap tanak (aku le tu - sebab tu aku sebak). Semua ini hanyalah untuk mencari rezeki yang halal. I mean, anak muda sekarang sanggup tak buat camni???

p/s: Be thankful for what we have.. mana tau satu hari nanti we lose everything then kena cari rezeki macam ni kan? Wallahualam.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kami @ White Studio

Nothing beats spending time and having fun with people you love i.e. your BFFs!
(Location: Eyecap Studio, Sg. Besi)

Heart you!

She's mine! No, no, she's MINE!
Tolak diaaa!

Pose untuk album terbaru ke CikPah? Haha

You can stand under my um-brella ella ella

Eh eh meh kita tengok dia

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

Best friends forever!!
Konon comel la tu haha


Amek ni! Aaaaa...

Seiring dan sejalan - ewahh

Touch up dulu~

Will ya dance with me, m'lady?
Women in Black (Shades)


Amacam? Boleh jadi Malaysian Next Top Model tak pasni?? (OK, sila muntah sekarang) 

Anyways, memang syok bila sekali-sekala buat photoshoot macam ni. I really had a great time with these people.. hopefully we can do this again next time! (harap-harap Pn. Eimy boleh join waktu tu ^^)

p/s: Unedited photos :)