Friday, October 14, 2011

Bye Bye Long Hair!

I finally chopped my tresses a couple of days ago after procrastinating to have it cut for a long time!  It was almost 2 years now since the last time I went for a haircut. It's kinda really really short but nicely layered so I'm kinda relieved that it turned out exactly like I wanted it to be, well, sort of. Hehe. It was really impromptu but this is like the few rare times that I'm ever satisfied with a haircut. The hairdresser was really nice and friendly. The shampoo lady was super good with her massage as well (which compensates my sorrow of seeing my hair being chopped off hehe).

It definitely gives me a fresh and ehem, younger look. Plus, the feeling of a lighter head is just liberating. Though I still have to don the hijab, what's important is what Hubby thinks about it. I doubt that he would not be able to recognize me with short hair, after all this wasn't the first time I've ever cut my hair short. As usual, he gave me the OK after seeing it. So, yayy! (it's not like he can do anything about it eh?)

 My before-and-after-haircut pic *perasan jadi Katie Holmes jap*

I walked out of the salon feeling like a new woman. A chubby new woman, that is. Heh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Kekasih Gelapku

Met this hunk last weekend waktu Celcom Roadshow (which explains the baju) at Plaza Alam Sentral..

Mak sukerrrr :D

Monday, October 10, 2011

Do You Remember?

Saw this meaningful quote on FB and thought I'd share it here.

How many of you actually remember any lil detail about that someone you called a friend? What they usually do when they're sad or angry or happy.. Their quirky habits.. The people they met on their last holiday.. Their least favourite colour.. anything.. Has it ever occurred to you that if you don't remember anything at all about him or her means you don't really know him or her at all and that you don't ever bother to make any effort to maintain your friendship? It doesn't have to be a lot. Every lil detail counts.

Think about it.

p/s: I just love that warm fuzzy feeling when an old friend of mine still remembers the song I loved singing when I was a kid ^^

Busy or Pretending to be Busy?

At our workplace, I guess it can't be helped if people keep saying "I'm busy" or "Sorry I can't help you coz I have something else to do" whenever we ask for this and that. And then it hit you, you saw them chatting on FB and busy tweeting. Are they really that busy or that they simply don't wanna help you?

Sometimes I wonder, what do people actually do in the office/at work? What kind of work do they do when they say they're busy with work? Do they religiously do their work all the time or do they skip doing work once in a while? Even as a teacher, a job in which a lot perceive as relaxing, it's busy, busy, busy whenever we're in school as we allllllways have things to do, be it teaching or doing administrative work. In fact, sometimes we even have to bring work home simply because we don't have enough time to finish it at work. But of course I'd be lying if I say I don't take long coffee-breaks or go on Facebook to escape from work for a lil while. Hehe.

Image from here
As mere human beings, we can't work all the time, after all we're not robots who have been programmed to do just that. But then again, even a robot needs a break - switched off, rebooted, upgraded, oiling or the like okayyyy... 

So why is that whenever we do take a break (in our own way), we're labelled as lazy and unproductive? If there's one thing my family has taught me, it is not to judge the book by its cover. Just because someone is playing games on the computer, it doesn't mean he/she is not keying in some data at the same time, vice versa. I guess all we need is a diversion. A balance between work and play (the 'all work and no play makes bla bla bla' thing). After all, spending too much time on the computer can strain the eyes, eh?

I know some people do take advantage of the freedom given to them to work in the office at their own pace but under certain circumstances, there are also people who work their ass off to finish their work, assignment, project and presentation so I believe they deserve the break.

Image from here
It's really challenging to work with people who scrutinize every single thing we do - coz apparently whatever we do is never good enough for them. This is why there's a widespread of hypocrisy among workers - we tend to show what other people (our superiors, most of the time) expect us to do or be just because we don't have the liberty to show that we don't have any work to do, despite the fact that we're already done with our work. Pegi lah mana-mana office pun, it's like a big no-no to be seen not doing any work.

I find it to be suffocating, actually. How can I be myself, enjoy work and not judged at the same time? Do you face the same situation?

p/s: When work is pleasure, life is a joy. When work is duty, life is slavery.

p/p/s: Monday blues~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale @ MAEPS

Huuuu..  I so wanna go there right now.. Tapi I really hate the traffic in that area whenever there is an exhibition going on, plus, takde member nak pegi.. Sapa nak teman saya?? Heheh. Anyways, to those who are nearby, don't miss the chance!! Rugi if tak pegi coz all books come with discounts from 75-90% off the usual retail price!!

p/s: Happy shopping! Bawak luggage terus to carry all those books home! LOL

Friday, October 7, 2011

Eid 2011 Photoshoot

*This is a pictorial entry!*

Just feel like sharing some of the best photos from our Raya photoshoot taken at Act.Studio, Seri Kembangan a few days after the first day of Eid :-) (a deal bought from MilkADeal)

As if! LOL
Bajet comel la buat cenggitu :-P
Uihhh.. muat ke mak nak masuk frame ni noks??
Hoh! Confirm muat!
Tanak kawan!!
He said I'm comel, but I said he's a bully - haha memang pun!
Caressing invisible janggut hohoho
Merahnya makngahhhh.. eh, maklong/paklong :p
Kita kawan la, ok? Ok ok :)
Me: Tembak diaaa!! Him: Alaa.. ada aku kesah? La la la.. Me: Mean! T.T
We are connected by love, bebeh!
A for Aida, I for Ikmal, hence AidaIkmal! ;-)

Yup, seemed like a lot of fun, it was, indeed. It's just that the photographer wasn't that warm and friendly (they had just started some time in March) - luckily we memang suka bergambar so to pose bukan-bukan was not much of a prob. But of course there's still room for improvement, though!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Going Gaga over Online Deals and Coupons

More and more people opt to shop online due to its convenience and relatively cheaper prices. Like the title suggested, I am now crazeeeee over finding best online deals and coupons for everything ranging from food to spa packages. Not only it allows me to get desired products/services at satisfying prices, but it's also fun! My day would be incomplete without checking out these three websites: 

Not to worry, they are reliable and trustable. In fact, I've bought and used many coupons from these websites and so far I've no problems whatsoever redeeming any, well, as long as you're aware of the terms and conditions of each deal like the expiry date, place to redeem etc. lah! Plus, it's also advisable for you to always print the voucher once you bought it so that it's there whenever you wanna redeem/use it. (Why is it so? Hari tu aku nak print time nak redeem tapi tak boleh tetiba - sadisss! T.T)

So.. let's be a smart shopper and get the most out of these deals for more savings! Jangan terlebih sudahh! :-P

p/s: Kalau ada websites on deals and coupons yang aku taktau/ter-miss, lemme know!

Wordless Wednesday - Sheer Stupidity

Stupid Altis driver! You're wasting such a valuable parking space due to your inefficiency in parking your car, making others (read: me) need to look for another - padahal the kedai I wanna go was right opposite of the parking lot! Do you know just how hard it is to find parking in that area?? Pfffttt.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I Need A Vacation!

I feel so stressed out right now. Rasa macam banyak sangat masalah yang melanda. Yang pasti, hati aku tak tenang. Not happy. Not satisfied. It hurt. Ached. And it's not supposed to be that way.. My life used to be simpler and happier!

Huwaaaa :'(
I badlyyyyyy need a vacation! I wanna be alone and go someplace where I get to forget all of my problems, especially the people who make me feel this way! So shitty and unworthy, man. Yeahhhhh... I wanna get away from everything and live my life as if I'm gonna die tomorrow! Just me, myself and I. And it's not like anyone cares anyway...

Is that even possible?? Aku pun tak tahu.

p/s: Smiling doesn't always mean you're happy. It simply means that you're a strong person.
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15 Ways to help prepare your child for exams

If your children are sitting for final exams and major exams like PMR and SPM (UPSR too) soon and you're wondering how you could help, check out these tips: 

1) Brain food – fish is said to be brain food. Proteins are also good. Avoid sugary and starchy food which will just put your child to sleep or make them irritable. For exam days, pack your child something not too starchy or too filling for recess. If your child is too full, she will just be sleepy for the exam papers after recess. 

2) Sleep is important. There is no point staying up till 4am studying for an exam, if it makes you too sleepy to function at your best on exam day. A sleep-deprived child will not remember a lot of things he normally would. Remember, we all function best when we get sufficient sleep. 

3) Revision means revise not memorise. Your child should know and understand what has been taught throughout the past few months. The time leading up to the exam is purely for revision. This is not the time to be scrambling to understand math theories. That should've been done when the teacher was teaching. 

4) Make sure your child wakes up at a reasonable hour on exam days because you don't want her to rush and be in a frazzled state when she gets to school. Being frazzled won't help her with the exam. It's much better if she arrives in school in an alert yet confident state, rather than a ball of nerves. 

5) Remind her to prepare her schoolbag the day before so that she's not scrambling for her 2B pencils or sharpener in the morning. 

6) Teach your child to relax by doing some deep breathing exercises. It helps if she closes her eyes and relaxes just for a few minutes before the exam begins. This will help her calm down, focus better and improve her memory. 

7) Remind your child that you are proud of her and it's the effort that counts. Although you want her to do well, the most important thing is for her to know that she has tried her best. Aiming for straight A's will just add undue pressure on your child and not all children can handle this type of pressure. 

8) Try to boost your child's self-confidence. Tell her she can do it. And, after the exam, reinforce this. If your child says she is stupid and some other child is cleverer, remind her that she has many strengths and qualities. If she's weak at math, she may be better at science. 

9) Remember, your child is the one sitting for the exam, not you. Learn to calm down and relax. Your over-anxiousness is not going to help your child score more A's. In fact, it will just make your child more stressed out and nervous. 

10) Remind your child not to cheat, and to report to the teacher if someone is cheating. 

11) Some children feel better if you tell them you'll be saying a special prayer for them. 

12) Help your child revise what they have learnt by testing them. 

13) Don't get angry and scold your child if he can't remember the answer. He's trying, and you should, too. Losing your temper will get both of you nowhere. 

14) Prepare a study timetable. Let your child have a nap after returning from school so that she is fresh to revise her lessons for the exams when she wakes up. Forcing your child to study all the time with no proper rest will just be counterproductive. 

15) Prepare a proper space for studying. Studying on the bed is a no-no. So is studying in front of the TV. Prepare a study room, or corner, if you can. It should be some place devoid of distractions like the TV, music and phone. It also shouldn't be a noisy area of the house. It should preferably be in a room where your child won't be distracted by siblings playing or screaming. Remove the TV, digital music player and phone from that room, if you have to. 

Got the tips from here. Hope it helps!