Friday, October 14, 2011

Bye Bye Long Hair!

I finally chopped my tresses a couple of days ago after procrastinating to have it cut for a long time!  It was almost 2 years now since the last time I went for a haircut. It's kinda really really short but nicely layered so I'm kinda relieved that it turned out exactly like I wanted it to be, well, sort of. Hehe. It was really impromptu but this is like the few rare times that I'm ever satisfied with a haircut. The hairdresser was really nice and friendly. The shampoo lady was super good with her massage as well (which compensates my sorrow of seeing my hair being chopped off hehe).

It definitely gives me a fresh and ehem, younger look. Plus, the feeling of a lighter head is just liberating. Though I still have to don the hijab, what's important is what Hubby thinks about it. I doubt that he would not be able to recognize me with short hair, after all this wasn't the first time I've ever cut my hair short. As usual, he gave me the OK after seeing it. So, yayy! (it's not like he can do anything about it eh?)

 My before-and-after-haircut pic *perasan jadi Katie Holmes jap*

I walked out of the salon feeling like a new woman. A chubby new woman, that is. Heh.

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