Friday, March 21, 2008


They can dish it out but they can't take it.

That's the most infallible expression to describe a situation when someone often criticizes other people but does not like it when people do the same to them.

Come on, we're all adults! Be more open-minded bahh! If you can openly criticize others, why can't you even take one? Have you forgotten the expression what goes around, comes around? We do not give all the time, we must learn to receive too.

It's plainly inequitable for some people to see only the badness in others, while we could actually avert our thoughts and become more positive about the whole thing. I simply hate it when people think highly of themselves, claiming themselves to be better than others. Just because the way you do things is different, doesn't mean that you are right! The same goes the other way around.

Frankly speaking, it really fucks me off when you speak to others as if we are stupid. But now i am through wif you and i couldn't be more happier.. So stop annoying me and go jump in the lake!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Moving, again

After searching high and low for the place we both could finally settle down, me and my housemate found a nice, cozy apartment in the same area as my friend's apartment we've been staying in for 2 months now..

We managed to find our very own place after was turned down by another landlady for not wanting to rent the apartment but sell it. And now, wif the rent RM700 per month, we got a great 3-bedroom apartment, all fully-furnished, well-lit, and a kind landlady too. And I could not ask for more. (did I mention I got the master bedroom! ensuite and got air-cond summore =))

Monday, March 17, 2008

On the move

Bie was here last week during the school hols. We stayed in KK and jalan-jalan to Kudat to the Tip of Borneo.. the place was great I tell u! Bumped into some frenz of mine, making the trip even more memorable. Along the way to the Tip, we were brought by our tourist guides (yep we took the tour package) to Gong Making Village, Bavanggazo Rungus Longhouse and Honey Bee Farm.

buzzing bees


the tip of borneo

the landmark

you and me, reunited

bavanggazo-rungus longhouse

We really enjoyed ourselves. And KK.. I really love KK! The city's great and like everything u ever wished for (though still small compared to KL)! Shopping and eating out were the two major things we did there. Loving it! Am very sure that this ain't gonna be the last time I'll be here hihihihi..

sunset in kk

When he was in Sandakan I brought him to one of the town's popular seafood restaurant Ocean King.. we were all full dat night, eating like there's no tomorrow! But it was great, the steamboat was superb, as well as the ikan kerapu... wanna go there again.. anyone interested? Hehehe..

steamboating.. nyum nyum

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Am meeting Bie tomorrow in KK! Yay!!
My flight from Sandakan wud be at noon.. 
But I still haven't packed.. 
For am all aflutter about meeting him after so long!
Oh, how I miss him!!~

Saturday, March 1, 2008

CNY Dinner

Hey, it's the Chinese New Year Dinner cum Welcoming Party for the nu teachers!
It was held in Sabah Hotel.. was my first time goin there btw..
So it was kinda cool..
Various food were available but not many were to my liking..
But the western food was quite nice anyhu..
Shud try em again next time 'round!

Towards the end of the dinner, we had the lucky draw.
And I was lucky indeed to get a matching tupperware!! LOL
I took the chance to socialise with other teachers as well..
Generally all of em were friendly and approachable..
So, all in all, the nyte was a great one!
And I sumhow look forward for more hihihi..

Sport's Day


freaking, freaking hot

ready, set, throw!

wif one of moi studs

kejohanan olahraga tahunan 2008 @ sibuga sports complex

We had our Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan yesterday. I was responsible to train my Red House marching team. Luckily we got 2nd place coz it seemed the winning was far-fetching at the beginning of the training. Ha-ha. But it was great, we held it at town's Sports Complex since we dun have any field at our school.. so sad eh.. Well, the school IS old.. this year we are gonna celebrate its 101th anniversary btw.

flag-keepers for d day

Anyway, the Red House won dis year.. hurrah!! Good job, everyone! Keep up d good work k!!