Thursday, July 30, 2009


I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate my dearest BFF, Baya (and hubby, Zaid) on her pregnancy! This woman got married like A WEEK before me and I'd received the wonderful news of the upcoming new member of the family this afternoon! What a nice piece of joy in the midst of all of the bad news that's out there! (you know, H1N1 blah blah blah) I did NOT see that one coming so soon! (lol!) I simply can't wait to follow you on this journey. All good things and many blessings. I'm sooo happy for you... enjoy your pregnancy! (apart from the morning sickness.. lol!) Are you excited?? *grin*

Mr. and Mrs. Zaid on their wedding day :)

We're gonna be auntss!! (L-R) Baya, me, Ummi & Huda
(The four of us then@Manly Beach, Sydney)

Hope you're feeling well!!!
Take care and lots of love! *winks*

p/s: Don't ask me when it's gonna be my turn :p

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brief Nightmare

Sabah's communications to be fully restored on Sunday


SANDAKAN: The telephone and internet traffic breakdown here as well as in Kinabatangan and Beluran is expected to be fully restored on Sunday.

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) Sabah general manager Sukkriya Masri said communications were restored in stages since yesterday with priority given to essential services like hospitals, the police, the fire and rescue department, and the Sandakan airport.

He said banks were able to carry out transactions since yesterday while internet connection was expected to be restored this afternoon.

Repair work was being carried out round-the-clock to replace defective equipments by getting the replacements from Kota Kinabalu, Tawau and Kuala Lumpur.

Fire broke out at the TM Main Exchange at Mile 2, Jalan Utara here last Monday, causing a massive communication disruption along the east coast of Sabah.

"We brought some equipment from Kuala Lumpur by a chartered plane," he told reporters after receiving Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Liew Vui Keong at TM office here today. - BERNAMA

taken from NST Online

As stated above, the whole city went offline just like that due to the fire at TM Exchange last Monday.. it was totally unexpected, and you can imagine the chaos it had caused! Banks, ATMs, fixed lines, internet connections, government sectors - every service in Sandakan was interrupted. People couldn't withdraw money, credit cards couldn't be used, the fixed lines couldn't be connected and the list goes on. They estimated that it'll be fully restored in one week's time, but it's Wednesday and everything is already back to normal. Thumbs up to those people who've worked hard to fix this mess! Sandakan, ONLINE! (temporary? let's hope not)

p/s: Check out the latest updates to our wedding website! ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Set, Action!

Am too lazy to compose a long report on the drama competition which was held exactly one month ago..
So, let the pictures do the talking here :)

The winning team - SMK Elopura Bestari with "The Pond"

First runner up - SMK Batu Sapi with "The Dragon Tale"

Second runner up - SM Sung Siew with "Seven"

Group picture right before performing

Group photo - after the announcement of winners

Me with the trophies - 2nd runner up+Best Actor (Wesley)

Post-drama mini party - just look at them, the hungry monsters *lol*

p/s: Got news that the state level competition will be held this coming weekend, wish I could be there but unfortunately I have other plans that can't be rescheduled *sigh*


Read NST Online this morning and discovered that one of the established filmmakers in Malaysia - Yasmin Ahmad, had passed away last night.

I specially salute her for being daring enough to put forth mainstream issues amidst the constant dissatisfaction and complaints she got from the audience. Forget about the controversy of her gender and sexuality, and you'll see the genius in her. Her films like Mukhsin and Sepet never fail to grab my attention - they're distinctive and western-styled, without excluding the hints of unity in Malaysia and elements of traditional cultures. I follow her blog and find it refreshing and inspiring. Guess that's the end of it. So, Yasmin, may your soul rest in peace. It's such a loss for the country.

Yasmin Ahmad dies


KUALA LUMPUR, Sat: Renowned film and advertising director Yasmin Ahmad died here at about 11.25 pm tonight.

Her death was confirmed by Media Prime Group Chief Operations Officer Datuk Seri Ahmad Farid Ridzuan, who was at the Damansara Specialists Hospital, when contacted by Bernama.

Yasmin, 51, collapsed while presenting a working paper at Sri Pentas, the headquarters of the private television station TV3 on Thursday and was rushed to the Damansara Specialists Hospital.

She was reported to have suffered a stroke and brain haemorrhage.

taken from NST Online

Friday, July 24, 2009

Magic, Anyone?

Harry Potter frenzy is back now that the latest installment of the most-favoured magic tales of all time was released last week. Who would've wanted to miss the opportunity to see our favourite wizard and his friends set on another adventure? I know I wouldn't. I just wanna say that the movie is not really up to my expectation.

I've always loved the sixth book this movie is based on, and there are loadsa things that the director failed to include this time - especially the significance of Snape being the Half-Blood Prince. Imagine how disappointed I was to find no explanation was given about the so-called Prince but a line said by Snape: "And, yes, I AM the half-blood Prince." Wtf! Here, here. I watched this movie with a friend who has never read any Potter books and she will remain puzzled if I din tell her about how in the world Snape IS the half-blood Prince! I know in the book the timing is about the same, but I believe it's easily understood reading it instead of watching it. After all, this movie is named after him and his stories, right?? Btw, the book Harry uses in Potions that allows him to become the top student in the subject (he always fails in the subject) belongs to the half-blood Prince - only revealed at the end of the movie. He is, apart from what other people think of him, a half blood as his mother was a witch while his father was a Muggle (or human). His mother is Eileen Prince, making him a 'Prince' as there is no such thing as royal families in the wizarding world. My friend kept on complaining about his wickedness and violence throughout the latest movie (esp. the part that he KILLS Dumbledore with the Avrakedavra curse) and the previous ones, but I just smiled, knowing what's gonna happen in the next book/movie. Curious? Go read the book!!*lol*

One more thing, the romance thingy - it is so UNREAL! Puh-lease! Their hormones are raging, one starts falling in love with another. Public snogging. Mounting tensions. Jealousy. Hatred. Bitchiness. Even love potions! Come on, I believe they can act better than what we see on screen - though this is, after all, a teenage-based movie. I couldn't really 'feel' the emotions there - it is so different from the book. Harry and Ginny are supposed to be head over heels with one another, not that I could see much in the movie though.

Despite the darkness that's enveloping everyone and the magic world now that Voldermort has returned, there are, somehow, certain elements of humour this time 'round. Harry becomes some sort of hyperactive after he drank Felix Felicis, a potion which will bring luck to the drinker. He's assigned by Dumbledore to get the information from Prof. Slughorn, a new Potions master, about how, or the magic, that allows Voldermort to be immortal, even after all these years of fighting. Only after they get the information they can get down to ways to kill Voldermort once and for all. It's the Horcrux. Voldermort has been killing people in order to make himself immortal. He divides his soul into 7 parts and only when all the parts, or Horcruxes, are destroyed, he will be mortal and can die. Dumbledore's disappearance in the beginning of the movie reflects this - he was searching for the Horcruxes. I still couldn't accept the fact that he died in the end, I wept like the time when I was reading the book. It's really heartbreaking.

If you read the book, you will notice that Dumbledore and Harry are trying to learn as much as they could about their biggest nemesis in terms of his family, history, education, friends etc etc. as Tom Riddle before he becomes the Dark Lord. For the ancient professor, this step is vital in order to take him down. I sorta agree with him, though. After all, by knowing your enemy, you can figure out their weaknesses and strengths and take it from there. I'm sure the director wants to portray this and a lot more but somehow it leads to more confusion as there are a lot of scene jumpings here and there.

Do not get me wrong, overall the movie is not THAT bad. The CGIs are better and improved and it really got the adrenaline pumping in most of its action scenes. The visuals are awesome and splendid, and the soundtrack remains effective and brilliant. I just hope I would see them more in their black, flowing robes (the one thing that differentiates wizards and human, I presume) instead of jeans and tees. Most viewers seemed dissatisfied with the ending, but that's just the way it is - you just have to wait for the final movie! (I know it seems unfair to those who don't read the book but wth! *lol*)

The story is not that boring, I just find it not really appealing as the book is. Whatever it is, the Daniel Radcliffe's gang are just adorable - they're my eye candies in the movie. And guess what? I'm a Harry Potter material after all *lol*! (see below)

taken from Facebook

TMNet Sucks!

Lately I dunno what happens to TMNet but their service is getting lousier than ever! It's so frustrating knowing that you pay so much for a lousy service - it's really getting on my nerves. FYI, I took the package 512kbps AND I use it alone, but it seems like the speed is wayyyy lower than what I pay for. It takes like forever to load a webpage, what more a few. Sometimes, it gets disconnected out of the blue. At one point, I just switch off the modem and go internet-less for a few hours out of frustration (on strike lah konon!).

But, yeah, like I have a choice *sigh*

p/s: 3G services are totally out of question - there's no coverage at my place, and after all, it's slower than TMNet itself.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Missing 'S'

If there is one thing I'd miss (apart from Hubby), it would be...


Living in a town where there's no shopping malls around, I can't help but feeling unfortunate for not being able to give in to the temptation (gosh, I miss MV.. Pyramid.. Sg Wang..). All you women out there will agree with me if I say that shopping is one of the many wonderful things of being a woman - lol! Who can ever resist the chance to walk in and out of the many shops, rummage through the variety of clothes, shoes and stuff, shop like there's no tomorrow, try out new things, gossip about the latest styles in town and blah blah blah? I know I can't. I miss going shopping with my girls (you know who you are). Yes, indeed, shopping is best done with girl friends (no offence, boys.. hubby, too.. hehe). Who else can understand what you need, what is suitable for you, or whether you should buy things or otherwise (and the list goes on) than your own sex, or fellow shopaholics? Only they would understand. (lol!)

For the time being, what I really miss is to shop for heels, my current favourite would be peep toe slingbacks. Shops I have in mind: Primavera or Charles & Keith (beautiful, beautiful heels). The number of pairs I want to buy next time I go back: a few, depending on its design and comfortability, and, ehem, budget, of course. (lol) And oh, I need a new pair of flip flops too! (mine was stolen a few weeks ago, remember?)

Also, I'm a huge fan of oversized handbags, and I might need a new one soon. The reason behind this: my current one is about to wear off. That shows that I'm really using my bag, ain't it? (lol) So, yes, maybe I will go for another Carlo Rino. Been collecting a few bags of this brand, and am happy with it. The design is simple yet very trendy and practical - just the way I am :P

As for clothes, I feel like buying pretty tops maybe from Padini or MNG that I can wear with both jeans and long skirt (for casual and work - practical, remember?). My wardrobe here is full of tees instead - haihhhh need to do something to spice up its mundaneness before I bore my own self (despite the fact that I AM a jeans-and-tee person). Seriously, I really miss those days where we got the chance to dress to kill for events and stuff. It was even more special having my girl friends with me then to share my enthusiasm... choosing the outfit, mixing and matching colours and styles, all the make-ups and stuff.. haihhh.. miss you all, babesss! One more thing... Akak! Still remember the Elle denim jacket you bought the other day in Pyramid?? Loving it! However, not getting one for myself, though, ha-ha, used to craze about it but it turns out that I've somehow 'moved on' :P

belts are cool~

Apart from the girlie stuff, I also miss shopping for techie things. Been thinking of getting an iPod Touch - a gadget so cool and so handy (oh now I'm drooling!), but still considering a HP Mini 1000 (as my second laptop since it's small, light and handy) at the same time. A girl can't always have everything, you know. In the end, it all comes down to making the right and economical choice. I'm also looking for a Bluetooth headset. Maybe I'll look around in Low Yat the next time I go back to Semenanjung. Wider variety. And oh, before I forget, I need to find a new (and bigger!) external HDD plus the casing to store my high resolution photos and drama series/movies. My laptop D: drive is almost full and the same goes to my existing external HDD. There are just too many things to put in! (not my fault! ha-ha) *Remind me, hubby!*

Well, even if I can't go splurging on a shopping spree right now, indeed, writing this entry temporarily satisfies the craving for one! (lol)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Against All Odds - Part II

I dunno why in the world would I come up with the second part of the entry. I just feel like doing so. So, to heck with it.

So, yeah, still talking about the challenges I'm facing in both teaching and disciplining the students.

To other teachers out there, I'd like to know how did you guys manage to control hyperactive students who endlessly create troubles and seek your attention? Surely we can't simply give the whole attention to him or her, right? As for me, most of the times I just ignore this type of behaviour but deep inside I cannot help the feeling of pity and sympathy towards them. Who knows, maybe they are not able to act that way at home i.e. lack of TLC from parents blah blah blah... At the same time I also want to give them a lesson for their disruptive behaviours. This makes me torn in between sometimes. I want to help, but what about the rest of the class? It's only unfair.. but come to think of it, life is never fair, is it not? *something to ponder*

A time-out would be a good solution, but of course for younger students it will be more effective. I'm saying this based on my experience teaching both average and weak classes. In average classes, I hardly need to deal with major disciplinary problems, so time-out is unnecessary. This works differently for the weak ones though - I need to send them out for time-out so that they could reflect back on their mistakes and at the same time to avoid further disruptions in the classroom. Of course, this could not go on forever - after all, they are in school to learn, right? I wouldn't deny their rights to do so, not unless they cause chaos in the classroom :)

One thing I hate about disciplining is the need to remind them of what needs to be done etc. etc. For God's sake, they're not small children! That's another matter - they don't want to be treated like children, but they act like one. You've explained to them step by step, you've even written the instructions on the board, yet they're still asking you, "what to do, teacher??". Tell me, then, how am I supposed to react? Smile and keep repeating until they finally get it? I may not have that kind of patience after all. Ha-ha. (my bad? trust me, if you're too lenient, it won't work either)

I'm also getting sick of telling the same person or the same group of people not to do this and that. At one point, I think I will even bore myself to death reminding or scolding them all the way like a mantra. This reminds me of a friend, who is also a teacher, who has gotten high blood pressure due to the stressful environment working with different types of students of different behaviours and backgrounds.. hope that won't happen to me, though, I'm stressed out enough with the constant tantrums.

We were told by the 'big people' (ehem) the other day that students get bored because the lesson is boring - so we need to come up with interesting methodologies to liven up the lesson. Tell me, even if we DID come up with those, would that retain the students' interests throughout the lesson? Maybe for some, yes. Based on my observation, I could see that students only enjoy themselves during the activities, but hardly when the 'real' lesson takes place. But if that what it takes, maybe I need to gear myself with some tantalizing magic tricks up my sleeves.. who knows it might work after all.. *yeah, yeah*

But, of course, not all students are like that, just some. *enough of the negative vibes* And that is what this entry is all about. :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Against All Odds

They can be such a nuisance sometimes. At one point, I just think that I simply cannot stand it any longer. The more you're trying to educate them, and so-called moulding them to be a better person, the worse they get every time. I admit that I'm short-tempered, yes I am, but the thing is, I don't get angry all the time, only when my sensitive point is put to test. After all, I'm a mere human. I'm not perfect, I make mistakes and I'll be furious once my limit is breached.

Sometimes, I keep on thinking, why are they being difficult? Is it because of me? Or is it because I'm not strict enough, or because that's just the way they are? After all, teenage years are all about rebelliousness. No one wants to be controlled, but in school, there are certain rules and regulations that we simply need to abide by. Outside, even. Imagine how chaotic would the world be if people only want to bow down to their own needs and not care about other people, gosh, that sucks., wouldn't even want to think 'bout it So, yes, please throw away that sense of selfishness you have in you.. the world does not only revolve around you, you know!

Once upon a time, I was relieved to know that I'll be a secondary school teacher. Personally, I really look forward to work with young adults who are matured enough to figure out right and wrong on their own. But now, I'm having a second thoughts about it. Do not get me wrong, I still feel that way, it's just that sometimes it's just too much, and I'm just tired doing the same thing over and over again - disciplining. It is just too time-consuming, and in addition it exhausts both my mind and body. Sometimes I pity those who have to face the consequences due to other people's wrongdoings. It can be unfair, I know. But what's done is done. We're living in the world in which we have to be cruel to be kind. Whatever it is, I believe there is goodness in every one of them.. let's just hope that they will realise that before it's too late. One lesson I've learnt for sure is that time is unforgiving.. No matter how much we want to turn back time and fix things - it can't be done~~~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ice-Cream Treat

Went out with a Fungkurian, Aishun, last week right before she went back to Labuan. It was my first time meeting her in person, frankly speaking. I'm glad that the so-called 'date' at 7 Heaven went well. We had a good time stuffing ourselves with ice-creams and waffles and bitching at the same time (see pics below). Ha-ha. Let's do it again next time. But I wonder when will that time come.. it's almost impossible, really, considering that our holidays clashed with one another, and that you rarely come back to Sandakan on weekends. Btw, so sorry about the laptop. Study and live well, will ya? ;)

The person I like to bully virtually, and now, in person.. mwuh ha ha ha
(it's so good being the big sister here *lol*)

See that satisfying look on her face? Precious! *lol*

Waffles topped with chocolate ice-cream and cherry. Bliss.

Saturday Blues

It's the weekends, and where am I now? School. It's the annual Camboree Camp involving all uniform bodies in our school. Usually, it is done during the August break but it has been done earlier due to the upcoming fasting month. I think I prefer it to be that way, after all, I'm going back during the break and a camp-free break will be very much appreciated *lol*

But the good thing 'bout this weekend is... hubby is here! It has been about a month since I last saw him.. OMG!! We had a wonderful seafood treat for dinner last night. Planned to watch Transformers 2, but were too knackered to do that. Instead we went back to our hotel and watch movies on telly. We even played games on Facebook together ha-ha, talking about addiction! We're big fans of Farm Town and Fashion Wars and even help each other to go through the next level! Cool, eh? *grin*

Anyway, I still don't have any brilliant plan for the rest of the weekends. Been planning to go to islands and guess what, it is all fully-booked till at least September! Just our luck. Nevermind, hope we could do that someday.

Till then, my work awaits me.

p/s: Hungry.. am waiting for him to send me my 'roti canai' heehee..

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Snippets: This and that

Life has been so hectic lately I find it hard thinking of what to write here - too much thinking needed, exactly what I don't have the energy or time for right now (lol!). Lemme summarise the highlights of my life after the June hols:

- Exhausted, due to the endless drama practice.

- Sad upon listening to the judges' final decision; upset knowing that there's nothing I could do about it.

- Tired, but really enjoyed myself at the state level's English in Camp.

- Dizzy looking at the bountiful paperwork on my table.

- Glad with the success of the Jogathon organized by our school & the lavish dinner at Sabah Hotel.

- Frustrated at one's ignorance and insensitivity.

- Frustrated with the hospital's lousy service.

- Frustrated with the constant power failure in Sandakan lately. It's the worst ever happened in the history of Sabah!

- Frustrated - too much, with some of my students, especially with their display of disobedience.

- Shocked with the recent announcement of the abolishment of ETeMS in Malaysian schools.

- Charmed with one's hidden anger and frustration. Let's just say she's too nice!

- Eager to watch Transformers 2 and the latest installment of Harry Potter movies.

- Thrilled at the prospect of him coming over this weekend! :)

- Not thrilled at the prospect of needing to work on weekends :(

One word to sum it all: frustrated. Will update more later. With heaps and heaps of pics.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lucky ;)

by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat
(Dedicated to my hubby, my dearest best friend..
This is our story, this is our song *winks*
Thank you for always being there for me~)

Do you hear me?
I'm talking to you
Across the water, across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky, oh my, baby I'm trying

Boy I hear you in my dreams
I feel your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets harder

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I'll wait for you, I promise you I will

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music fill the air
I'll put a flower in your hair

Though the breezes through the trees
Move so pretty, you're all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
Lucky we're in love in every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

p/s: I have loadsa thingssss to update here. Wish I could have the time to do that. Till then.