Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Oh no! It's happening again! 

What is freaking wrong with Celcom Broadband in my area? Like, seriously! It's freaking slow and disconnects automatically for crying out loud! And this never happened since I first used it.. I wonder what IS REALLY wrong.. This is the second time it has happened this month. At first I thought it has something to do with my broadband modem since it had fallen a few days before. And it turns out that it wasn't it. My housemate who's using Celcom also experiences the same thing. So it has to be Celcom.. but why??? Grrrrr.. ni den nak marah ni!

But thank god for the monthly unlimited data package on my phone (I'd just upgraded it), now I can browse anytime, anywhere without much hassle. It is real handy especially when my broadband is not any good now. I should have done it a long time ago. Like, seriously.


At the mere mention of Teddy, I'm sure most people will think of bears or plush toys.. right? Well, this time you're wrong. Introducing...... TEDDY THE CAT.. our cat =)

She used to be one of those stray cats we normally find lingering in front of our doors, finding and hoping someone will take them into their houses and shower them with TLC like any other house cats. And we gladly took her into our home, loved and cared for her like our own. She's been living with us ever since.

Dulu-dulu comot jer..
Bila dah jaga elok-elok, she becomes our favourite feline ;)
I love it when she sleeps.. she looks so serene, 
as if the world only revolves around her and nothing else.
And she hates every single trip to the vet.. 
Tengok la muka x puas hati tu! Ha-ha.
Kadang-kadang bila dilayankan, jadi gini la pulak! 
Teddy buat muka tak bersalah la tu!
When she feels like she's attention-deprived, she does this! 
Kurang asammm..!
But we love her all the same.. she's family after all =)

If someone was to ask me what's my favourite pet, without thinking, I'd say a cat. I find them really adorable. They are the most lovable of creatures, when they want to be. Heh. After all, how long can you ignore a cat, or any other animal, when it wants to sit on your lap, purr and have you pay attention to it? Dang, it feels good! One good thing about cats is that they are independent enough to be left alone for a while or even a few days. But sometimes cats can really make you go crazy. Take Teddy for instance.. lately she had been a very very bad cat.. She didn't stick to her so-called 'potty training' and pooped wherever she wanted to and that was a burden and gradually, an annoyance. A sure sign of aging apparently. And so she was 'exiled' outside. She still sticks around and it breaks my heart to see her like that. But what's done is done. If we are to punish her, we have to do it right.

How about you? What's your favourite pet/animal?

Trip to Labuan and Brunei

Last Keamaatan holidays, my bestfriend Lam and I went on a 4 days/3 nights trip to Labuan and Brunei and it was awesome! It had also been a hell of a trip as most of the time it didn't go according to our original plan (you know what I mean, Lam! ha-ha), but I'm so glad that we did it in the first place!

First and foremost, we'd planned to drive up to KK, but it didn't happen in the end. We took a flight instead to save time. Next, we were told that there was a ferry going to Labuan at 10 am, but there actually wasn't, well, not until 3 pm at least. So we went to kill our time at 1 Borneo. We took a taxi instead of a bus and it cost us a good RM25! Serve us right.. so much for going shopping at 1B. In the end, none of us bought anything! 

We went back to Jesselton Point and took a ferry to Labuan. We only arrived there after 3 hours and it was already dark by then. Hygi picked us from the jetty and brought us to our hotel. And gahhhhh.. another surprise awaited us there.. It was a cheap dirty hotel near the pubs and night clubs. What the hell? And so we hopped over to every hotel we could find (as majority are fully booked) and ended up paying RM150 for an okay room at Global Hotel (if I'm not wrong). After we'd freshened up, we went out for dinner and Hygi took us around the city at night. It was a little bit too quiet but on a more positive note, it was perfect for people who are looking for peace and tranquility in an urban setting. 

On the following day, Hygi brought us around Labuan.. and yes, you can finish touring the island in a mere 3 hours or so! It's not that big anyway! We went to the Australian War Grave, Japanese War Grave, The Mysterious Chimney (since its real function is unknown to the public), The Marine Museum and Labuan Square. The weather was superb and great for touring around, except for the fact that my D60 was spoiled - it couldn't detect the SD card! So terpaksa lah take pics with my 3.2 MP camera phone.. well, it's still better than nothing righttttt? Next, we said goodbye to Labuan, took another 2-hour ferry ride to Sarawak, chartered a car to go into Brunei. It was only around dusk we arrived at our hotel in BSB (Bandar Seri Begawan).

Australian War Grave
Labuan Marine Museum
Labuan Square
You're the man, Hygi.. thanks for bringing us around!
Coal mining tunnel - a diorama

The Chimney

Japanese War Grave

We made a quick stop at Brunei's most luxurious hotel - The Empire, to watch the sunset and it was simply spectacular! We could even see Labuan Island from afar. After we had our dinner, we walked around the quiet (read: dead) city. The majestic view of the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin's Mosque at night left me gaping in awe. Even the Kampung Ayer look lively and serene in the distance. I just couldn't wait to explore the city during daytime!

The Empire Hotel
The sunset

To be frank, there's nothing much that you can see around the city. After we had our breakfast, we hopped on the bus to go to the royal family's residence - the palace. Even though we couldn't go in, Istana Nurul Iman looked very grand from the gate. Did I mention the guards were nice apart from their fierce facade? Heh. Our next stop was Kampung Ayer, the trademark of Brunei. We took a boat ride around the area, and I tell you, it was huge! There were several villages with its own school, police station, mosque, and even fire station. The Sultan is very rich and generous.. he provided the houses and boats for free. It's no surprise that everybody worships him. We made a quick stop at Kampung Ayer Museum before having our lunch in the city. Geared with a full stomach, we walked around the park where we could see the majestic mosque I mentioned earlier, and next we spent a good two hours in the Royal Regalia Building which, like the name suggests, exhibits the royal regalia like the royal chariot or crowns for coronation and even gifts from other countries including Malaysia. Unfortunately, no camera or video equipment is allowed in the building except in the grand foyer. 

Istana Darul Iman
Kampung Ayer
Kampung Ayer Museum
The park
The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque
The front exhibit of the Royal Regalia Building - The Royal Chariot

Next, we took a flight back to KK, leaving the land famous for its petroleum, riches and royal family, bringing back the good times, unforgettable memories and new experience =)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Our First Wedding Anniversary

Our first anniversary was in early June and it was a great one! We had dinner at Seri Angkasa Revolving Restaurant on KL Tower (my idea) and the scenic view of KL from the tower was simply breathtaking and beautiful. There were 3 separate buffet tables; entrees, main course, and desserts. There was a huge selection of food to choose from, and though it was a wee bit expensive but I think it was worth it (for first anniversaries or other special occasions, that is! ha-ha) Just remember where you're sitting after getting your food or going to the washroom or you'll be confused when you look for your table which has revolved! :p

I think it's still not too late to say.. here's wishing us a very happy anniversary, Hubby!

Yours truly =)

You look handsome in green, Hubs!

A spectacular view from the tower.

The view of the tower from the parking lot.

For her (me!) Thanks a bunch, honey!

For him.. Hope you'll like it!

So, don't forget any of your special dates, no matter how insignificant it could be to you.. Cherish each other and the happiness will always be with you! Insyaallah!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Last two weeks, we were on our way back from Rawang (jalan lama), turning the corner when a Navara hit our car on the front passenger's side. The side mirror folded and there was a loud bang. I gasped in shock. Hubby quickly asked me to jot down the number plate, I did, and he drove after the Navara. Luckily, he stopped at a Shell station near Templer Park and Hubby got out of the car to deal with the guy. Budak lagi rupanya. I could tell that he panicked but I believe, if we didn't go after him then he wouldn't have stopped anyway. Ha-ha. 

Then, the budak admitted that he was avoiding a pothole on the road when he hit our car. So that was it. But the damage is done and of course he will need to pay for the repairs. Hubby called his mechanic and the mechanic gave an estimation of 1k. I'm not surprised at all, the budak deserved it. I found out from the gas station attendant that the budak thought it would only cost him 20 - 30 ringgits.. Like, seriously?? Ingat kereta kitorang ni kereta mainan ke? D'oh. In the end, he asked us to wait for his boss to come over to the station (kereta pengangkut barang rupanya) to settle the matter. And so we waited.

Not long after that,  the boss came and took a look at both cars. This apek pulak said, "ala sikit je" and it pissed me off, and so I replied, "sikit ke banyak ke, your worker had hit our car". The apek still did not wanna lose and claimed "entah-entah kamu yang langgar kereta saya". WTF? Even the worker had admitted his fault, and this apek still had the guts to accuse us.. We tried to settle the matter with as little fuss as possible and this is what we get. Ni mesti kes takmau bayar ni.

In the end, Hubby asked him again, NICELY, on how to settle the matter: either they want to pay cash or to make an insurance claim and he settled for the latter. But of course, in order to do that we would need to make a police report. We planned to go to the police station straightaway but the apek said that "we'll do it tomorrow". Whatever lah apek, malas nak layan kau. 

A few days later we went back to the police station to take all the necessary documents to make the claim. We met the officer who was in charge of our case and he told us that he had issued a summon to the budak and that he was at fault. When we read the budak's report, my oh my, it is full of unbelievable lies. Statements like "saya sedang memandu di selekoh bila tiba-tiba sebuah Jazz hitam muncul dari kanan.." or "kereta saya calar teruk.." show that we were the one at fault. Bengang tak?? When we asked the officer, he claimed that the budak had confessed that he was trying to avoid the pothole when he hit our car, so, don't mind lah the shitty report. So, I believe it must be the apek who made the police report. The budak seems like a nice guy as he kept saying he'll help with the repairs and so on. But you never know right? Nasib baik boleh claim, if not memang cilaka lah those apeks.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Back to School

It's back to school today!! Gosh, it has been a while since I last woke up at 5.20 the morning.. ha-ha. Actually, it's not like my school is a hundred miles away, in fact, it's only a stone's throw from my house (about 5 - 10 minutes drive)! The thing is sebab nak kejar Subuh yang habis waktu as early as 6 am. In addition, I need to prepare myself for school which starts at 6.45 daily. Considering the traffic jam, parking space and other factors, waking up late is totally not an option. 

First day of work look.. (actually tengah panaskan enjin kereta :p)

As usual, the day is kicked off with a brief assembly followed by a longgg breakfast with fellow colleagues (ha-ha). I know, I know, there are simply a lot of things to catch up with one another eh? ;) I only had a few classes today, and that's a good thing as I'm trying to get in the mood for work all over again. But all in all, the first day of school/work after the two-week holidays is ain't that bad after all! I wish my (humble) work station will be as tidy, neat and book/paper-free as it is today for the rest of the semester!! Is it too much to ask? LOL

Looking forward to a more productive semester ahead! Welcome back to school, people! (teachers and students, that is) =)

p/s: Slept the whole afternoon today!!

p/p/s: Happy birthday to my BFF, Huda-chan! Love ya to bits.. muackksss!! xoxo

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's the holidays and I'm simply lazy, lazy and lazy (that's triple lazy for you) to update my blog since I'm kinda occupied with more interesting plans and activities (konon la)! Ha-ha.. will update on that later. Anyhu, the new Design function in Blogger is so cool! You can customise it according to your preferences and needs - you can decide on the design, colour, font, layout and many more just with a single click. Easy-peasy. I wonder why I don't update more often.. well, maybe after this I will! Ha-ha. Till then, I'm off to watch Toy Story 3 with Hubs later. Ciao.