Saturday, October 31, 2009

Last Hari Raya Party

Event: Jamuan Hari Raya 1 Sung Siew
Date & Time: 14 October 2009, 1.30pm onwards
Venue: SS Canteen

Organiser: SS Teachers' Social Club
Participants: All teachers

(click on the pics to see more at Flickr)

p/s: This was like, ages ago. What a delay.. my bad.

My New Do

It has been a while since I last did something with my hair, so I've decided that this might be the right time to do so - and I just did! I'm not that fussy when it comes to hair since I'm wearing the tudung but of course I still want it to be healthy and well-maintained. After all, I do suffer from hair loss and dandruff in which a normal shampoo-and-conditioner routine will not be sufficient. My request was simple: get a layer cut and a side fringe, and get it straightened. I kinda like the outcome so it was a wise move since my hair, wavy as it is, is also dry, frizzy and unruly. The products that they recommended work well with my hair and scalp so I might as well keep on using them though I have to spend more than what I used to spend on hair products :P

The result? Very Anne Hathaway-ish and Brenda Song-ish like the pics above and I simply adore it!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Love's In The Air

I love it when you call me 'dear', 'honey', 'darling', 'sayang' or 'wifey'..
I love it when I get to see your face every time I wake up in the morning..
I love it when you kiss my forehead before you go to work..
I love to smell the scent on your clothes before I wash them..

I love it when you hold my hands and hug me as if you don't wanna let go..
I love it when you flash your sweetest smile at me..
I love to hear you talk and laugh; my days will be empty without it..
I love it when you comfort me when I'm down, telling me that everything will be alright..
I love it when you believe in me and protect me when the whole world is against me..
I love being near you; it keeps me sane and safe..
I love to see you even through the lens of the webcam..
I love it when you say that I'm the only one you love..
I love spending every minute, every second with you, even when we're arguing..
I love it when we're working on something together, like cooking, cleaning or bathing Teddy..
I love it when you put your head on my lap when we're watching tv and it's okay coz I enjoy spoiling you..
I love it when you say you don't wanna sleep if I'm still awake..
I love to watch you while you're sleeping and dreaming away..
I love to lean on your shoulder to cry and laugh, or simply because I want to..
I love it when you look me in the eyes and say nothing, and I still know what's in your heart..
I love it when my heart leaps up with joy at the sight and sound of you; it did 7 years ago, it still does now

Oh, let's just say I love everything about you, honey!
What is life without you?
Let's grow old together :)

Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

For Female Only.

La Senza is currently having a Buy 2 Get 1 Free promotion for their brassieres, available at all outlets around Malaysia. I must say it's a good bargain because each costs at least RM79 (and above) so you can save a lot when you buy 2 and get another 1 for free!

I've gotten mine.. when will you get yours? ;)
(no peeking! I'm not revealing the content of the bag! lol)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Finding Solace in Nature

(click on the pics to see more at Flickr)

red, juicy strawberries fresh from the farm
thorny cactus
roses in bloom

We had another mini getaway last September. This time we'd decided to hit the highland on our way back from Perak to KL. It was a truly memorable vacation for us both as Mr. Hubby is usually busy with his work. Who can resist waking up to chilly weather, blooming flowers, and a splendid view of the tea plantation? I know I couldn't. One thing for sure is that we'll be going there again one day! ;)

Remorse or Relieved?

I'm really struggling to describe how I feel right now..

Should I feel remorse or relieved?
I think both.

As for the former, I'm gonna lose a friend. But can someone so selfish and manipulative eligible to be called 'friend'? Well, we used to be friends.. or so-called friends who spend a great deal of time together, whether we like it or not. After our first and second friendship breakdowns, I'm not sure I could handle the third. It's just too much. Things weren't the same then but at least we could still face one another, talk and live our lives normally. But not this time, I think I'm starting to give up on her for she's not worth it. After all, I just know that all this while she thought that I'm the problematic one, that SHE IS the one who keeps giving me chances to change, not vice versa. Doesn't she realise that when someone who's normally eager to speak to her now keeping the conversations to zero means something is wrong somewhere? SHE KNOWS what she did wrong this time, yet she chooses to be silent too.. because she is SO full of herself as usual.. She never wants to admit her wrongdoing. Never. But that's not what I'm looking for this time.

That is when I realise that it's better for me to feel relieved. I know I'm not perfect either that was why I was willing to cast my ego aside to befriend her again after the prior breakdowns. But enough is enough. I've given her a lot of opportunities and chances but it seems like she's never ever gonna change. I've tried my utmost best to understand her but now I feel really stupid for ever thinking that we could recuperate our friendship when things aren't exactly heading that way.

She is who she is, and I am who I am.. we've had our own vast, intolerable differences and that's why we can never be friends again. In fact, I wonder how can people tolerate such a loud and outspoken person like her. She complains about the silliest thing sometimes she really gets on my nerves (other people's too). Real friends do not manipulate and take advantage of their friends, but she did. Real friends do not leave their friends whenever they like and find the friends when they seek help, but she did. Real friends do not lie to each other and pretend that the friends are stupid enough not to know they're lying to them, but she did..

So? I think it's clear and fair to say, I don't need a friend like you, lady.. After all, I can't keep continuing giving you the cold shoulder and the silent treatment every time our relationship hits a bump in the road. Maybe the relationship IS better off cold and silent. I don't seek forgiveness or apology from you, all I want is for you to get the hell outta my life. Period.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Many Happy Returns

Just a quick entry to say...
Happy birthday to my dear brother, FAIZ, who's turning sixteen today!

Enjoy your sixteenth year of living with more happiness, joy, laughter and success.
Have a blast, bro!

(and don't forget to study hard too! xoxo)

Faiz, me, Syahir :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Damn You.

'Thanks' for everything! I've never been so 'grateful' in my entire life!

You're one selfish bitch who doesn't care about other people but yourself!! And this is not the first time you've ever done this to me, your so-called friend. When you need me, you know where to find me, but when I or other people need your help, you give excuses, putting your own sorry ass ahead of others. Oh, please! Do you think we're stupid enough not to know how you've been manipulating us, just because you want to make sure you're not left behind? But for you to leave other people behind is normal. It is what you do, isn't it? You want your needs attended, but you're not bothered to attend to other people's needs.

I feel sorry for you, really I am. No wonder not many people really like your way of talking, thinking or behaving. You speak harshly. You don't think before you speak. You think you're outspoken, but I think you're mindless. When you say something, you are insensitive to your surroundings i.e. you don't care about what other people feel when you're saying what you're saying. You're cynical. You find joy in other people's pain and sadness. You're jealous when people have things you don't have. You judge people before you even know or work with them. You complain unnecessarily. If you hate someone, you'll ignore them like nobody's business. You make a big fuss over trivial matters. You assume people don't understand you when in fact, you're the one who doesn't understand people. It's because you're SO FULL OF YOURSELF. You think highly of yourself, you think you're better than other people.. just because you're prettier, richer, smarter and everything along the line. What if those are snatched away from you? What's left of you?

I think I've finally had it. Sheesh.. just please, please, please get over yourself. You're not that great and that's why you're never happy with what you've had.

p/s: Gosh.. I'm so pissed off!!

My Raya

It was kinda hectic.. travelling from Sandakan to KL, to Melaka then to Taiping.. next to Gerik, back to KL and lastly crossing the South China Sea to be in Sandakan again. Pheww!! But it was all worth it coz I really enjoyed myself visiting people and stuffing myself with raya dishes like lemang, rendang, ketupat, kuih raya, tidbits and many more. It is the only time of the year where the rest of the family would gather and catch up with one another. We got the chance to visit our friends and relatives of both sides too. It was indeed an occasion to be remembered, marking our first Raya celebration as husband and wife. Happy Raya! (loadsa open houses to be attended this weekend!)

food, glorious food
my in-laws
the siblings (one MIA)
with hanim and her babies (one is inside the tummy! due soon~)

students visiting

Glitter Words

Monday, October 5, 2009

Eyeliner, anyone?

The Face Shop Extreme Brush Pen Eyeliner

What I like about this eyeliner...
  • resembles a calligraphy brush
  • guarantees an even line in just one stroke
  • easy to apply
  • fast-drying
  • clean and smear-free
  • handy, compact and easy to hold
  • gives you a sleek look instantly
What I don't like about this eyeliner...
  • it does not last long! huhu...
  • it's not really water-resistant
  • it's not refillable
In conclusion, it is recommended for all eyeliner freaks, only if you're willing to spend extra time reapplying it over and over again. Cheers! :)