Wednesday, April 30, 2008

As far as I could

I don't know why but I really feel like listening to this song. It acts up like a wake up call for me so that I realise some things are not meant to be ours. We need to go far away before it starts killing us from the inside. It's heartbreaking, really. Sometimes I wonder whether that person really cares about me or not. Sometimes he just comes and go whenever he likes, leaving me all alone fighting with my feelings. I can't sleep tonight and requested for this song. I never knew how influential this song had been on my life right now..

Ungu - Sejauh Mungkin

Lelah hati yang tak kau lihat andai saja 
Dapat kau rasa kan letihnya jiwaku karna sifatmu 

Indah cinta yang kau berikan kini tiada 
Lagi kudapatkan teduhnya jiwa 

Baiknya kupergi tinggalkan dirimu 
Sejauh mungkin untuk melupakan 

Indah cinta yang kau berikan kini tiada 
Lagi kudapatkan teduhnya jiwa 

Baiknya kupergi tinggalkan dirimu 
Sejauh mungkin untuk melupakan 
Dirimu yang slalu tak pedulikan ku 
Yang mencintaimu, yang menyayangimu 

Bila saat nanti aku jauh 
Kuharap kau mengerti 
Kuharap kau sadari

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dang, Baby!

My act of kindness is repaid wif this!! Huhuhu..

I am never ever ever ever goin to give way to those who drive the wrong way down a one-way street again!! (I fear my bumper will 'kiss' another drain in the road AGAIN, so, yes, thanks for nothing)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my ride

At first I decided to buy a car a bit later, maybe in June or July. But due to some circumstances, I could not help buying it like 2 months earlier than I planned.

It's a green Myvi and I'm simply loving it. My very own car! My very first big property! It's very convenient to have your own car. I easily move 'round. It doesn't matter even if I have to stay at school after school hours coz I no longer have to worry about not getting a taxi to go home or whatnot. The plate number is also nice - SS1900L (yay, finally i have a Sabah's plate no! hihihihi)

"Hi Lo, what are the colours available for the time being if I want it asap?"
"Green, white bla bla bla"
"How long does it take to process?"
"Since it's available in stock so you can actually get it within 2 weeks' time"
"Great, book me a green one then!"

How easy-peasy.. I booked it last week and within less than 2 weeks, I got hold of my baby V already! Mine, all mine!! ;)

I heard that the interest rate for cars will increase soon.. lucky me I got mine before that.. And one more thing, with the rumours of there will be an increment of the oil price soon, there'll be no more unnecessary rides around town or whatnot.. but let's enjoy while we still can! i mean.. its not like we can escape from buying petrol no matter what the price is, aite? hohoho (am surprised dat am so positive about dis, dun ask me, i simply haf no bloody idea why)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

the getaway

after busying myself wif the drama for the past few months.. i reckon i totally deserve a break.. and yes, be going back to kl tomorrow for the weekend.. just wanna get away from the nature city.. and see my beloved and of course, shop, shop, shop (ahaha).. i can't wait!!

din inform many peep about this since am going off only for the weekend.. so, shhhhh~! *winksss*

English Drama Carnival 2008

~the team~

We won!
Yes, dats all I could say! LOL


The competition was held in Dewan ILP yesterday. I must admit that our opponents were aiming to beat our school.. but watching all the performances, I must say that our school's still the best (tho there's still room for improvement)! The issue highlighted the effects of bullying and was far more serious than other schools which basically had the same themes - fairytales.. were they like running out of idea or sumthing?? But, dun get me wrong, it was entertaining as well.

hanging out wif best buds @ cafeteria
"why is tat girl staring over here??"
"talk about a badddd hair day!"

bullies in action
"you're all ready to play a little game.. how bout lexi says?"
"am nottt doing this!!"

teacher concluding the story
"thus, teachers and parents need to look into their minds and understand their world"

We held hands together tightly when they announced the winners and runner-ups.. we were so nervous! The organiser mistakenly announced us to be the 5th place! Imagine how disappointed we were at that time! We were wondering if we got the 5th place.. the champion must be, u now.. very very good.. the thing is.. not to brag or anything.. its juz that we did not see any (tho i must say batu sapi freaks me out a little)!

They saved us from all the humiliation and frustration by announcing the correct ones... phewwww! As some must have guessed, the organiser might mistakenly announce our group as the 5th place because our school was at the top of the list (the champion, u see?).. Alhamdulillah, all's well ends well.. we were to represent Sandakan in the state level drama carnival some time in July (TBA). We 're going to start the intensive training after the hols.

I hope with all the hard work, we would be able to represent Sabah at the nationals.. Who knows.. luck might be on our side? Fingers crossed.

Practice, and more practice coming uppppppp!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

drama anxieties

we've been training and practising for the past 2 months, everyday, like crazy man I tell you.. and the competition is gonna be tomorrow!! u can imagine the tension am feeling ryte now.. so far, i think they're doing ultimately okay, and we really hope that we could win this time, having the last year's team only got the second place. then, we got the chance to represent Sandakan in the state level.. but whoooooaaa.. that means more work!!!! whatever it is, do our best and break a leg, team!!

i wonder if they can sleep tonite, coz i definitely cannot.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Juz gabbing on...

Ooh yeah.. be going to Wellington mid next month for my convocation.. can't wait! Bought the tix a few months back.. and from Sandakan - Wellington (return), it only cost us (me and anotha fren who's goin) less than RM2500, talk about value for money! Btw, its Royal Brunei and not MAS. Hope everything will go according to plan, though a lil bit cacat la the ceremony is like ONE WEEK before the SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! (will come back on the 18th, cuti starts on d 24th) That means I need to apply for Cuti Rehat Khas.. And the week I'll be going there is like the examination week! OK la kan? Hope my Pengetua will approve my cuti. By hook or by crook! (i mean, ive bought the tix oredi! unless he wants to give me refund) Ha-ha. 

Other than that, am planning to buy a car soon. Just a Myvi for the time being, to get me around the town easily. Am getting the green one, what do ya'll think? *winkss*

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Rude Awakening

All this while, we've always been on good terms
I dunno what in the world is wrong wif you all of a sudden
Coz I see dat we part ways over something utterly trivial
I couldn't believe my ears when you said the things you said
I am shocked, yes I truly am..
For now I see your true colours

I've learnt my lesson well, thanks to you
I wouldn't trust you as I could throw you
In all conscience, I've no regret over my decision
For I've decided that is the best for both you and me
You've made your bed and now you must lie in it

Au revoir~