Friday, August 29, 2008

Too Much

How much is too much?

Sometimes, some things are just too much too handle for some people.. what more for an ordinary lady like me.. And here's what it is! Despite having suffering a great deal of agonies this week wif my gastric and whatnot.. Now, my menstruation decides to come and visit too!

Wharggghhh.. what a pain! (T_T)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm sick! Yes.. I could hardly walk, sleep and do things normally for the excruciating stomach pain I've been having since last saturday.. And I noe it's not just another episode of period pain coz I haven't got my menstrual yet dis month! It really hurts.. I keep on vomitting not long after I take my meals.. Dat ain't good aite?

I also haf backache due to the stomach pain.. I feel so sick dat am not able to go to work for two days in a row.. My poor students.. I dunno whether you're happy or not teacher is not around but I still feel bad for not leaving you wif any English assignment to be done.. As for most of you are still weak in the language and need lotsa practice.. But it's okay.. I will try to make it up to you as soon as I'm feeling better!

Oh yeah.. just found out about sumthing.. dunno whether it's true or not but here it is. People assume that taking milk is good for those having gastric ulcer as it soothes the acidity in the stomach. But in my condition in which I feel nauseous and start vomitting after eating, it seems like the milk neutralizes the acid thus hinders digestion. But izzit really true? Meaning I must stop drinking milk?? What if milk is the only thing I could take now?? Somebody, please shed me sum light on dis matter!

Whatever it is, I learn that in my condition, it's good that I take lotsa plain water, limit the intake of hot and spicy food, eat more fruits especially citrus fruits and haf plenty and plenty of rest. Eating bananas is a good option, too, since I couldn't really eat proper food, as it gives me the energy to get going. wish that I could be back on my feet anytime soon!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Rush Hour

I'm going back to KL in approximately.. hmm lemme see.. 10 hours.. AND:

- I haven't packed my bag!!
- I have extra class for pmr students dis morning for 2 hours!!
- I haven't done my laundry!!
- I haven't thrown the rubbish in the kitchen!!
- I haven't charged my iPod for the journey!!
- I need to go to town to settle some business!!
- my room is a mess and I haven't tidied it up yet!!

Waaaa.. too many things to do, too little time!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The hectic pace of my life

As much as I enjoy the rough and tumble of teaching, dis week has perfectly turned out to be the busiest and most hectic week ever! I got my hands full with lotsa things to be done, I am absolutely amazed at how calm I am at fasting these few days!

Guess the big PMS is back (aha dat explains the mushrooming zits).. I somehow seem to feel how my hormones are raging at the speed of light.. Sorry my studs for falling victim to my fiery temperament.. My behaviour has become completely contemptible, appalling.. I could hardly contain both anger and frustration.. At the fragility of mere human, I feel vulnerable.. Any moment now I could break down and cry.. But, hey, you can't solely blame everything on me, especially when you really got on my nerves these few days.. No thanks to your notoriety for making lots of noise, not handing in work, not cooperating in the classroom and being rude to the teacher (and the list goes on..) Such rebelliousness can't simply be tolerated by any, you know!

Lemme see.. tests.. exams.. seminars.. preparing materials.. pheewww, what a week!! I've finally finished marking 54 exam scripts for my Form 3 studs.. Thank god for that!! But.... despite my lame attempt to overlook another piles of papers on my table, I simply can't obliterate the aftermath! *sob sob* Another two Form 4 classes' scripts to go these coming hols.. Bonne chance, Mademoiselle Aida~! *winksss*

At a very low ebb, I heave a sigh of blandness...

(Waaaaa.. I can hardly wait for my holsssss!! Roll on this week!! Hey Aida, forgotten about the camp and tuition classes??! Whutttaaa..!! *shrieksss*)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Luv em, hate em

They can make you smile and roll on the floor laughing
But they can also make you weep buckets and cry your eyes out
So much for the fair-weather friends
Most of em prefer to go away rather than stay
With friends like em, who needs enemies?
But be that as it may, some kindred spirits can be as good as it gets

Sometimes, they can make you miss them like crazy
Like couples in love, even distance could not draw you apart
At worst, they can make you feel like you're unnecessary and strictly episodic
Phone calls, smses, e-mails, messaging.. oh you are so yesterday

Some of em accept you for the way you are
Some of em accept you for the way they want you to be
At one point, you're their bestriend, their ally
At one point, they go and gang up against you
Until you feel hopeless, until you feel helpless
Up to a point where you wish you had never been born

For we are far from perfect,
For we all have our own Achilles heel,
These are whom we call friends
You either love em, or hate em

For the better, or for worse
The choice is in your hands

p/s: here I am, prattling again.. pardon my meanderings, just thinking aloud~

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What a Bummer!

I dunno who in the world did dis (pointing at the pic below) to my Baby V.. but I am ultimately F.U.R.I.O.U.S!! I just found out about dis lil mishap yesterday.. and I knew someone is as guilty as sin and he or she is not taking the blame! Apparently parking at the side of the road at school is not a good idea after all!! Eeeee geramnya aku!

Will you just look at that! Shame on you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Celebration dinner, and more

I keep on reminding myself over and over again to write a post on our drama team celebration dinner last Saturday, and only today I manage to do so.. been kinda busy these few days..

Anyhu, yeah, the celebration dinner.

Us teachers had been planning for a lil celebration to celebrate our (loss? nah..) drama team who had been working so hard these few months for both divisional and state level competitions. Although we managed to get only the consolation prize, these people deserved to be celebrated. So we'd decided to have buffet steamboat at Trig Hill.

eat till you drop, peep!

I must say it was a longgggggg way to go uphill to Trig Hill! Imagine switching off the air-cond, changing from 'Drive' to gear 2 and accelerating all the way up.. that's how steep the way to Trig Hhill is! But I must admit, the view on the way to the top is superb! I felt like stopping in the middle of the road (coz apparently the road is very narrow) just to take pics! But, of course, I didn't.. especially not at 6.40pm when it was too dark to see properly! It's okay, am saving it for next time, especially when am geared up wif my Z20! hihihihi

The boys came late (ehem ehem), talk about perfect gentlemen! Anyhu, these kiddos really can eat.. am utterly impressed! At RM21 all-you-can-eat buffet steamboat, apparently they din wanna miss a thing! *winkssss*

happy birthday, girls!!

mixed fruit or chocolate cake.. which one do u prefer? ;)

And, yes, we also celebrated Beatrice and Joseanne's birthdays.. Happy belated birthday, Beatrice and happy birthday in advance, Joseanne! Hope you both enjoy the two huge and yummy cakes we'd prepare in order to surprise you two! *grin*

Afta the dinner, we headed to Encore Karaoke at Sabah Hotel as the night was still early. Lat went home as she was not feeling well dat nite, too bad. Hope you are feeling better already! Anyhu.. we took the largest room that could fit us all in.. and it was crazy!! The boys really knew how to liven up the night! The girls, sum of em can really sing well. I joined em singing too.. I mean, I always lurvvee singing! So, basically, all of us enjoyed the night.. apart from me and Hiew yawning all the way thru! lol

crazy people, crazy nite.. but we had fun!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Come on, sleepyhead

When I came back home today, omigod, there was no electricity! I suddenly regretted coming back home so early for it was damn freaking hotttt.. Initially, I planned to go out today but decided it's better for me to juz stay at home coz I felt so sticky and smelly after a long day at work.. but i couldn't take my bath! Eeeuuwww! But why, you ask me? Yes, it's becoz I need to turn the heater on in order to shower.. Else, the water pressure will be so low dat I cannot shower at all.. But as I mentioned before, no electricity! So.. how?

Having nothing to do, I ended up sleeping all afternoon.. till.. erm.. 7 sumthing? Gosh, musta been very very tired then! But I must admit, been having trouble sleeping at night lately.. Oh no! Dun tell me my insomnia is back??!! Juz now, in the classroom, since the students were having either exam or test, I couldn't help myself yawning and yawning, and yawning! Lucky me I din doze off right in front of the studs.. (gosh.. I dun even want to imagine if that really happens!) Anyhu..yeah, lemme refresh my memory.. I slept at 2 last nite.. Surprise, surprise..

Alright, enough blabbing, gotta get back to work amidst the headache I've bin having since I woke up juz now (urgghh). Chowz.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

What kind of chocolate are you?

You are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate

You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.

Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.

You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

Now it's your turn.. what kind of chocolate are you?

Kwang kwang kwang..
Truly very innocent? lol
Quiet flirt and often underestimated? lol