Monday, May 31, 2010


Just a quick update: I will be away for a couple of days or so for some much needed R & R. Gosh, I deserve it! I'm currently in Labuan and will depart for Brunei later. Thank you Hygi for being our tourist guide cum driver here. Hehe. That's it, for now. Ciao.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Not Happy

Huh, I thought so!! 
(tak gentle langsung!)
In case you can't see it, it's "Permohonan pertukaran anda ke Selangor tidak diluluskan."

p/s: Does every cloud have a silver lining?

p/p/s: My broadband modem fell down and was spoiled for good.. Ni online dari sekolah.. Boo-hoo~

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm pretty swamped these few weeks, so don't expect much in the way of pithy entries. This week is turning out to be bloody hectic. I've got a mountain of papers to be marked and books to be checked, I'm busy finalising the marks, also working on some paperwork and whatnot, ahhhh the joy of being a teacher. Deep down inside I really do enjoy my work, but it's just keeping me uber busy at the moment.

One thing that has been bothering me is whether I'd be able to finish the marking on time. You see, I have 5 classes of 50 altogether, and students write two essays each.. so that makes about 500 essays to be marked @_@ So far, 2 (classes) down, 3 more to go.. Roughly speaking, all is nearing completion and everything is coming along nicely.. I just need more time (and motivation!) to do it! Been slacking off a bit lately.. heh.

Oh and on the same note, once I've finished the marking, I've to prepare the Laporan Kemajuan Murid for my class which has to be completed individually.. More work, but it has to be done. It's all gonna be busy, busy, busy!

On top of all this, the Teacher's Day Celebration is coming yet I haven't decided on the song(s) I'm going to perform on that day.. Last year I sang the acoustic version of "Breakaway" and "Time of Your Life" but this year I really have no idea what to do! Do you have any interesting song(s) in mind? Any suggestion to this will be of great help. ^^

The holidays are approaching.. can't wait!

That's it, for now :)

p/s: My future is being decided tomorrow. Be gentle please! >.<

Friday, May 21, 2010

Most Difficult Question Ever

Before you read any further, lemme give you some background information about the short story in which the whole entry is all about. It's called 'The Drover's Wife' and it revolves around the life of a woman with her four children, living a hard and quiet life in an isolated bush in Australia. The husband was a drover so he wasn't around most of the time. Dipendekkan cerita, one day a snake entered the house and this threatened their safety. The woman did everything she could to protect her children, with the help of the house dog. In the end, she managed to kill the snake and next, burned it. The eldest son made a promise not to be a drover as he wanted to protect the family from such danger. The end~

Okay, now, the question:

"What is the name of the dog? Why did she bring it into the house?"

To my surprise, my students came up with different responses. I didn't realise that the dog has so many 'nicknames'!!
  1. Tommy - helloo, this is the eldest son of the family!
  2. Rhino - where the heck does that come from?
  3. Lessie - sounds familiar.. is it from a movie?
  4. Brave/Fierce - okay, okay, I know that the dog IS brave and fierce, so?
  5. Rocky - err.. 
  6. Armagala - like, seriously?? sounds like armadillo to me
  7. Black - is this the guy from the reality TV show Mentor?
and the 'best' response I've got so far is:
     8. Si Comel!! - kot ye pun taktau, at least letaklah nama matsalleh kan.. ish ish..

Are you sure it's not Alligator, guys? Enlighten me.

p/s: Soalan paling senang pun tak boleh jawab. Nampak sangat tak study. Aiyokk!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy, Happy Day

20 May 2002

This was the most memorable moment for me and Hubby.. It was the very day we had declared ourselves as a couple after knowing each other for a few months. Back then I was working part-time at a computer centre so I spent most of my time in front of the PC. Did I tell you I met him at an online forum? We did! At first I didn't really like him since he was such a bully! Ha-ha. Gradually we became friends and to be frank, I really miss the time when we used to chat in the forum, or talk on the phone for hours, sometimes till the wee hours of the morning. Ahh, the good old days. 

I still remember the day that we first met. It was in Shah Alam, when we planned to go to the forum's gathering together. He was so shy at that time I tell you! It was so funny looking at him feeling uncomfortable when I looked him in the eye! Ha-ha. By the way, he took leave from work just to accompany me for that few days. Okay, that was flattering indeed, and maybe that was why I've fallen in love with him. Hee. Back then I was making a transition from high school to college life and he has always been around, and it's okay, coz I truly enjoyed his company, then and now. Somehow it has got something to do with his laid-back attitude - he always makes me laugh, stays incredibly calm whenever we fight and most importantly, he truly cares about me, and he shows it :)

Us, then (gosh I look so nerdy)

20 May 2010

Eight years have passed since then yet we're still together and have been blessed with a wonderful marriage.. I've found a friend, lover and soul mate in him.. I love you, honey! The world is forever changing, but my love for you remains the same (maybe more!) 

There are a lot of years and many anniversaries to come.. I'll meet you on the next, Hubs! ;)

Us, now.. happier than ever :)
People say we look alike.. do we? 
(orang tua kata jodoh panjang.. insyaallah..)
On our auspicious wedding day.. united at last!

p/s: Happy birthday to my sister, Yan and friend, Kit!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trouble Is My Friend

Prepared my dinner just now: Pasta Alfredo.. fresh from the packet! All you have to do is boil water with milk and butter, stir well and pour in the spaghetti mix and voila! To add an extra zing of taste, I added in some sausages and green peas - you should try it too, it's great. However, I must admit it didn't look that appealing or 'normal' (in the sense that it was different compared to last time I cooked it - no pic coz dah buang). Its taste was different too. But I ate it anyway.. didn't I tell you I was famished?

After a few spoonfuls, however, I'd decided that I just couldn't go on anymore, even while watching my favourite drama series Glee on TV.. It was just so horrible I'd rather eat biscuits (it is that bad, not because I'm a lousy cook lol). Seriously. So I threw it away and instantly felt better. I know that it was such a waste (and evil) throwing perfectly good food (heh, perfect ke?) but dah tak lalu nak telan kan, nanti muntah pulak.. So I believe that that justified everything.. HOWEVER, all of a sudden, my gut instinct asked me to do something.. something I should've done way earlier - checking the expiry date of the packet! Look what I found:

25 April 2010?? You gotta be kidding me!! 

Okay, okay, I know I can be partially blamed for this but surely the store is at fault too, isn't it? I mean, how can they sell food items that have passed their expiry dates?? Grrrr... tak pepasal jadi mangsa!

I have a bad feeling about this... >.<

p/s: Shit happens.

p/p/s: Preparing myself for any possibility. Tsk.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yearning, Wanting, Wishing

Have you ever wanted something so bad it hurt?

Have you ever wanted something so much you keep dreaming about it, and that no matter what you did, you couldn't stop thinking about it?

I do.. but even the richest man on the planet can't give me what I want! Ha-ha. 

Sometimes dreams are weird and have nothing to do with reality, but these past few weeks, I guess I've been so fixated on getting something badly that now it has crept into my dream world as well. I can't describe how happy I was when I got that something.. It was so beautiful it makes you wanna cry.. Only God knows. Now, I just hope it's one of those dreams that actually come true.. Even if it's not, I still want it.. Ha-ha. (someone, please salvage me from this oblivion!) 

But it's okay, coz I'm trying everything and anything to make it happen.. All I have to say is this: if you want something badly then you must do everything under the sun to make it come true.. 

Dreams do come true. There are things we really want but we just have to be patient. Sometimes what we want and what we need are two different things. Just a thought. Listen, don't be hard on yourself if you have a setback or don't accomplish something you had planned. After all, good things come to those who wait.. (whattt? no way, I want it now :p)

p/s: What do I want? :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

Thanks for the Teacher's Day wishes through SMS, Facebook, Twitter or in person! I'm so flattered.. It's true that the importance of teachers in our lives can't be expressed in simple words or through the celebrations of Teacher's Day. But it wouldn't be wrong to say that the messages, speeches or appreciation in whichever forms add more charm to the joyous mood of 16th May. 

Here are some of my favourites:

"Three people reached heaven's gate. God said only one can go to heaven, others must go to hell. 1st: I'm a Priest. I spread your teachings to the world. 2nd: I'm a doctor. I save lives. 3rd: I'm a teacher. Heaven's door opened. The teacher was shocked. God said: Come in my child! You were in HELL for many years.. Happy Teacher's Day!" (LOL)

"Teacher is like Pepsi - Ask for More.. Teacher is like Nike - Just Do It.. Teacher is like Nokia - Connecting People.. Also, teacher is like McD - I'm Loving It!" (LOL)

"Guru bagaikan NTV7 kerana CERIA SELALU.. Guru juga kadangkala seperti TV3 kerana menjadi INSPIRASI HIDUPKU..Yang pasti guru juga bagaikan TV9, DEKAT DI HATI.. Dan yang paling penting, guru juga bagaikan pakej ASTRO kerana MACAM-MACAM ADA!" (LOL)

"Banyak-banyak kerja, kerja guru yang paling banyak, paling teruja, paling tak pernah sudah, dan yang paling gila.. Jangan cikgu gila buat kerja berjela-jela dan layan budak-budak yang peelnya gila-gila.. Namun, kerja cikgu lah yang paling mulia.. Selamat Hari Guru!" (LOL)

"Ada murid malu-malu, ada murid macam hantu.. Sakit kepala tergaru-garu.. Apalagi nak buat kata anak muridku? Bila nak exam lagi la haru, budak-budak kata 'don't worry' cikgu, muka confident kononnya tahu.. Bila tanda apasal takda yang biru? Sabarlah cikguuuu..." (LOL)

.. and many more! They truly made my day yesterday.. Thanks again! To all teachers out there: Happy Teacher's Day.. Let's continue to inspire students of all walks of life to become better human being! :)

p/s: Happy 26th birthday, Fasha!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When Friendship Hurts

I guess some people never really learn from their mistakes. Take 'this person' for example. When I'd decided that I didn't want to be her friend anymore, simply because I couldn't stand her "better than you" attitude and giant ego, I thought that I'd given her a lesson on friendship. But she proved me wrong. She's indeed the touch-and-go and fair-weather kind of friend I believe no one wants to mingle with. She's friendless now but she still dares to ask for major help from someone she used to hate and back stab before (our other friend)! They rarely speak to each other after a breakdown but all of a sudden they're the best of friends - just because she has nobody else to turn to for help! Talk about karma! (luckily the other friend said no)

Has she no shame, no sense of decency? Of course not, and now I know why: she is one selfish bitch who doesn't care about other people but herself! It's always about her, her, her! She's one big suck up and she manipulates everyone around her in order to get what she wants. She doesn't care if she had ever hurt their feelings before whatsoever. She just wants to cover her own ass even if it means she has to lie, cheat and pretend. She has to be the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth, and what's even more pathetic is that she is too dumb to see it (coz she's too full of herself as usual). I can't tell you how much I hate this woman yet I can't do anything about it except avoid any contact with her. It works so far.

It's in my nature to strive to be the best friend I can be to those I consider to be a friend to me but I've realised that over time some friendships do not mean as much to the other person as they do to me. Hence, it'd be better to put distance between us before one of us intentionally gets hurt. I'm just really fed up caring about friends who couldn't care less about me. I used to wonder why am I holding onto this friendship when it makes me so unhappy.. But now I've long given up on her and I don't regret it. In fact, it was the best decision I've ever made.

p/s: Have you ever gotten rid of your bad friends?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleeping 'Beauties'

Macam-macam gaya ada...

I'm trying really hard to comprehend why students like to sleep in class. Most came up with a million excuses including "bored", "tired" or "don't understand". When I asked them to explain further why they were feeling that during the lesson, I was greeted with total silence. Tell me, dear students, how can I help you if you don't tell me what your problem is?

To be frank, I really hate it when I have to scold you every time you sleep in the classroom. First, it's disruptive and time-consuming. When I'm teaching and you're taking your own sweet time to doze off when the only thing you should be doing is concentrating on the lesson, you think I'm just gonna let you get away with that? No way! I don't want you to miss anything, that's why I wake you up, scold you and nag at you. As a result, all the other students have to listen to that too. Poor them. But it has to be done. Second, it's tiresome, especially when I keep reminding you not to sleep, and the more you do that. It's as if you never learn from your past experiences! What frustrates me the most is your "tak apa" attitude. You yourself don't care if you miss out on anything.. You yourself don't care if you fail your paper.. You yourself don't care if the world is tumbling down.. It's all about YOU, YOU and YOU. 

Doesn't it sound selfish? It does, and you ARE selfish. The world doesn't just revolve around you, okay. So if you don't help yourself, then no one else can. Come on, it's time to grow up, guys.

The first step for changing your habit is to get rid of negative feelings. Negative feelings can prevent you from thinking or behaving reasonably. Think positive and have some faith in yourself. You can overcome all obstacles if you learn how to appreciate yourself, knowing you can do anything if you set your heart on it. Next, decide what you want. Your life lies before you so you have to live it to the fullest by doing useful and meaningful things. Opportunities will not come knocking at your door.. you have to grab it whenever you have the chance. It's now or never. It gets easier once you know what you want in life. You can come up with routines, timetables or other plans to help you manage your time better so that there'll be no incidences like "staying up the night before" or "no time" or "got tuition" etc. etc.

Everybody says they wanna change.. but few are willing to take the step. Everything starts within you. To say 'can' is merely to state you have potential, but to say 'will' is to take the first step. It's not always easy; the first step you take is always the most important one. If we are not yet what we wish to become, how can we become so without changing? Think about it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

C'est la Vie

Aida Amin Fed-up betul berurusan dgn govmnt agencies.. Kalau call tak pernahnya berjawab! And u call yourself PUBLIC SERVANTS?? BS! Hmmpphh!

p/s: Aida likes this!