Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trouble Is My Friend

Prepared my dinner just now: Pasta Alfredo.. fresh from the packet! All you have to do is boil water with milk and butter, stir well and pour in the spaghetti mix and voila! To add an extra zing of taste, I added in some sausages and green peas - you should try it too, it's great. However, I must admit it didn't look that appealing or 'normal' (in the sense that it was different compared to last time I cooked it - no pic coz dah buang). Its taste was different too. But I ate it anyway.. didn't I tell you I was famished?

After a few spoonfuls, however, I'd decided that I just couldn't go on anymore, even while watching my favourite drama series Glee on TV.. It was just so horrible I'd rather eat biscuits (it is that bad, not because I'm a lousy cook lol). Seriously. So I threw it away and instantly felt better. I know that it was such a waste (and evil) throwing perfectly good food (heh, perfect ke?) but dah tak lalu nak telan kan, nanti muntah pulak.. So I believe that that justified everything.. HOWEVER, all of a sudden, my gut instinct asked me to do something.. something I should've done way earlier - checking the expiry date of the packet! Look what I found:

25 April 2010?? You gotta be kidding me!! 

Okay, okay, I know I can be partially blamed for this but surely the store is at fault too, isn't it? I mean, how can they sell food items that have passed their expiry dates?? Grrrr... tak pepasal jadi mangsa!

I have a bad feeling about this... >.<

p/s: Shit happens.

p/p/s: Preparing myself for any possibility. Tsk.


huda.othman said...

aunty aida...napa la ko ceta pasal food ni...aku terus lapar...*teringat pulak zmn2 kat welly dulu...time assignment jer, mesti masak mcm2, konon2 release tensen..hehe..

isabelle said...

time i niat nak posa ni la, u letak gmbr benda alah tu...
hee..expired few days jer...x teruk sgt kot. dont feel that bad.

Aida Ikmal said...

huda: best masak dulu2 sebab korang ada untuk makan! hihi

isabelle: i tot so - kena stomach ache today! my perut ni sensitive sikit is, if salah makan or x berapa masak ke etc etc sure sakit :(