Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

I'm pretty swamped these few weeks, so don't expect much in the way of pithy entries. This week is turning out to be bloody hectic. I've got a mountain of papers to be marked and books to be checked, I'm busy finalising the marks, also working on some paperwork and whatnot, ahhhh the joy of being a teacher. Deep down inside I really do enjoy my work, but it's just keeping me uber busy at the moment.

One thing that has been bothering me is whether I'd be able to finish the marking on time. You see, I have 5 classes of 50 altogether, and students write two essays each.. so that makes about 500 essays to be marked @_@ So far, 2 (classes) down, 3 more to go.. Roughly speaking, all is nearing completion and everything is coming along nicely.. I just need more time (and motivation!) to do it! Been slacking off a bit lately.. heh.

Oh and on the same note, once I've finished the marking, I've to prepare the Laporan Kemajuan Murid for my class which has to be completed individually.. More work, but it has to be done. It's all gonna be busy, busy, busy!

On top of all this, the Teacher's Day Celebration is coming yet I haven't decided on the song(s) I'm going to perform on that day.. Last year I sang the acoustic version of "Breakaway" and "Time of Your Life" but this year I really have no idea what to do! Do you have any interesting song(s) in mind? Any suggestion to this will be of great help. ^^

The holidays are approaching.. can't wait!

That's it, for now :)

p/s: My future is being decided tomorrow. Be gentle please! >.<


MrPayid said...

waaaaa, a nice collaboration ebtween student and teacher..suggest to you "if tomorrow never come".. dedicate to me k..ekekekek

isabelle said...

apa kata this year u buat tap dance. hehehe.
btw, i am gonna change my blog address to very soon. will let u know the new one.
xnak announce kat blog sebab nak elak certain silent readers tau.hehe

Aida Ikmal said...

tap dance? alamak tak tau la.. nak belajar pun tak sempat.. the event is nx wk hehe..

ok jangan lupa bg tau pasal blog add tu k! ;)