Saturday, May 15, 2010

When Friendship Hurts

I guess some people never really learn from their mistakes. Take 'this person' for example. When I'd decided that I didn't want to be her friend anymore, simply because I couldn't stand her "better than you" attitude and giant ego, I thought that I'd given her a lesson on friendship. But she proved me wrong. She's indeed the touch-and-go and fair-weather kind of friend I believe no one wants to mingle with. She's friendless now but she still dares to ask for major help from someone she used to hate and back stab before (our other friend)! They rarely speak to each other after a breakdown but all of a sudden they're the best of friends - just because she has nobody else to turn to for help! Talk about karma! (luckily the other friend said no)

Has she no shame, no sense of decency? Of course not, and now I know why: she is one selfish bitch who doesn't care about other people but herself! It's always about her, her, her! She's one big suck up and she manipulates everyone around her in order to get what she wants. She doesn't care if she had ever hurt their feelings before whatsoever. She just wants to cover her own ass even if it means she has to lie, cheat and pretend. She has to be the biggest hypocrite on the face of the earth, and what's even more pathetic is that she is too dumb to see it (coz she's too full of herself as usual). I can't tell you how much I hate this woman yet I can't do anything about it except avoid any contact with her. It works so far.

It's in my nature to strive to be the best friend I can be to those I consider to be a friend to me but I've realised that over time some friendships do not mean as much to the other person as they do to me. Hence, it'd be better to put distance between us before one of us intentionally gets hurt. I'm just really fed up caring about friends who couldn't care less about me. I used to wonder why am I holding onto this friendship when it makes me so unhappy.. But now I've long given up on her and I don't regret it. In fact, it was the best decision I've ever made.

p/s: Have you ever gotten rid of your bad friends?


Miss Fasha said...

wow.. sapekah itu?
it that me?

Aida Ikmal said...

certainly it's not u :)

isabelle said...

hmm... sometimes i ask myself whether i am being that kinda person too.