Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleeping 'Beauties'

Macam-macam gaya ada...

I'm trying really hard to comprehend why students like to sleep in class. Most came up with a million excuses including "bored", "tired" or "don't understand". When I asked them to explain further why they were feeling that during the lesson, I was greeted with total silence. Tell me, dear students, how can I help you if you don't tell me what your problem is?

To be frank, I really hate it when I have to scold you every time you sleep in the classroom. First, it's disruptive and time-consuming. When I'm teaching and you're taking your own sweet time to doze off when the only thing you should be doing is concentrating on the lesson, you think I'm just gonna let you get away with that? No way! I don't want you to miss anything, that's why I wake you up, scold you and nag at you. As a result, all the other students have to listen to that too. Poor them. But it has to be done. Second, it's tiresome, especially when I keep reminding you not to sleep, and the more you do that. It's as if you never learn from your past experiences! What frustrates me the most is your "tak apa" attitude. You yourself don't care if you miss out on anything.. You yourself don't care if you fail your paper.. You yourself don't care if the world is tumbling down.. It's all about YOU, YOU and YOU. 

Doesn't it sound selfish? It does, and you ARE selfish. The world doesn't just revolve around you, okay. So if you don't help yourself, then no one else can. Come on, it's time to grow up, guys.

The first step for changing your habit is to get rid of negative feelings. Negative feelings can prevent you from thinking or behaving reasonably. Think positive and have some faith in yourself. You can overcome all obstacles if you learn how to appreciate yourself, knowing you can do anything if you set your heart on it. Next, decide what you want. Your life lies before you so you have to live it to the fullest by doing useful and meaningful things. Opportunities will not come knocking at your door.. you have to grab it whenever you have the chance. It's now or never. It gets easier once you know what you want in life. You can come up with routines, timetables or other plans to help you manage your time better so that there'll be no incidences like "staying up the night before" or "no time" or "got tuition" etc. etc.

Everybody says they wanna change.. but few are willing to take the step. Everything starts within you. To say 'can' is merely to state you have potential, but to say 'will' is to take the first step. It's not always easy; the first step you take is always the most important one. If we are not yet what we wish to become, how can we become so without changing? Think about it.

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ez@din said...

cabaran tu ida..aku paling bengang kalo ada student tdo...sorry la nk tdo dlm klas i...kalo tso gak berdiri kat luar...kejam x?sbr jer la kan...alhamdulillah dak bersia ni x la seteruk sekolah wan mohd...masih boleh control