Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Extra Mile

Would you go to great lengths or travel a distance just to gratify your food cravings??

I would (heee why am I not surprised? LOL).

Well, It's hard to say no when the
taste and the flavor of the dish is sooo alluring that the chance of stopping or ignoring is out of question! I mean, would you trade these for anything?? (took the long route home just now just to get these okie.. tiba-tiba teringin):

Nasi Dagang with Ikan Kayu

Chicken Wings

This brings back some really amusing-yet-wonderful memories when Hubby and I felt like eating seafood out of the blue and that there's only one place that we had in mind: Anjung Batu... IN MALACCA! Adoiii.. tak jauh langsung!
Sitting down for a fresh seafood meal has become a quintessential part of life for many, but frankly speaking, there's no other place we'd go to devour scrumptious seafood every time we go to Malacca (coz in Sandakan we have Ocean King yum yumm), it's just gotta be that very restaurant (now that I've mentioned it, I forgot its name hahaha)! It's always packed especially at dinner time. We were among the earliest to get there but we got our meal only after one hour or so! Dashyat tak dashyat.. nasib baik sedap! If my memory serves me right, on that day we took turns to drive back to KL just because we indulged in far too much seafood than we should! (kes terlebih makan la ni.. padahal Malacca-KL is like one-and-a-half-hour away jer~) Hahahahahhaa.. But looking at these pictures, all I know it was worth it all.. =)

Hubby khusyuknya makan, he din even look at the camera! lol

p/s: There goes my two hours of vigorous gym session! ;p


isabelle said...

isnt it still okay to have one sinful day of food after a week of exercise in the gym? hahaha.

Aida Ikmal said...

kire cam reward la ek.. reward yang boleh meng-expand-kan waistline hahaha