Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sofa Bed vs. Daybed

I spend most of my time in the family area on the second floor instead of the living room so I'm thinking of getting either a sofa bed or a daybed to complement the simplicity of the area. Nothing too extraordinaire or space-consuming. For the time being, we only have a recliner which only sits one so it's kinda uncomfortable having to watch TV or read while lying or sitting on the floor. 

Why sofa bed? I love it as it functions both as a seating unit and as a sleeping space especially during times in need! It's comfortable and useful as a sofa, and also pleasant as a bed. I also like the fact that I can unzip the slipcovers and throw them in the wash. And it looks cool as a sofa. What concerns me is that sofa beds require you to unfold and open up to make a bed. It's a bit of a hassle having to do that actually. But it's not like we have guests all the time, right? (padahal sendiri yang nak guna) It can also be surprisingly heavy with the folded frame and mattress. Plus, it offers limited comfort (for sleeping) as the mattress has to be thin and flexible in order to fold away when not it use. Most sofa beds I found are not very comfortable for day to day sofa use. How do they hold up? Any idea? I like the idea of the product but obviously if it's not comfortable (for sitting and for sleeping) or if the construction is going to be flimsy then it's not worth it.
Something like this, perhaps

Why daybed? It's sofa in the daytime which turns into a bed for the night. A typical daybed can sleep two people. It's well suited for relaxing, lounging and  most importantly, sleeping - as it offers more support and comfort as it has a real mattress instead of a foldable one. What's good about it is that it comes as it is - no set up whatsoever is required before it can be used. It also looks stylish. My concern is just that it takes up space as its frames are commonly available in single or twin size (if my family area besar takpe la jugak) and requires us to get a mattress which is sold separately (if you want more comfort means you need to invest in a better mattress.. standard lah kan?). Plus, it's extremely heavy and not practical to be moved from one spot to another (if you intend to do so from time to time). Daybeds are also often too deep, even with many pillows along the back of it for sitting. There isn't much back support so you couldn't really lean against the back. In short, daybeds are not that comfortable as a sofa but it's great for sleeping.

What I have in mind is something like this... 
...or this. (Thanks IKEA)

I went to IKEA the other day and saw a daybed which I liked (first picture). It's wood-framed and has additional storage but unfortunately it doesn't fit the budget. I also found a sofa bed to my liking but, of course, the price is just ridiculously expensive! Well, maybe we need to hunt for one at a local store instead. Personally, I'd go for a daybed as it's a versatile option which can offer comfort and support for sleeping and additional seating in the room. However, after considering my priorities, I think I'll use it more as a sofa than a bed, so, practically, a sofa bed is a much better option for sitting and sleeping, especially when living space is at a premium. What say you?


yaya|azura said...

I love IKEA daybed yang iron frame. Dulu ada, skrg takde dah .. yang ada this one sangat boring lak nampak. Kan??

Aida Ikmal said...

iron frame memang cun tapi kalau nak lean memang tak best sebab keras and menyakitkan.. tu i prefer yang kayu hehe.. tapi it's good for sleeping sebab tilam betul. tapi tu lah.. xtau yang mana satu.. i want a daybed tapi macam tak praktikal lak untuk my current family area yang agak sempit

Tandem Solutions said...

That first sofa bed is a really nice one