Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Softer and Mushier Side of Me

It has only been about a month of separation yet I miss him like crazy.. yes, I do! I'd been kinda occupied with work these few weeks and rarely got the time to keep in touch with my other half.. Well, that's what you get when you're a million miles apart! Every night I sleep early without even listening to his voice and that makes me terribly sad coz we're just a phone call away :(

But you just can't help it when you're too tired, I must say! Also, his new shift pattern is kinda funny and odd, so yeah, I will need to bear with it though deep inside I don't want to. Huhu. Living a single life can be fun and carefree but it can also lead to feelings of loneliness. There's no one around for you to look after, pamper, talk to, argue with or even bully! Haha. It's true, I can't live without him. Practically, he's been around like.. forever, so not being able to be together even after we're married is too much. Reality bites, yeah I know, but there's nothing much we could do about it now. Not yet.


Sometimes when I'm sitting alone in my room, all I could think about is the 'wow' moments we had together.. The time when we walked hand in hand everywhere we go.. the time when we watched movies at the cinema and I snuggled closer to you coz I was feeling cold (or scared).. the time when you snapped my pictures when I wasn't looking.. or even the time when we were lying lazily on the couch watching tv and you kissed me on the forehead unexpectedly.. That was when my world seems so right.. and that was why I've just got to be near you every minute of everyday..

So, let this weekend come soon while the rest of the hols pass slowly coz I can't wait to see you, husband! ;)

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MrPayid said...

sabor...s esungguhnya penantian itu satu pnyeksaan.. bila ianya berakhir, nikmat rindu adalah tidak terkira