Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Friends or Foes?

People say make new friends and keep the old ones; some are silver and the others gold. But some people just aren't worth keeping. I'm not advocating cutting off all ties from your friends, for all I know you might have grown up with them and you may be who you are because of them. But your life is changing, so go with it.

You know you want to dump your best friend and make new friends up when (I came across
this some time ago, just thought I'd share the list):

1) She Is Only Your Friend When It Is Convenient for Her (comment: Fair-weather friends! They seek you only when they need something from you!)

2) She Can't Be Happy for You (comment: I sense a hint of jealousy! If you're a good friend you should have been happy for your friends, not the other way around!)

3) She Is a Source of Stress … Often (comment: Constant emotional outbursts and mood swings? Continual calls in the middle of the night demanding for TLC? Come on, even best gals need to have a break! Shouldn't we, like, work on being more comfortable with each other instead?)

4) She Constantly Asks for Your Advice, Yet Never Takes It (comment: What a waste of time and energy! We've been made believe that they actually care about what we're saying when in fact, they're not! Beware of such friends!)

5) She Tries to Make You Feel Guilty (comment: I hate it when people place me in a difficult position.. Like when we have to pick sides though we know they're at fault etc. etc. Being friends doesn't mean we have to say 'yes' all the time okie..)

Sounds familiar? But oh, it could just all be a misunderstanding! If you can, fix it! You don't want to detach a friend that you're not sure about! Real friends have the tendency to clear problems up with a good and honest conversation. So hold nothing back, express your real emotions. And if it still doesn't work, well, you do what you have to do.

Ni ape kes 'special' dah jadi 'specail'??! lol

Now, what if it is the other way around? Well, if your best friend moves on then you have to move on as well, there's absolutely no point for you to hang in there. Be thankful for the time you had with them and spend time with your other friends. After all, times change and friends do come and go throughout your life as you age! It sucks, I know, but welcome to the real world!!

So, are you friend or foe?

p/s: I miss all my girl friendssss (you know who you are! *winksss*)


isabelle said...

good friends are like gems-precious and rare. foes are like dead leaves-found everywhere!kan?
thats why i love making new friends.

auM Chak @ eiMyLiciOus said...

p/s: I miss all my girl friendssss (you know who you are! *winksss*) <--- OF COS I KNEW!!! *wink* miss yu so much aida... hohooo

Aida Ikmal said...

@isabelle: betul2.. foes ada di mana2 termasuk di bawah selimut! haha

@eimy: cepat plan for our next vacation! heee