Friday, April 9, 2010

Going to the Extreme

Born a Sagittarian, I just love adventures. Trying out new things or experiencing new journey enthral me. In other words, I like putting myself at risk, challenging myself, pushing my limits and shattering my boundaries. By doing so I get some inexplicable satisfaction and invigorating sensation, knowing I can do or achieve anything if I set my heart on it.

Well, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping faster than doing extreme sports! Without a doubt, diving from a plane or jumping from a bridge is not a task for the faint-hearted. Are you brave and confident enough to do these?

1) Bungee Jumping
This has got to be the craziest thing I've ever tried, but the best adrenaline rush you could possibly imagine! Imagine looking down at the raging river some 150 feet below and your heart starts pounding against your chest. "To jump or not to jump?", the question lingers in your mind.. and before you realise it, the jumpmaster counts to three and off you go! The jump is exhilarating and the euphoric feeling is immediate. But perhaps the best part is flying back through the air at the apex of rebound. A truly memorable experience!

2) Swoop
Hear, hear.. You are raised 40 metres high in the air in sacks/cocoons. Then, one person will pull the ripcord and the next thing you know, you'll be swinging from one side to another up to 130kmph. The swoop towards the ground makes my heart beating so fast as though it's going to jump out of my chest! Seriously! Are you game? Hohoho.

3) Zorbing
Zorbing requires us to ride inside a big inflatable transparent ball which is then rolled down the hill at high speed. How wacky! Anyhu, you can choose to ride Zydro (wet - where water is added inside - trust me, this is more fun) or Zorbit (dry). Do not hesitate or worry, it's perfectly safe! If you ask me, I'd love to do this again!

4) Sky Swing
This is a whole new level of swing that we normally see at the playground. You are harnessed in the seat/swing 50 metres above ground level and at the pull of chord you are plummeted into the air, with Rotorua City spread out far beneath. The views are amazing! I love it, it's just great! Strongly recommended.

5) Snowboarding
I tried this at Mount Ruapehu, NZ and it wasn't as easy as it may seem. The hard part for beginners is to balance yourself on the board as both your feet are attached to it. I kept on falling while trying to slide on the board and bruised my body all over as a result! And guess what? The only way to stop is to make yourself fall to the ground!


6) Parasailing
I tried this quite recently, when we were in Bali. At first I dunno whether I wanna do it or not, simply because it's quite expensive.. but after much thought I changed my mind and glad that I did! I love it when I was in the air, you just gotta love the views. It was awesomeee~

I love life and I embrace every life experience that I've had, but if there's one thing that I've always wanted to do: it has to be SKYDIVING! I don't know why I wanted to but I think it's a very exciting and liberating sport like no other. So face your fears.. let's join for the fun and stay for the challenge!


isabelle said...

i pernah blog something similar.
i love trying those things too, tapi x berpeluang. katne u try ye?

btw, yg paling i tingin sgt ..pun skydiving. jom!

Aida Ikmal said...

if u betul2 nak cuba all those things, go to NZ, home for many adventure junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts.. situ semua ada.. i ada peluang try coz study sana dulu.. kalau tak, entah bila la baru dapat :)

x silap i kat oz pun ada skydiving.. haihhh best kan kalo dapat buat kan isabelle? *berangan mode*