Saturday, May 1, 2010

Least Favourite Chores

*I guess this kinda fits in with "Labour Day". Teehee.*

Dealing with household chores can be both calming and therapeutic (I can't fathom this at all but maybe some love doing them and can relate! I wish I was like that, but alas, there's no hope for me), but it can also be stressful and time-consuming. It's true, some people do have household chores we hate doing but we have to do it anyway. As for me, I will do anything... but the laundry, ironing, mopping the floor and cleaning the bathroom! 

I really hate doing the laundry. I think it's because it's never done! Luckily Hubby is always helpful when it comes to doing the laundry at our home in Puchong heehee (thanks dear!). I'm really bad about washing and piling it on the bed and it takes me forever to fold and hang it up. Hence, the 2-3 loads once a week. The washing machine helps but I still hate it anyway. I'm not sure how our clothes reproduce (since the laundry seems to pile up at a rapid speed), but they do! (lol)

Also, I just can't stand ironing - even slightly. I know it's an important step in being proper but having to get the ironing board out, putting it away and heating the iron can be annoying at times. So if there's anything worse than doing laundry, it must be the ironing. Too bad my work clothes (baju kurung/kebaya/tudung) require the use of an iron. But no one wants to end up wearing wrinkled clothes for work, righhttt? So kena la buat jugak - kes paksa rela la ni. So here's what I do: iron all clothes for the week at once. Save electricity, save energy, no hassle and worries. Everybody's happy.

Mopping, on the other hand, is okay but turns to a backbreaking effort when it comes to getting around furniture and under things. Even though I find it satisfying to see things cleaned up but getting to that point puts most of us over the edge! As for cleaning the bathroom, I hate it because it hurts my back, y'know, from leaning and scrubbing. Plus, it's also tedious and time-consuming, and still I feel like I never got it clean enough. Defrosting and cleaning the fridge are royal pain in the butt too, but luckily only have to be done once or twice every few months so I try to keep it as clean as possible, avoid spills etc. etc.

It seems like I just hate doing household chores, doesn't it?? Seriously speaking, I don't mind cooking, washing dishes and general house cleaning. There is nothing more rewarding than preparing meals for the family, storing clean dishes on the rack, or seeing everything in the house in order! So I wanna know; which chores do you really really hate? And what are the chores you don't mind doing?

p/s: It's not easy but someone's gotta do it.. Nampak gaya macam kena hire maid ni.. haisshhhh


isabelle said...

hehe...tukar jadi jantan? aiyoo..takutnyeer...

eh, apsal word verification ni..hantam? lawak..lawakkk

Aida Ikmal said...

nak keje senang kena jadi laki kot? heh

hantam?? wahahaha

huda.othman said...

my least favourite chores? semua kot especially lipat baju..hehe..

mmg sah kena hire maid...hehe

Aida Ikmal said...

camne la kita ni boleh keje housekeeper dulu kat wellington kan.. pasal duit kottt hahahaha