Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thinking Hard (and Aloud)

It's already May and that means June is fast approaching! So what's up with June?? Well, it's gonna be our very first wedding anniversary and I'm still thinking of what to get him/what to do.. I know romantic gifts should come from the heart, not the wallet, but it still seems like the best thing to do to celebrate the joyous occasion.. don't you think so? As a practical type I prefer the ones the recipient can use, which simply means I need to consider his interests and perhaps, hobbies. If that's the case, I should've thought about that sooner so that I can save some money to buy practical, useful things he can really use. D'oh. My bad. My hubs, he's really into gadgets and car-related thingies, so itu semua bukan murah okay! Hehe. 

Lemme see: Personalized gifts? Sentimental, but is so yesterday. Books? Ekkk, not his cup of tea (more like mine hehe). Clothings or accessories? Perfume? Toilettries? Too common. Watch? Wallet? His one's still good. And the list goes on and on and onnnnn.. and I'm still clueless! Do you know just how hard it is to find gift ideas for men??!


Anonymous said...

totally agree!!
when it comes to man,mmg susah nk cr hadiah dia..aisehh..

isabelle said...

i pernah buat perkara keji, bagi hadiah yg i suka masa his birthday. so, in return, dia bagi la kat i balik..hehehe

erm... apa ye? perfume/shirt/tie...or shoes/wallet. eh tapi mesti yg buat hantaran dulu masih elok kan?

is he into photography? or fishing? or prolly u can order ur fav pix (bukan wedding punye) atas canvas.

Aida Ikmal said...

i find your latter idea very appealing, is.. will look into it heehee thanks :)