Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tick Tock

A watch is one of the things I rarely buy in my whole lifetime. For the time being I have three different watches in possession in which two are no longer working, while the current one's getting on my nerves with its constant stops, making me late for classes and appointments. Here are the good reasons why it's a perfect time to get a new watch:

One annoying aspect about watches is how easily their straps break. It constantly falls off and I just don't know why. I've been wearing my Guess watch since my college years and only recently after I changed the battery, I caught the leather strap in a door and it ripped off. Of course I can take it to a watchmaker to be fixed - by getting a new strap which is available in different colours, materials and designs. But as it has become an important aspect of the watch it can change the whole feel. It's just not the same anymore. (sentimental huh?) It has been in my jewellery box ever since.

Another favourite of mine, a silver Esprit with a rectangular pink face, can't be used as well. One of the hands showing the minutes went missing so there's no point in wearing the watch in the first place. Been thinking of getting it fixed but just couldn't be bothered to do so for the time being. I really love that watch. Bought it with my very first salary a few years back.

And not to mention, my current watch, the one Hubs and I bought together - Seiko pair watches, has one major problem now. It stops all of a sudden whenever it pleased, and sometimes slows down for NO apparent reason! Pfftttt! Has this ever happened to you?

When it comes to purchasing a new watch, there are many things we should take into consideration. We need to know what we want. What makes you wanna buy a watch? Is it the style/brand, size/colour, case material, features or price? Or is it the combination of all five?

Okay, let's start with style. Does the watch reflect your personality? I believe a watch should combine with our true character, not to show someone we're not. As a simple person, I like a slim, elegant design, rectangular dial watch with a silver band. A gold one is a big no-no for me (the only gold I have on me is my wedding ring). I also like sporty-yet-elegant watches. I think they look cool and also, it brings out the adventurer in me. They're perfect for any outdoor activities - you don't wanna be seen dead wearing a dress watch while hiking, do you? It'll look ridiculous! Heh. And oh, I kinda like the bracelet ones as well. So why is style pivotal? A watch is a statement of us, remember that. Buy something you like - not what you think you should be seen wearing. (I just lovvve watches from Fossil and Swatch :))

Next, the colour. Some people prefer vibrant colours for their watches, while some just prefer the ones with basic colour scheme - white, black, silver, gold. I'm gonna stick with silver. I usually use one particular watch for every occasion so having a silver watch helps in matching it with different outfits. That's a practical person for you! And size matters too. It can be small, slim, big, or oversized - whichever that suits your liking.

The case material is another important aspect when choosing a watch. I prefer stainless steel than leather ones. When I sweat, the latter makes the skin around the wrist kinda itchy. It can be quite uncomfortable at times. So, yeah. When it comes to features/functions, I believe majority of us would go for basic functions - I mean, as long as you know what time it is! Every watch serves a purpose. There's an appropriate watch to meet your expectations no matter what purpose yours will serve. Some would go for the ones with chronograph function (stopwatch capabilities), perpetual calendar, water resistance, alarm and many more. What about you?

Do consider the price too. Ask yourself, how much are you willing to spend on a watch? Take into account its value and quality before splurging unnecessarily. Some watches can be far more economical than the others as they can last for years.

You'll make the best choice in your purchase if you understand what you want and what is really important to you when buying watches. Most importantly, take your time, try and compare.. you'll never regret it!

p/s: Moral of the story - I'm in need of a new watch! *hint.. hint* ^^


hiro said...

I need new watch too.... jam yg lama dah sgt nak hancur... (akak comel)

Aida Ikmal said...

jom shopping jam tangan! ^^

isabelle said...

dah hint tu, ada la yg dpt hadiah anniversary nanti jam tangan. hehehe