Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Weekend's Too Short

I went back to KL for the weekend, and boy, time does fly when you're having so much fun! We did nothing much actually, except for lazing around in the house enjoying each other's company (life's too short to be wasted on unnecessary things! lol). We also went out to the mall, watched Iron Man 2 (super cool movie!), dined at my favourite restaurant and shopped for some stuff (the bit I like the most hehe). It's that very time when I tend to appreciate life more, simply because I know there's someone out there who loves me for the way I am (vice versa!) and wouldn't mind to hang out with me even though he wasn't feeling so well... (thank you, honey!)

I wish the weekend was longer...

I miss him already.. I do! 

Centa hati gwe~

p/s: Happy Mother's Day to my Mama, Mak & Ibu and those who celebrate it! 


MrPayid said...

wah3..blik Kl xhabaq..

Aida Ikmal said...

balik sat jaaa :)