Sunday, July 25, 2010


A lot of things are due next week and here I am being lazy to even start on anything! I just hope I can lie down and relax, and forget about everything else. There's no way that's possible though, yeah I know, reality sucks! Anyway, keying in marks and updating files and documentation take up most of my time lately (dah rasa macam kerani pun ada!), and not to mention, the various programmes organized by school too. Of course I'm stressed out with the overwhelming workload, are you kidding me??

I desperately need to stop dillydallying from now onwards - time's ticking out! So.. err.. where should I start?


isabelle said...

err.camna nak tolong ye.
smlm i pun kecoh2 kata arini byk keje, tapi end up dok hadap blog pulak.kekekeke

Aida Ikmal said...

<< big time procrastinator! adoiiyaii

huda.othman said...

sangat2 la big time procastinator!!! hehe..

tp setuju..bila bab2 update files and documentation, rasa macam kerani..bukan cekgu lagi dah...adoyaii..i hate filing system!