Thursday, August 26, 2010

Raya Haircut

While everyone is busying themselves with kuih raya, baju raya, sofa raya or even langsir raya, I occupy my time with getting myself a raya haircut! This month is all about making changes and I opt for making a fun one! :)

So, I went from this...

(Tumpang glamour Rachel Bilson kejap hehe)

To this!

Gorgeous and sleek, huh? (bila lagi nak puji diri sendiri? lol)

I had my hair cut short for the first time after a couple of years, and I loveeee it (hiba la jugak tengok rambut kena potong). At first I was scared to cut it all off as I'm afraid that it wouldn't look good on me. I have had long straight hair for a while but I'm getting bored with it looking the same all the time. I guess I got tired of straightening it and worrying about frizz etc. etc. that eventually it just got annoying. So I did it and surprisingly, I don't really miss my hair anymore! Not having to worry about bad hair days (walaupun bertudung) is marvellous.. After all, it alwaysss grows back (sedapkan hati sendiri ha-ha)!!

p/s: Cuaca amat panas sekarang.. so sesuailah berambut pendek! :)

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