Friday, September 10, 2010

On Raya Eve

What did we do on Raya Eve?

First, we balik kampung.. 

Next, we bought some food at the Ramadhan bazaar for berbuka for the whole family.. and we turun padang memasak beramai-ramai for berbuka..

Sambal udang in the making.. that's our tukang kacau :)

Dah penat memasak, we broke fast together and feasted on the abundance of food.. We had murtabak, popia, nasi himpit with chicken curry, sambal udang and kuah kacang. (no pic sebab lapar giler! ha-ha)

And the best part was,
lighting up the oil lamps and  fairy lights, and playing firecrackers! Wee~

After that, sambung masak lagi..
This time we cooked ketupat and dodol! Yummehhh!

Filling in the ketupat with rice

Kacau, jangan tak kacau!

Sambil-sambil masak tu, a group of males, old and young, came over for takbir raya from house to house.. And  yes, they still do it here! O, raya spirit is sooo in the air!

Allahuakbar Allahuakbar Allahuakbar.. Laillahaillallahuwallahuakbar!

At about 12 something, we went out to a raya bazaar in Taman Seri Cempaka near Tesco in Melaka.. OMG,  the lively bazaar was packed with people of all races doing last-minute purchases, eating and strolling. At one point, it was too crowded till we couldn't stand it anymore and decided to go home instead. Tapi sempat jugalah shopped for clothes and brooches bagai.. hehe

It was already 2 a.m. when we reached home.. Time to sleep! Zzzz..

p/s: Sorry for the low quality pictures taken with my humble camera phone!

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