Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wanting and Needing

Do you know what I really want at this moment, right now?

The Ogawa Mobile Seat Massage Cushion!!

According to its official website, here is what it does:

The OGAWA Mobile Seat Massage Cushion is a miracle of modern science. Combining proven massage techniques with the mastery of modern technology, the OGAWA Mobile Seat Massage Cushion will help you recover from fatigue, improve blood circulation; stimulate your body's nerve system and much, much more. It’s perfect for any chair surface! 

Its unique features also include shiatsu/rolling programmes and a vibration mode.. Cool, eh? Just what I need.. especially bila akhir-akhir ni I keep getting headaches and backaches. After the massage at the hotel's wellness centre I stayed in the other day, I really think that this is the perfect solution for me! Ada sesiapa nak sponsor tak? ^^

p/s: Wanting and needing this make me feel so ancient. It really does.


Missfasha said...


Aida Ikmal said...

hisy fash.. i kalau ada mende alah ni kat rumah pasti tak buat mende lain dah! syiok oo hahaha

isabelle said...

i bought this for mrhubby (sbb i mls nak urut dia), tapi xde pun dia guna sgt.
ciss..membazir je

Aida Ikmal said...

erk ye ke.. hehe baik u jual kat i lg bagus isabelle :D