Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad Day

I din get to blog about what happened to my car before I came back to Semenanjung and I'm gonna do so now. 

I was involved in a road accident. Oh damn right, I did. And the date was 22nd November 2010. It turned out to be my worst day ever. It happened right before I sent my car into the container, and I was due to go back in that very evening. Everything was so wrong. I was supposed to leave Sabah safe and sound, without leaving any unnecessary 'baggage' behind. WTF, right. 

I stopped at the traffic light, waiting eagerly for the lights to turn green, knowing that I was already behind schedule. Everything was fine until the traffic light changed from red to green.. I stepped on the accelerator and that was when 'Bang!', a purple Saga came crashing into my car from the right. I was stunned right in the middle of the yellow box junction, man. I really din see that one coming. Really. I could see from my driver seat how badly damaged the front of my ride was. It was all happening too fast, I felt like crying, okay.

I parked at the shop lots nearby. I checked my hood, bumper, fender and lights. The whole side of my car was smashed up! The Malay guy who drove the Saga stopped too. I was furious. I went mental.. I was screaming and yelling and everything.. takde budi bahasa apa dah!  

"Look at what you've done! My car is badly damaged! Din you see the traffic light??"
"I din.. the light was still green!"
"Mana boleh! My light turned green.. that means you ran the red light! If both lights are green, of course accidents will occur, stupid!"
"I was just following my friend in the car in front of me."
"You should follow the traffic light, not your friend!"
"You were too fast!"
"What too fast? I was just following the traffic light.. since when abiding the rules is wrong? So, what now?"
"My car is badly damaged too! You pay.. after all you were the one who hit me!"
"That's because you ran the red light, you fool! If not, I wouldn't have hit any car anyway!"

Then, he kept pusing-pusing cakap. I'm not sure whether he even feels guilty about it or not. And he thought he could bully me just because I'm a lady?? No way, man!! I then calmed down and realised it was just an accident and it was his fault not mine. Getting angry wouldn't make the situation any better. But then... he did not want to admit his fault and kept blaming me. Finally, I told him to settle it ourselves since no one wanted to take the blame. Plus, nobody stopped their cars except us who were involved in the crash.. so there were no witnesses whatsoever. With that, I drove away. 

The following day, tup-tup I received a call from my school's clerk saying a policeman came by the office and asked for me. Rupa-rupanya, the Saga guy made a police report claiming that it was a hit-and-run case. Sod it.. geramnya!! I called the policeman, told him everything and apart from scolding me for not making a report right after the report, he agreed to help me settle the case since I was already in KL at that time. I was so worried in case they say it's my fault and that the case will be prolonged and I will be prosecuted.. cuak beb! So, I waited and waited and waited.. A few hours later the policeman called back and said that the guy will exclude my plate number from his report so that the matter end there. Takut kebenaran terbongkar ke bang? Nevertheless, I felt relieved. Really, really relieved. 

I believe the guy just wants to claim off his insurance to repair his car.. I din make any report since it has to be done where the accident took place.. so I'd have to repair it myself.. mahal memang lah mahal but what other options do I have? I'm just glad that no one got hurt. 

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yaya|azura said...

Oh menyirapnya darah haku membaca entry ini! Ada hati nak bikin report polis lak tuh. Haihhh.