Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Like!

Do you like visiting IKEA? I'm sure everyone is familiar with IKEA. Don't you just love shopping there? I went there yesterday with Hubby to find some stuff and it was so much fun and we both had a good time.. I was one happy shopper!

My trip to IKEA will be incomplete without...

1) Swedish meatballs
Great for meatball lovers (read: me!).. Love munching on these famous Swedish balls.. 15 piece plate for just RM14. It includes meatballs with cream sauce, french fries and lingonberry preserves. And don't forget that every Tuesday is Meatball Tuesdays! You can get a 10 piece plate for just RM8!

2) Daim cake
You gotta love the cake! It is sold at the restaurant. It's so nice to treat myself some cakes after all that walking and shopping!

3) Ice cream cone
The best part about going to IKEA is the ice cream. It tastes great and is not overly creamy and it only costs RM1 each! Very cheap and yummehh!

4) Curry puff
The curry puff is even better. Stopping by at the cafe on the way out for at least half a dozen puffs is a perfect way to end my shopping day at IKEA. The skin is very thin and soft and the filling of potatoes curry and a piece of boiled egg is very full. 

Semua pun food! Hahah. So.. what do you like most about IKEA? I mean, apart from the super nice products + super unreasonable price.. :p


isabelle said...

ni bila punye citer ni beb?
smlm tghri/ptg baru je i pegi ikea..semata2 nak mkn benda2 ni jugak la...

Aida Ikmal said...

semalam petang la dear.. laaa.. kalau tak, leh jumpe2! aduiyaii

zeta said...

kuat mkn ke berdua ni..sbb entry si mak buyung tu pon psl mkn..u pon psl mkn jugak..hihihi..
btw..salam kenal..

Aida Ikmal said...

kuat makan.. err.. takdelah sangat.. but i dun mind makan makanan yg best dan sedap!

after all the best things in life should be enjoyed, righttt? ;)