Monday, January 10, 2011

Blood Pressure

My bro who's currently working at a hospital in Kuala Selangor comes over to our place every now and then and he always brings 'goodies' for us. What kind of goodies am I talking about here? Medicines (we never run out of cough syrups and gastric meds nowadays hehe) and medical equipments of all sorts, of course!

Recently he brought back an automatic blood pressure monitor for us.. apa lagi.. galaklah nak mencuba!

Siap dapat free pencil thermometer!

The first time I took mine, the reading was:

Gila! Look at this chart and you'll know what I'm talking about.. High blood pressure!  Nasib baik bukan zon paling merah tu! *aghast*

Thanks TheBloodPressureCentre.

However, after a few days I tried again and the reading was:

You can imagine how relieved I was to see this! But not so relieved, I guess. Huhu. Anyway, Hubby's reading was:

According to the chart, he's somewhere around normal BP and high normal BP.. Watch out, dear! Bro's reading pulak was:

Of course lah, low normal to normal BP :p

Phewww.. it seems like I'd have to monitor my BP from time to time if I don't want to fall under the 'Hypertension' category! Bro asked me to watch my diet and exercise consistently.. Ye, baiklah!

Do you check your blood pressure regularly?


isabelle said...

err..i igt bp monitor tu rosak.
tak ekk?

Aida Ikmal said...

tak rosak tapi my bro cakap x semestinya accurate kalau yg auto ni.. kena manual gak baru accurate huhu