Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mobile Spamming

Today I wanna talk about spam - not email spam, but spam sent via SMS. This is nothing new, and trust me, SMS spam is as big as a problem as email spam. Much to our dismay, this evil advertising approach of sending unwanted SMS isn't slowing down its rapid pace and it's really such a nuisance. Why? First, you can't delete it unless you open it first and second, there's no way to stop it.  It's not like we have a spam filter in our phones to block such SMSes.

From time to time, I receive promotions through SMSes offering this product and that product. Not only that, I recently received a SMS spam on my mobile phone stating I've won cash from Shell and what's funny is, it's not even sent from a local number. And this is not the first time it ever happened. As if I'm gonna waste my money calling them in order to claim the prize and end up giving my bank account details and lose everything... I'm not THAT stupid!

If you still have no idea what I'm talking about since you haven't gotten any, okay, maybe on average, it's a minor issue. But it's still annoying.

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