Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One-Stop Convenience

Carrefour Puchong Utama was officially opened last December and the good thing about it is that it's just a stone's throw away from my house! Okay, macam menipu la pulak. But yeah, it's close enough for me to be able to go there regularly (read: once in two days, okay kantoi sudah di situ). Ha-ha. 

Carrefour Puchong Utama @ Persiaran Puchong Utama

It really is convenient to have a hypermarket like Carrefour in your area. I usually go to Tesco Puchong or IOI Mall and sometimes Sunway to buy groceries; the thing is they're not that near and I easily end up stuck in a jam to and fro, but not anymore. Besides that, the new branch also has a food court, restaurants (they also have Subway! walauweh..) and more retail stores selling clothes, computer stuff, mobile phones, shoes, spectacles, gift ideas and many more. There's even a Watsons there. Now I feel glad knowing that I can stop by anytime, even on my way to work, to meet my grocery and other shopping needs! (the other day I stopped by there just to get some stationeries for work and ink for printer, and lunch too heee..)


zeta said...

bagusla..mudah la u nnt kan..
tp tu la..carrefour yg kat area rumah i ni brg2 dia agak limited..xbyk brand bleh dpt..maybe sbb dia bkn carrefour besar mcm ni..

isabelle said...

x sbr nak tunggu leh kuar merambu lg..nak pi carrefour shah alam yg baru buka tu.
asyik pi tesco jer

MyNameIsdD said...

u had me at subway :-p aku nak ngedate dgn suami wiken nih. this is a sign that we MUST have subway.

Aida Ikmal said...

@zeta: mmg mudah sangat2! xyah nak pegi jauh2 utk cari groceries.. kalau pegi carrefour or seangkatan dengannya all under one roof, xyah nak pegi byk2 tempat

@isabelle: eh, u x boleh kuar rumah lagi ke?

@dd: makan jangan tak makan!