Sunday, January 9, 2011

Siti and Her Fantasyland

I watched Siti di Alam Fantasi at Istana Budaya last week and I loved it! Whoa, what an adventure!

I must say that it's an amazing local musical production. Great music, props, costumes, lightings and special effects (siap ada laser-laser lagi)! It's also very colourful, meriah and kelakar, it gets me teary-eyed at times! To be frank, it's like Alice in Wonderland meets The Wizard of Oz and The Frog Prince!

Cute, giggly lil bees

Let's enter the fantasy land with Siti (Liyana), a pretty, rich but arrogant girl, who is seeking for her family heirloom - a precious jewel stone and ends up in the magical woods with her servant, Mamat (Ebby Yus), where animals could talk. She encountered many interesting creatures like a talking tree (Johan Raja Lawak - my, he can act! And funny at that too!), burung bayan@parakeet (taktau sapa berlakon), roaches yang pandai menari rock n roll, chameleon (sapa yang bawak watak ni memang menjadi la! Ha-ha nak tergelak aku tengok!)-cum-prince charming (Fizo Omar - he's, errr, considered okay), caterpillars yang gedik-ala-maknyah, spider queen (Vanida Imran, who screeches a lot but pulled it off perfectly), frog king yang gatal-and-perasan who wanted to marry Siti despite already having two wives (hail the frog queens - Umie Aida and Ziela Jalil), cute but kay-poh-chee bees, beautiful fireflies, hot and sexy singing/dancing mermaids and not to forget, the villain who stole the stone - the gigantic centipede!

The chameleon, spider queen and parakeet
Jovial fish and sexy mermaids
Funny pokok and loyal servant
Siti's 'colourful' friends

Like most fairy/folk tales, the story is laden with character discovery and an abundance of moral values like love, humility, friendship, patience, cooperation, sacrifice and many more. In her quest to retrieve the 'geliga', Siti has changed to be a better person in the end. She also got herself a prince charming... and they lived happily ever after! (what a cliche) Well, whaddaya expect? It's a fairy tale after all!

Siti and her prince charming

I really enjoyed the show..  and you will, too! Harap-harap ada Siti di Alam Fantasi 3 pulak lepas ni!

Siti wannabe? :p
Sorry Siti.. mak tetap menten!
Next up is.. err.. Muzikal Tun Mahathir 2 or Lat Kampung Boy Muzikal? Or both??

Do you like to watch theatre?


isabelle said...

dah lama x tgk teater. last tgk PGLTM.

Aida Ikmal said...

best tak PGL? i nak tengok tapi waktu tu takde kat sini la.. haissyy