Monday, June 13, 2011

Bubye Hols, Please Come Back Soon

It's Monday and that could only mean one thing: blues, especially after my well-deserved two weeks' break. Found myself struggling while getting ready for work/school this afternoon. I feel like a student all over again, dreading the first day of school after the long holidays especially when I was just getting used to waking up and staying up really late and spending my days watching drama series and doing nothing much. How I wish I am one right now. Less burden, less responsibility, and all I care about is me, myself and I. The world can even end and I couldn't care less. I don't know why kids nowadays wanna grow up and be adults so fast. What's the fun in that??

Anyhu, the first day of work isn't that bad after all once you get in the mood and get the hang of them. I usually go to work 10 or 15 minutes earlier on my first day back and organise my day by familiarising myself with the workplace and usual work - paperwork, marking, planning lessons etc. I'll also take it easy on the first day and try not to stress myself too much. This allows me to ease up into work schedule mode. Try it. Who knows, once you get back in the swing of things, you'll probably be happy to be in a routine again (not for me though ha-ha!)

How do you prepare yourself for work after a long break??

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