Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cats Do The Darndest Things

Perplexing. Yeah, that's what I'd say about a cat's behaviour at times. Do you know that one of my cats likes to chew my hair?? Righttt.. You might think I'm kidding. But I'm not. It doesn't hurt, by the way, but, why would he wanna do that??

Inilah budak yang suka gigit-gigit rambut I...

I was kinda curious so I googled it up. And surprise, surprise, it seems like I'm not the only one facing this 'problem'. According to this website, it's a 'natural feline behaviour' as kittens are used to groom their fur, their mother's and sibling's so it's only fair to say cats chew human's hair as a sign of trust and affection (does this mean my cat loves me? awwwwww!) It is also believed that they do so coz it eases their stress and relaxes them. (cats pun stressed out ke?? haha)

I think it's kinda cute but it's still weird, though.. don't you think so? It can be annoying sometimes especially when it comes to finding cat saliva in my hair! So, just like the website suggested, every time my cat does this I usually put him down and tap his nose gently and say 'No!' and he'll get the message. Other things you can do are to distract its attention with play or offer a toy as a substitute.

The website also said that some cats may stop chewing hair around age 2 but for others it's a lifelong habit, thus, early intervention is best. Well, I surely do hope that that does not apply to my Lil Berry (errrr, not that little anymore LOL)!

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