Friday, July 15, 2011

Bed Linens

I loveeeee shopping for bed linens! My favourite store would be Aussino and IKEA. They have a variety of nice affordable linens. I love their combination of cute and abstract designs and of course, the ever soft comfy materials, I keep coming back for more! Aussino stores always have sales and as a member, I got a further 15% discount with every purchase. Awesome right??

Anyhu, how often do you change your bed linens? Ideally, it should be changed once a week or a fortnight if you wanna keep it clean, fresh and germ-free, but seriously, how many people actually do that? I think once a month is more likely. As for me, the solution to my laziness has got to be Febreeze Anti Bacterial (promote ni!). It really works well in keeping the linens (and the whole house) smelling nice and getting rid of all those nasty germs!

Besides that, there are other ways to keep your linens smell good. For instance, you can use fabric softeners in the wash (I use Downy!) and dry them on an outdoor clothesline. Other alternatives include adding a cup of baking soda or vinegar in the rinse cycle. This will make your linens smell fresh and clean without added fragrance. Anyhow, I've never tried this before. Have you? What's it like?

I don't know about you, but for me, words cannot describe how wonderful it feels to sink into freshly washed and clean smelling bed linens especially after a long day at work!


isabelle said...

mmg pun. i pun sukaaa sgt bed linen baru lps tukar. rasa mcm fresh.
kdg2 x kotor pun, gatal nak basuh tukar yg lain

Aida Ikmal said...

seronok kan? ilang stress balik keje bile golek2 atas linen baru basuh/tukar! :)